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  1. I refuse to be nice to a single digit IQ player who thinks trying to cap with a yamato while being spotted and focused by the entire enemy team is anything short of demented. Whenever I see you in ranked you always do something utterly stupid and die. You're already doing that with your stupidity
  2. below r10, anything works. I got to r10 by playing grozovoi and going full gunboat without a care because players at that bracket struggle to aim or position correctly. But right now at r10-6 bracket, I wouldn't dare touch a dd
  3. Saving star on loss just promotes damage farming ships like yamato and especially conqueror. who can snipe whole game without significant impact and still get more xp than the dd doing all the spotting and capping or the radar cruisers just holding the objective. It would be better if instead of top loser keeping star, the top winner gets 2 instead. This way the "star pool" remains the same as current system but instead of trying to farm top xp when you start losing, people will actually want to try to win.
  4. Oh wow yobbo. Your knowledge of how to play the ranked maps are astounding. Please tell me more how we should split 2 dds in Sleeping Giant map with no radar ships on our team. Why not we do it your way and send them INTO A where enemy mino just went in. Tell me more about your immense knowledge about how to play that map because I'm sure you have a lot of experience playing that map in clan wars and how your tactics carried your clan to hurricane
  5. Adm_Kunkka

    BAN - no mods used

    I have heard that there was a ban wave for players using a cheat modification. You probably got banned for the same thing. I use aslains all the time and didn't get any bans.
  6. Adm_Kunkka

    Thank WG for deleting my tokens

    My brain cells are very precious to me, so no thanks
  7. Adm_Kunkka

    Thank WG for deleting my tokens

    Why did you not spend the tokens before patch hit?
  8. Adm_Kunkka

    Late tier premiums problems.

    my opinion: Stop watching ichase
  9. Adm_Kunkka

    How to get better in randoms

    Several thousand games for most players
  10. Adm_Kunkka

    Henry IV Shell flight time

    And yes, shells are faster than Charles Martel at all ranges
  11. Adm_Kunkka

    Henry IV Shell flight time

  12. Adm_Kunkka

    Balance Wg. Balance....

    No he did not First of all you watch Notser who has never been a source of reliable information. Secondly he said this is the 5th or 6th version being tested, and he didn't say its the last version either. Stop mindlessly talking about things you have no idea about and at the very least don't make things up
  13. Adm_Kunkka

    Balance Wg. Balance....

    Says who? Are you an ST? Nothing is ever final until released.
  14. Adm_Kunkka

    Balance Wg. Balance....

    >Taking a Notser video seriously Maybe its too strong, maybe its not. But its still under testing and I don't have a single clue why some people think their opinion has any weight when all you did is parrot someone else's opinion. And how you believe you know more about balancing than WG staff and testers. Last time WG allowed the playerbase to handle a ship balancing we got the monstrosity called Graf Zeppelin. So perhaps stop and wait for the final version to actually come out instead of throwing about incoherent rants about balance. Besides this is going to be a reward ship and not a premium ship so WG doesn't have to worry about legal issues if they change it later on.