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  1. Karrick

    Premium Shop – An Extra Month of Savings

    "$10 instead of $10.89"
  2. Karrick

    Clan Battle "Prime Time"

    Most people have gone for 18:00 - 21:00 UTC Which based on my dodgy maths is 7 am - 10 am in the morning in NZ time. Whelp, that rules me out of clan battles. Ah well. Hopefully that means that random battles will be full of potato's to farm tears from....
  3. Flint, Atlanta, Belfast. Classic fishing fleet.
  4. Karrick

    Doubloons synced with WoT and WoWP gold

    If I vaguely recall, this was promised to be Soon™ during CBT. So I am sure that it will definitely be Soon™.....
  5. Karrick

    Clan Battle "Prime Time"

    Glad to see that you are still here being the end of the bell for the forum. Good for you *pats on head*
  6. Karrick

    CB and WG Asia's huge mistake

    Being Kiwi, I have all but made peace with the fact that WG hates me and my country. I mean, some nights i get better ping on my old EU account (i used to live in the UK) compared to the Asian server.
  7. Karrick

    Why nerf the conqueror?

    Oh look. A lord post...
  8. Karrick

    Aircraft Carrier Rework: The Return

    A seriously well thought out and interesting post. Have a downvote for not just whinging on these forums... :) I especially like the altitude idea, and the effect on the AA bubble. Please pay attention to ideas like these WG..
  9. You only get supercontainers if you are Flamu and you just so happen to be streaming...
  10. Karrick

    Carrion players - pointless rant.

    So... your point is that people online are dicks? Are you new here?
  11. Karrick

    Noob need halp

    hey hey hey! Its not the size of your cruiser, but its what you do with it! (so....err a friend of mine was recently told... )
  12. Karrick

    About T8 cruisers

  13. I actually got into a game with Eurobeat last night for the first time ever. He was on the other team, so we lost, but I watched him eat about 4 citadels in his minotaur and sink which made me feel a little happier about the game. Looking forward to my youtube fame! KEK!