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  1. Olddavid_Spicer

    steel rat removed ?

    Hi all , my steel rat was removed this morning , yet i have seen others being still used . i tried looking to find out what is happening , if it was planned , but couldnt spot anything about it .
  2. Olddavid_Spicer

    the daily missions

    just logged back in now , its 1 33 western australia time , and still no daily missions . if we are working off of a server settings or global settings for these things , surely it would be sensible for everything to tick over at the same time each day . so daily containers , quests etc. as long as we knew , when it was supposed to happen , we could log in and know you have that time afterwards to get stuff done .
  3. Olddavid_Spicer

    the daily missions

    well as for awst , all i know is its 1:25pm now , here in katanning western australia , i may be misunderstanding when the dailies reset , and it might very well be the containers which tick over at that time in the morning , i didnt actually used to play too much in the mornings before , as i was usually heading off to work in the mornings , but now im noticing the dailies dont show up until later , which may be as you suggest , 4pm in the afternoon eastern time
  4. Olddavid_Spicer

    the daily missions

    just curious . in recent past , your daily missions would spawn , and be available to complete , from early in the day . so , in my case its west australian time , which i think is gmt -8 . anyway , the past history i have for these is that they would expire , at my own time , for when I actually got out of bed that early , by about 6 or 6:30 AM my time the new ones would spawn after that , i think i would notice them being available after 8 am . in the last couple of weeks I have noticed them not showing up until later in the day , often in my afternoon . is there a change to the timings , and if so has it been announced and I simply havent read up on it , by being slack and not reading announcements fully .
  5. Olddavid_Spicer

    AU/NZ snubbed again

    vb and 4 x's , could be worse , it could be west end
  6. Olddavid_Spicer

    This is why KRAMA is good and valuable thing

    now you have put that song in my head and i have to go play it in you tube
  7. Olddavid_Spicer

    [CODE] The UK code seems to work for us.

    When you mentioned tack , it made me think of the hard biscuits in army ration packs and how our corporals taught us to deal with them. i remember him telling us , you set a pot of water on to boil , throw in a biscuit and a rock , and when the rock is soft , eat the rock and throw out the biscuit .
  8. Olddavid_Spicer

    Dasha letter arg 2

    so has this letter and its mystery been solved yet ?
  9. Olddavid_Spicer

    whats the normal setup for random battles and levels

    woohoo 7th times the charm , level 8 and less
  10. ive been playing this game for over a year now . and for a while there I noticed , if I played a game with my level 8 ship , game one might include 9s and 10s , game 2 might be 7s and 9s and game 3 6s 7s and of course my level 8 . however in the current games , every single 1 for the last 5 have had me faced up against 9s and 10s . what gives .
  11. Olddavid_Spicer

    Update 0.6.6 Bug Reports

    my bad