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  1. Olddavid_Spicer

    the videos in the start of the game

    thank you very much , that was pretty much what i wanted , i was curious to see if i could pause the video and guess then check which ship was which ship , this will let me , thanks
  2. Hi all , I have been wondering for a while , where all the videos that the game displays as it is starting up are gathered . if for example they are all stored in such and such a folder in the game folder . that would be nice , or if they are all on display on youtube if someone could point me to them it would be great
  3. Afternoon all , my question and idea is , that the game have new ops other than the several not currently being used , and the ones that are used . now if this has long ago been suggested and rejected or ignored , thats fine , but my curiousity is , what ops have been suggested . an op I wouldnt mind participating in would be a BB on BB line of battle drive by . Battle of Jutland style . so that being said , im wondering , 1 if its been suggested and 2 does anyone think that WG take suggestions from the users on ideas ? . considering that they spend the time to ask us to participate in surveys , i would have thought these boards would be read by them to see if there was the occasional popular idea .
  4. Olddavid_Spicer

    What is server overload?

    i got 2 kickouts from trying the narai , then it kicked completely out of the game
  5. Olddavid_Spicer

    World of Warplanes

    so i watched that video , the guy did seem fairly clear , that he couldnt do much to counter the planes . now , its something that seems to be fairly evident . there is no skill in being able to counter the planes , its all down to whether or not the planes have a decent cv player using them , if they have , you are screwed . so if the state of play is , that cv's have no weakness , if you have a decent player , then they trump all other ships , now , I certainly dont claim to be a good player , i am lucky if I qualify as a average player , and I certainly havent put any significant amount of money into the game , so , i cant justifiably , say , " Ive spent X on this game and now its screwed " because I havent spent anything on it . however, if at a later stage I was prepared to spend the readies on it , with how its headed at the moment , i am certain , i shant be spending any spare money on it . so , what to do , well , as a free player at the moment , i play scenarios , i play co-op , i play CB if i am asked to and likewise if my clanmates want to team up to random , i will then , but pretty much only then . so where does that leave the game makers and their business model , well , pretty much , slowly sinking, because activity is down , at least in my clan , and if you no longer have a pool of satisfied players , they arent running out to tell their mates how good it is . before this new setup , i would tell my mates how much i liked the game , now , i will tell them , if they ask , that i am waiting to see if it gets any better , but if they dont ask , i shant be bothered volunteering it , as i can see , the response being , "why are you still playing then " to which my only answer is , cause i havent got to the spot which is my current goal for the game , after that i may drift away if its too much crap .
  6. Olddavid_Spicer

    the main battle screen display , has that all changed ?

    i tried your suggestion about the mini map setting , but that didnt seem to do anything , i restarted the game to see if it needed to start with the setting active , that didnt do it either , eventually i found this setting in the controls panel called , alternative interface mode , after selecting adaptive and playing my next game , whallah! i could see names again and names of enemies . i dunno , if it was just a mixup on my client on the new updates , why that , if its a usual sort of thing with updates , why havent i bumped into it before , either way , one of those learning thingies - a lesson , thats right , i can see a positive in the experience . still it would be nice if there was a nice easy readme post with simple explanations of what each setting does and how to tweak things to get the best performance out of your game on your particular pc .
  7. Hi , since the recent updates , i find i cant see ship names on the screen when i am playing , i have tried several settings to see if its a setting which has reverted to some default setting , however this hasnt changed it back , i just tried looking through the update information , and i cant see any mention of any changes to our display . have I just had a mans look , and not noticed the obvious and if i have please tell me how to change my settings so that i can see the display as it was , alternatively , is this a change i havent been able to spot as listed in their releases . cheers
  8. Olddavid_Spicer

    Server Problems

    just posted my own one
  9. anyone else having problems logging in ,. the game updated , i played a couple of scenario games then got kicked midgame tried to reconnect , it didnt until the game had finished and we lost . quit the game , restarted the computer tried to log back in , failed a couple of times , it then asked me for my password , the first time its done that in months and now , it has logged in , anyone else any issues ?
  10. Olddavid_Spicer

