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  1. Gutrotspume

    Spot The Difference

    Obviously not the first.
  2. Gutrotspume

    Share Your Favorite Gaming Snacks with Us!

    A hot mug of tea in the evening for playing and a steaming cup of coffee during the day.
  3. Gutrotspume

    Error Connecting to Server

    Same, Perth WA
  4. Gutrotspume

    Design A Patch submission

    Hope you like this. I took a screen shot of a Japanese Ship from WOWS, made it black and white and added it to a famous Japanese painting also made black and white.
  5. Gutrotspume

    Design A Patch submission

    I added Australian Navy Swords to a doctored Vampire Ship Crest and overlaid the green kangaroo and then placed the whole lot on a red background. Then added RAN (Royal Australian Navy)
  6. Gutrotspume

    Design A Patch submission