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  1. I was playing as Tirpitz and hit the enemy Atago with 2 AP shells. The hit indicator says 2 shells were overpenetrated, which means the damage should be 2320. But instead of calculated value, I actually gave way more damage to the enemy cruiser; even higher than 2 shells with correctly penetrated. Even if I hit multiple module sections, I still can't figure out that how I got that value. Did I miss something from the latest patch? Any explanation, even with mathematical calculation, will be appreciated.
  2. I finally managed to launch my very first T10 ship, after more than 200 battles with H-39, to random battle. And, thank god, this BB is totally bad*** so far. I've never shoot 12 shells in a single salvo until I ride this one. Definitely my next key vehicle. What's even better is that WG recently buffed its secondary range from 10.6km to 11.6km, if you're fully equipped for the secondary turret setting. And now 128mm secondary turrets fire a second faster than before(5s -> 4s). Since I'm a huge fan of the secondary setting with every high-tier german BBs, I'm so happy to use this one without any hesitation. Then I realized that 128mm uses slightly different armor penetration formula; caliber * 1/4, instead of 1/6. That means if my german BB captain learn to use IFHE, every secondary turrets of GK will begin to penetrate the bow and stern of every BBs, and even the entire armor belt and deck of every US BBs, in T10 room. While it's so bad that I need to cut down the chance of fire even further, this sounds pretty tempting to me since I like to go infighting against enemy BBs when the time is right, and I don't want to rely on the luck; the possibility of fire. If there are any german BB users who are using IFHE secondary, any advice will be appreciated.
  3. Very well. It's really disappointing to hear, though, to be honest.
  4. During my last ranked battle, my team had a soviet cruiser who was just shooting around with no reason from the very beginning. Our teammates asked him to stop, since it would reveal the fleet's direction. Then suddenly, he turned around to anchor himself at the edge of the map, sent spotting aircrafts to just sniping with bad accuracy, while other teammates were struggling to capture the control point in the middle. At least we were lucky enough to win the game, but we could lost the battle because of that selfish, unsporting behavior. Thankfully, I have a replay file of that battle. If I send a ticket with replay file, will WG punish that player?
  5. Just pray to the god that your teammate CV will dominate the air with superior fighter control. Otherwise, good luck.
  6. W_M1

    Which Crosshair are you using?

    This static one. Easy to aim, easy to recognize the numbers. This is all I need.
  7. Kaga is not a bad ship, judging from my experience. It IS a player that matters. Moving on. Dude, no T7 aircraft carriers can mess with Atlanta w/ AA settings. Besides, it's normally CA & BB's job to deal with enemy atlanta. Why are you blaming CV for that?
  8. This is the reason that I'm postponing the purchase; I don't have a british captain with more than 10 points. I'm waiting for the mission that rewards 10p british captain, and I'll use my elite exp to boost his points.
  9. W_M1

    Neptune and Minotaur needs lowered citadel!

    No, the purpose of OP is to propose reducing the size citadel of T9,T10 of british cruisers to increase their survivability. The recent lowered citadel area of USN BB is just a basis to support the OP's idea. I know that he's claiming that "This post is actually about wargaming buffing the USN BB that doesn't need more buff and made them OP." from the other post. But in this case, it's OP who failed to deliver his idea correctly from the first post, just he mentioned from the top.
  10. W_M1

    Neptune and Minotaur needs lowered citadel!

    I read the OP completely and posted my opinion. What's your point?
  11. W_M1

    Neptune and Minotaur needs lowered citadel!

    PROTIP : As a british cruiser, use your smoke wisely to cover yourself.
  12. If you need to pick only one favorite camouflage from this game, what would it be? My favorite one is the Paint Scheme J of Tirpitz, which was used from July 1943 to March 1944. From the game, this camo can be applied to Tirpitz and FDR as a permanent camouflage. (as you can see from the spoiler above.) This camo also can be found as a basic camo of battleship Kaiser from the game called NavyFIELD. I, personally, want WG to apply this camo for the next permanent camo for GK in the future.
  13. - Finish the USN DD line - Finish the IJN CA line - Increase the overall win rate to 65% That's all for now.
  14. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. It seems like Belfast is the right choice, despite its different playstyle. Then, I need to wait for the other challenge mission that awards english captain with 10 skill points. I hope it will boost my cruiser win rate to above 60% one day.
  15. My overall win rate of cruisers is absolutely terrible, the worst among the ship types, at this point, so I want to boost it with a win rate harvester. Apparently both Belfast and Kutuzov are excellent at boosting win rate, but I can't buy both ships at once since I need to balance my budget. My point is, which one is easier to boost the win rate, Belfast or Kutuzov? Thanks.