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  1. gib santa box plox gib santa box plox ign: kabur88 Thank you
  2. HSF Harekaze third hull guns

    First of all, I rarely if ever find anyone who even uses the third hull option for the Harekaze. The gun reload time is just too long and not as competitive as the second hull option. As such I'd like to recommend that the gun reload time to be reduced to be perhaps 3.3 seconds, similar to that of the Benson. So that people actually have a better incentive to use the third hull instead of just using the second hull, 90% of the time. Thank you.
  3. Yamato Haifuri skin error

    Well I was just pointing out the differences between the anime and the actual model. As in the Harekaze ship model, there is a difference between the two skin types in the game as shown. One with the hydro planes, and the other without.
  4. Yamato Haifuri skin error

    Hi, As I was playing on the PTS server, I noticed that in the HSF Yamato skin, the radar mounts aren't the same and don't match up to the more modern rotating radar mounts that are shown in the anime. I've added some pictures for comparison. I would like to know if you could fix this. Also is there any news on how the skin will be available as I would prefer it if it would be in a bundle with the Yamato premium skin so that those who have the skin wouldn't feel cheated that such a good skin (+50% commander xp) would be available for free.
  5. Yamato radar rotation

    Well I'm only asking as you can see them rotating in the intro video.
  6. Yamato radar rotation

    No they're stationary
  7. Yamato radar rotation

    The large radar finder on the Yamato rotates as per where you're shooting, but can these radar dishes on it rotate independently on top of the radar finder, like they do in the log-in video shown. Thanks
  8. Yamato radio rotation

    Well what I meant were the two dishes on top of it. Kinda like how the Alabama or Harekaze has a radar dish that rotates continuously, I believe having the same thing on the Yamato would make it more aesthetic. I've circled them in the picture attached.
  9. Yamato radio rotation

    I believe that the two radio antennas on top of the IJN Yamato tower should be animated to rotate, much like the rotation that is visible on US battleships such as the USS Alabama. It should be pretty simple and will add some life to the Yamato in my opinion.
  10. No Anime voices after update

    The anime voices aren't working. Even without any mods, after the updates, the anime voices don't work at all.
  11. Even with the updated patch of I still don't have any of the anime voices mods
  12. My Harekaze voices aren't working. What's up with that?
  13. New Round of DEV TALKS!!!

    Is it possible to buff the Harekaze with the upgraded Kagero torps or perhaps health? As it suffers a bit when it encounters T10 matches which are common
  14. The 100mm guns are the best in my opinion as you have the best DPM with them. The guns are good in tight situations or when you're in a smoke and are in range of enemies, but at 9.4km range, it's a bit of a hard situation especially with radar. The torps however are the best way for you to deal damage, it's just that at their speed an detectibility they aren't that consistent.
  15. Update 0.6.9 Feedback

    If possible I'd suggest a buff on the Harekaze torps to at least make her more competitive in T10 matches. Giving her the upgraded Kagero torps would do that in my opinion. Or at least improve the concealment on the torps instead