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  1. Questions about USN cruisers

    Pls no, unless the cls somehow have armor or smoke, thats just a really bad ship
  2. Calling All Hindenburg Captains

    Information can be used to boost survival e.g, a cruiser is stalking you and waiting to get a broadside ap volley. with rpf you know which side he's coming from (assuming you figure out its a cruiser and not a dd spotting you)
  3. 46k average damage is good?

    Well thats because if you claim you have low average only because you focus dds, that just means you are yoloing regularly for a single kill which is a bad playstyle. If you are playing a dd and manage to kill the enemy dd without dying, you can easily proceed to torp enemy bbs for the rest of the game, thus increasing your average. However if you dont have the skills to regularly outplay the enemy dd or trade your life for theirs, your average will decrease- reflecting lack of skill. So ofc people can judge
  4. Why do i always lose in divisions

    Eyy Im gonna report your shittalk to suzy's 3 man shima div
  5. Nope, I don't see any reason why WG would ever do that. You can only blame yourself for making such a big decision without sufficient research about the ship. 750k fxp takes a long time to grind or a large amount of cash to buy- spending it without being sure you want the ship is your own faukt
  6. Clan Battle Statistic

    wows.numbers.org is prolly the best to see what t10s they have. Just search your clan name on their site and they will list your members stats along with t10 ships they have
  7. Lol no, if that was the case I'd be banned from the game due to excessive negative karma
  8. How to earn credits without premiums

    find a t7 ship that you can consistently do well in and enjoy. t7 cruisers dont have heals so apart from the damage control party, you can ignore using prem comsumables to save a bit more credits
  9. Just a little rant about Musashi.

    Mushashi having yamato's armor and hp pool at t9 forced a nerf elsewhere to not be completely broken. 1.8 sigma is not as bad as you think- the problem is that a musashi can only shoot 6 guns most of the time which means rng can and will screw you over from time to time. Regardless, a musashi can just sit bow in and tank like crazy especially if in a top tier game without other musashi/yamato shooting your bow. So you just mitigate your rng dependence by throwing out as many salvos as you can while making the enemy team waste 5 minutes just to try and burn you down. And no, it doesnt need any buffs at all and you should've done more research before getting the musashi when you knew the missouri was going to go off the tech tree soon
  10. Oh we know full well about the stupidity of team mates. The point here is that YOU happen to be one of those who do stupid things that drag the team down and it seems that you are simply refusing to acknowledge that. As long as you keep thinking you are a good player, you're never going to improve. In fact, send me a replay and I'm sure I'll find a dozen stupid actions on your part even if you manage 200k dmg.
  11. Dude, you have 4 t10 ships at 2k games. Compare that to my 4 t10s at 5k games. Just looking at your UK CL, UK BB, RU CA lines it is perfectly clear that you either skipped many of the ships with fxp or grinded them in co-op. Theres no way you would have unlocked all those ships with the 30-40 games you play in each ship with the abysmal avg xp you earn on them. So stop rushing to t10 thinking that getting stronger ships will compensate your lack of skills: they will instead punish you more for your lack of skill. t10 can wait for when you have the requisite game sense and skills and play mid tiers instead to improve yourself
  12. No, he has that much win rate because he's good enough to carry bad players like you (most of the time). You really seem to think too highly of yourself when you are far below average. And yet you want to penalise bad players. I haven't even met a unicum player who is as elitist as you
  13. I got most of my fxp for missouri through clan battles by stacking fxp flags. I believe that in cb with the 300% xp bonus and putting all the fxp flags and camos, you could get 30-40k fxp in a single win, though I didnt have all the flags so i only got around 12k per win. And then used the dubs i got from clan wars to convert around 75k fxp, all the rest was grinded in a month or two
  14. Any BB who prefers to shoot at other bbs while ignoring a spotted dd withing 12km of them gets a report from me. As for the priority target between radar cruiser and dd, I'll still pick the dd. A few well placed salvos on a dd can reduce it to very low hp which will discourage it from contesting caps afterwards even if you don't kill it. On the other hand, if you reduce a DM to 5k hp in a salvo, it'll just heal up and keep shooting your team from behind a safe island- so its functionality is not heavily reduced from the lost hp. Lets say your gearing and DM are fighting enemy gearing and DM. You kill their DM but they kill your dd. What happens next is that their gearing will get the cap while your radar is on cooldown, giving them the advantage and eventually forcing you to push into the cap with your bbs and cruisers: something you really dont want. Also, you won't have all the spotting on the enemy ships due to dead dd, while they will constantly outspot you and gain favorable positioning while also denying you free movement with the threat of torpedoes. P.S: any bb player who thinks its a waste of reload time to shoot dds needs to learn to aim