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  1. MakinMunchkin


    I'm a noob too
  2. Just curious
  3. MakinMunchkin


    it seems that some people disapprove of what i said yea i know, i was a little whiny and i apologise for that. i shouldn't be bitching about such trivial matters in the forums 🙂
  4. MakinMunchkin


    yea, i should probably ignore them in the future
  5. MakinMunchkin


    i have seen many toxic players in the top leagues before, but never in this community. i don't think it's a common thing in WoWs for unicum players to show their grudge against someone else in-game, but anyway... i forgot to switch back to team chat and i pointed out that the enemy cv is low. he then called me a noob at the end of the match. -the end- i just found it pretty amusing
  6. MakinMunchkin

    Why this game sucks?

    I don't see what's wrong with british cruisers camping in smoke
  7. MakinMunchkin

    Abuse in WOW

    Not exaggerating, but I haven't seen a kurfurst in randoms for the past 3, 4 months or so.
  8. MakinMunchkin

    Hololive Promo Event Doesn't Work

    IDK if using the same emails would affect anything, but you can try logging in to WG using your DMM account and see what it says after that
  9. MakinMunchkin

    Hololive Promo Event Doesn't Work

    I may be wrong , but To link, you just have to log in to the WG website using your newly created DMM account. So it is a completely new WG account created under DMM
  10. MakinMunchkin

    Just some small clarifications

    Are the boxes we see in the chat chinese most of the time? Where are most of the chinese players from? I always thought mainlanders played on a different server.
  11. MakinMunchkin

    I love Max

    My chinese isn't the best, but I think li xiang is probably just his chinese name.
  12. MakinMunchkin

    End of Soviet event, not bad

    The tallin camo was possible to obtain for me, but i would've been able to get it if I had the time.
  13. MakinMunchkin


    Just wanted to share a game I had yesterday
  14. MakinMunchkin

    Technical difficulty

    It works now. thanks. I tried running the game repair as you said Thanks for the help, guys
  15. MakinMunchkin

    Technical difficulty

    I'm not using WGC, so I'm assuming the one I'm using is called the legacy launcher? It still crashes after that small patch This is the one i'm using: