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  1. Nice efforts there! But i can only say wg hands are all full! All this while i only been playing US and IJN line so it never hurt to have other option!
  2. WG failed to clamp down on BOT

    Just finish a round with a damn Edinburgh cruising around with me without firing a single shot while we were been fired at. Damn pissed! And obviously that a bot !
  3. WG failed to clamp down on BOT

    Long ago i have say and seen so many bots around and so do other players but wg have failed to clamp down on bots!!! And very funny it had become our duty to report if we seen one!!!
  4. Supercontainer Drop Rate

    Don't waste your time on tyl, it wouldn't drop anything good. I sure wg tune tune the drop rate for sc and they denied it. Last time it was not like that. People are getting free ships and 20m credits but nowadays you seldom see it. Drop useless upgrade modules. It been 3 month since my last sc. Let see how far it can stretch. I going to eat popcorn and watch.
  5. screw you WG

    So please don't come and tell me "if you are good, you can carry your team". To me it a bullshit statement. It doesn't apply because the mm is scripted.
  6. screw you WG

    I been saying the damn mm is scripted to make u lost or win. You can go on losing streak for up to 10 rounds. So if you are scripted to lost you will lost no matter how hard you try. No one believe me.
  7. vote for WGC or not

    I jus so freaking tired of all these wg shit thingy. They just want to push a freaking, bug full, unfinish product to the community. Haven't they learn the lesson for graf Zeppelin incident? Must they have another community out leash then they will learn? Or they simply don't learn and care and thinking making a public aplogy after every incident will solve the issue? Let me eat popcorn and watch.
  8. In wg point view of all migrating to wgc it mean more income for wg. More people will try others games and higher chance people buy something from the cash shop.
  9. We got no choice because they forcing this down our throats. I think i goin to quit wow sooner or later with all kind of shit happening
  10. Wth.... It seems that if you go away from the game for period of times gain more benefits than regular login. Daily login gain miserable x1 flag or x1 consumable or 25,000 credit or 150 coal compare to the rewards who did not login get 100,000 fxp, 8m credits, sc, signal flag set, free 8 days rental of Massachusetts. WG i think you should seriously review the rewards for old players who still loyally played your game. Yet another disappointment from you WG.
  11. Free Freedom Container

    i got 20 oroboros flag
  12. A case for the IJN

    I think quite a number of IJN ship had been nerfed. A good example. Zao been nerf so many but it still a good ship if one know how to use it. WG is too rich to care about the player base. That why new players come and go. Old players left the game.
  13. So got this the other day

    Yes mate. With now the decreasing population of dd due to the radar meta. Everywhere you go is radar. Each team get about 2 dd and dd die so quickly. So the team with no dd get steam rollled in less than 5 mins. Last time i used to play 4-5 hr of wow. Now less than 3 battles, less than a hour. Or sometimes i just don't play at all. I played other more enjoyable games.
  14. So got this the other day

    I commented before. The damn MM is scripted to make you lost and win for certain number of games you played. If you get reported, i think you be scripted to lost even more battles. As someone point out if you lost 2-3 battles continuously, log off and do something else. Play other games. I myself is a paying customer. I paid over $500 usd over the years i played and i see wow is going down. Till now i refused to take out a single cent for this game. Playing WOW is not enjoyable as last time. It so frustrating and unrewarding.
  15. USS Black

    Oh man. I think i see wrongly... Still can't get any ship at all