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  1. SE is a must have skill on BBs

    yep, WG has known this bug for several patches and haven't fixed it yet. Heal IS supposed to be affected by SE
  2. That is intentional design to make sure that people don't cruise up to high tiers without sufficient understanding of game mechanics. I got my first t10 ship after about 1500 games due to the credit cos as well as playing different lines. However now, after 6k games I started a new account on another server and got a t10 ship in about 200 games with only the premium time I got for free. Of course this also serves as a motivation for players to buy premium ships/time since WG needs to sell stuff after all
  3. I used to think that my low winrate was due to bad allies and not my own lack of skill I used to think that BBs are supposed to push into the cap at the start
  4. Signup page always redirecting to KR

    Perhaps try playing on the steam client. That account should be linked to your steam account so you might avoid the redirecting problem. (I havent actually tried playing through steam so I'm just guessing) Or get a playtogether invite from an asian server friend and that should send you to the asia server registration. The korean server doesnt exist anymore iirc. They merged with the asia server a while back
  5. The MM Ballad..... THE REAL CULPRIT!!

    You are really under the impression that without the language barrier there would be coordination and teamwork. I also play on EU server where most people speak english and yet most of the time they use chat for insulting each other rather than teamwork. I made the post you quoted because OP was implying that playing with Aussies/english speakers in your team is better and they will show teamwork. Which is not the case at all. Also, I am not saying aussies are bad at the game. I know several aussie players with great skill and I respect them. But just because they are aussies and can understand english doesn't automatically make them better teammates. I've met players who understand english but totally neglect any calls and contribute nothing to the match; and I have also met players who don't understand english but make the right plays and communicate effectively using just the quick commands and pings. Divisioning is the only actual way to ensure coordination. And you can't really blame anyone for playing in divisions while you play solo and fail to counter them. Granted, CV divs are a bit too strong but WG is working on that
  6. while you're at it, go back 30km if you see a yamato. Can't risk getting your shiny paint scratched eh? The problem with people like you is that when you see an obstacle, you just demand it be removed rather than improving your skills and learning to play around it. You ask for advice on how to play around it but when the advice is given, you don't even acknowledge or even question it and continue spewing whatever stupidity you were spewing before it Asashio is good against BB but useless against just about anything else. If you can't deal with it, go play something else. We have BB overpopulation on this server anyways due to how low the skill floor is to play BB
  7. You overestimate yourself. First step is to actually improve your skills- and thinking you're already decent/good will ensure that never happens. Asashio can be countered just like any other torpedo boat. Just don't move in predictable lines, take note of where the dd was last seen and where it could have gone. Learn to read the map and understand where the torps could be coming from. Since asashio torps do not hit dds and cruisers, you can use your friendly dd/ca positions to guess which torpedo paths can be eliminated. If you actually want to get better at it, go play some dds and see how/when you can get good torps on enemies. That will teach you to expect torps when playing BB
  8. How about you stop being useless and expecting others to carry you all the time. If you're that scared of asashio, go and play a cruiser or dd. It doesn't matter if theres an asashio or not in the game, with the attitude you have, you will always be useless
  9. Post battle service sould be removed

    @Onlinegamer :enterpat:
  10. Exactly this. I played t8 ranked on the first day and got from r14 to r10 with no problem at all. The next day in r10 bracket every game was filled with unicums because the ones who got to r10 in one day are mostly the unicums. Playing against them is really hard- though enjoyable and educational as it is not everyday that you get to play against the best in the server. But that day I was stuck in r10-9 and so were most of the unicums. Today its been much easier to carry teams and punish enemies because more of the "average" players have grinded to r10 and I can outplay them. If I get bad players in both enemy and allied team, thats great for me because I can use my own skill to compensate for the bad players in my team and win consistently
  11. How to improve solo win rate?

    RNG MM doesn't matter if you have the skills to occasionally turn around losing games. Only players who lack the ability to carry games will keep blaming rng and bad teams for their subpar winrate. As long as you have that kind of mindset, you will never improve in the game. Its fine if you want to just be a casual player without caring for stats- just don't blame external factors for your own performance
  12. What I have against the so called "skill based MM" that people keep asking for in WoWs: >First of all, a true skill based MM that only matches you up against players who are close to you in stats will never be possible due to the game being 12v12 and the player count being insuffiecient. Even in some other online games with millions of players and cross server MM with skill based MM and only 5v5 format, finding a match takes quite some time >The other option is to not limit MM to players within your skill range but instead mirror players of equal skill in each team. i.e, each team gets the same number of unicums and red stats players. This is a horrible solution for anyone with any level of competence because they are being punished for being good and their wr will fall towards 50% while players who earlier had 40% wr will see their wr approach 50% without really contributing much to their teams. Why would anyone want such a system? We already have limited skill based MM in the form of clan wars and ranked. Sure I understand the frustration when you try your best but you get an incompetent team while the enemy gets a good team. But over a large number of games you will get good and bad teams(compared to enemy) equally. So your win rate is a reflection of your own ability to carry some of the bad teams. If you think that you keep getting worse teams than the enemy, remember that YOU are the only constant in all those games while your enemies and allies keep changing
  13. The Unsung Brave Fool Heroes

    What you call "brave fool" I call "yoloing fool who throws a winnable match"
  14. World of Battleships - Random

    Its clearly the Budyonny which has the highest server avg damage followed by LEANDER ALSO about your challenge Here, I couldnt be bothered to do it myself so someone else did it. Now can you please go be stupid somewhere else
  15. World of Battleships - Random

    Still the same percentage hp. and every other armament also deals higher damage so that doesnt really make a difference. Also high tier BBs gain inbuilt fire resistance as well as modules to reduce fire duration