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  1. How to get better in randoms

    Several thousand games for most players
  2. Henry IV Shell flight time

    And yes, shells are faster than Charles Martel at all ranges
  3. Balance Wg. Balance....

    No he did not First of all you watch Notser who has never been a source of reliable information. Secondly he said this is the 5th or 6th version being tested, and he didn't say its the last version either. Stop mindlessly talking about things you have no idea about and at the very least don't make things up
  4. Balance Wg. Balance....

    Says who? Are you an ST? Nothing is ever final until released.
  5. Balance Wg. Balance....

    >Taking a Notser video seriously Maybe its too strong, maybe its not. But its still under testing and I don't have a single clue why some people think their opinion has any weight when all you did is parrot someone else's opinion. And how you believe you know more about balancing than WG staff and testers. Last time WG allowed the playerbase to handle a ship balancing we got the monstrosity called Graf Zeppelin. So perhaps stop and wait for the final version to actually come out instead of throwing about incoherent rants about balance. Besides this is going to be a reward ship and not a premium ship so WG doesn't have to worry about legal issues if they change it later on.
  6. How to get better in randoms

    Someone with very good stats; basically a really good player. Most youtube videos are EU/NA ccs (different meta) and they usually upload only the exceptional games. Try to find an asian streamer who is good at the class you want to learn.
  7. How to get better in randoms

    Nope, luck does not favor anyone in particular. Everyone gets good luck and bad luck equally. If you watched a unicum player stream and get a lot of good targets, its because he can read the battlefield and position to exploit mistakes. Maybe try this as an experiment: Watch a unicum player streaming with volume turned off so you can't know what he's thinking/planning. And keep predicting what he will do and see what he ends up doing. And then think why he took his actions and compare it to your own prediction. This could improve your decision making and prioritisation. I myself did this to learn DM, and I watched a really good player who doesnt speak english, forcing me to think about his decision making
  8. whats wrong with this pic???

    Whats wrong is your DCP management
  9. Please remove the karma system

    Please, I am perpetually sitting at 0 karma. It doesnt do anything. You only get 1 day chatban if several people report you in a short span of time, not sure exactly how many
  10. Please remove the karma system

    Oh look, another thread about a meaningless number.
  11. Don't they know Russian DD?

    Pfft, you know why, some people get salty when killed
  12. Don't they know Russian DD?

    you answered your own question. If you want to know how you are playing wrong, try divving up with a good player and ask his honest opinion about what you did wrong. Randoms reporting you could be just about anything so don't even bother with it
  13. Don't they know Russian DD?

    welp since WG provided a report option for "plays badly", ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Also, you can't expect people to give you instructions while also playing their own ships, especially really obvious ones that is expected from players. In any case, I don't understand why people rant about reports and karma as if they have any significance.