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  1. MilitaryGrade

    Have I already got the cleveland?

    Ok i understand. That's good then. Thanks.
  2. Hi, In my USA cruiser ship tree I have not researched helena yet. I notice however that on the page for cleveland it does not say how much exp required to research it, it just states how much coins to purchase for. Also the modules are green and not like my unresearched helena where the modules are grey. But helena is below cleveland on the ship tree. Does this means I probably have cleveland already? Maybe I won it one day and sold it without knowing? Pictures are attached to show.
  3. Hello, I play the Russian cruiser line. I like love the spotting plane as it increases my shooting range. I read that it can also increase your torpedo and dd detection range too, is this true? I never used it to detect dd's so I never noticed. If so, by how many km can it detect dd's?
  4. MilitaryGrade

    Use other nation for ARP challenge?

    Oh. ok Thanks for answering.
  5. MilitaryGrade

    Use other nation for ARP challenge?

    Will they come back in the future? If they do, same question.
  6. MilitaryGrade

    Use other nation for ARP challenge?

    Hi, Can I complete ARP challenges and get an ARP ship by completing with a ship of another nation? Or does it have to be in a Japanese ship?
  7. MilitaryGrade

    50% prem ship offer. How to get it back.

    Well that sucks. Wants us to buy things but not enough time to
  8. Hi, Just got a premium ship offer for 50% discount come up after a game but I closed it before I decided I might actually purchase it. If I goto the ship itself in the tech tree the price is still full price, how to activate offer again?
  9. MilitaryGrade

    Doubloons and Premium ship. 2 Prices listed.

    ok got it. Thanks guys.
  10. Hi, I got a couple of questions. 1. I goto world of warship asia premium website shop. I go enter 10,000 doubloons to buy and it gives me 2 prices: $55.64 ($41.43). Whats with that? 2. Can xp or free xp or credits be converted to doubloons? 3. The hier tier premium cruisers are not listed on the premium shop website but are listed in the game. Specifically look at USSR Mikhail Kutuzov. 4. USSR Mikhail Kutuzov. How much more percentage of credits and xp does she receive compared to same Tier VIII USSR regular ship Chapayev?
  11. Hi, The damage of main battery guns displayed in game and in specs. Is that per barrel, per gun, or for the whole set on the ship? I am guessing it's per gun?