    Sadly, it still is World of CVs

    I have to agree , with the title of the thread , world of cv , is just that now . let me point out , yes i know its a game , yes in real life after WW2 , CV is the most powerful aspect of naval warfare . however , in real life , if you had two navies , facing off against each other with equally powerful CV's supports ships and aircraft , the aircraft would still shoot each other out of the sky the aircraft would still fall out of the sky with anti aircraft missiles and thats looking at it currently . but almost all this game , is set to historical boundaries , based on WW1 and WW2 , so if we look just at that and limit the numbers before during and after , of naval forces and aircraft that attacked them , my guess if we were just adding them up , would be say 2,000 aircraft before , 10,000 aircraft during and 6,000 aircraft afterwards compared to say ( this is all navies axis and allies ) , say 1500 ships before , 3500 during and 3000 afterwards . so all up i would guess that around 4000 aircraft all navies were lost in operations compared to 500 ships lost in that time . so just on that rationale ,if we have our game imitating history , well no , as it is you dont need any other ship other than CV as it can wipe the board on its own . so that leads me into saying what other people are , the only game types currently being enjoyed , unfortunately have AI's as the opposition , because noone wants to play , where their ship cant do anything to defend against CV planes . sorry WG , but you have made it too powerful and AA hasnt the effect it should even bunching up has limited effect . so while you have CV being the focus of the game and too OP , i will only do random to fulfill missions , only achievable there , and you have stopped that being enjoyable as its merely going there and hoping to not be smooed in 2 minutes by one attacking squadron .. I dont claim to be an good player , but I have become relatively competent . there is no defence against the various attacks by CV and no i am not much chop with them either . so like i said , coop and scenarios , are the only enjoyable ops
  11. I realise that there is no realistic chance of a huge melee based on jutland , but if you were going to , imagine trying to use skill and accuracy , to have the german side severely hurt the grand fleet . if I was setting the conditions for it , it would be tier 5/6 german ships only .
  12. I would just like to start out my complaints list , by pointing out , yes , I know , you will always have people unhappy with change , and having tried my CV ships , I am only marginally better with the new ships , than the first time i tried them . now to explain , I wasnt that good a CV player before so given a bit more time to practice with the new system , I can at least aspire to being as bad as I was before . But , and heres where its starting to be frustrating , the new version of AA for those of us not using CV's . I am going to be plain dumb and use a expression attributed to one of our dumber politicians in australia , with "Please Explain". Again , i may just have missed the training missions , but perhaps someone who knows more about it , can post some links in here to you tube videos , showing , how to , and how not to , use your AA under the current changes , so your ship isnt a easy target . So , heres where I think WG have mucked up . they did two changes at once . they decided in their testing that the previous AA was too strong for the new CV stuff , but they have also made the new CV stuff , way more powerful than the previous CV stuff . what they SHOULD have done was start the new CV stuff as they have modified it , warned that the AA is likely to be still too strong , and that they may nerf it during the fine tuning ... .
  13. Olddavid_Spicer

    You Nerfed a Premium Warship ?????????

    I will preface this comment by freely admitting to only paying a couple of bucks in this game , I did want to earn the cossack , but without having some sort of luck to get the currency , forking out a couple of bucks to get the currency to finish getting it , seemed like a reasonable tradeoff for the fun I had had earning most of it . that said , assuming that they care about the negative opinions at the moment , I would just like to add one more viewpoint , which is , as I said , I havent wanted to pay money in for any part of the game and knowing that they can and will change your purchased ship , after you pay for it , is quite a put off. So I am less likely now to chip in , than I was before .
  14. Olddavid_Spicer

    Transaction error

    from other peoples comments in clan , it seemed to be something to do with premium consumables . a workaround , i seemed to find was to take the premium consumable off , refresh , then once it had completed repairs , replace the premium consumable to the ship now whether or not that still works , or was the reason , i cant say , as it hasnt happened to me since last week
  15. Olddavid_Spicer

    gotta love getting hit for quiting a game , when it crashed

    naah , i was only doing a co-op battle , but the problem was all the others on my side were bots too , so there wasnt any other people to survive until i logged back in . out of curiousity , is there somewhere which lists what the penalties are for various unsportsman conducts are .