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  1. th3vikings

    What to expect from 20x Naval Aviation Container

    Weegee handling out cv like candy to promote the new cv play. The drop rate is high in these containers.
  2. th3vikings

    WoWS Dev Blog's bundle of new news #8

    Cv is back to square one again
  3. th3vikings

    Alaska on sale on the NA server why not here?

    Anyway the ship is out in premium shop. Whale can go buy it
  4. th3vikings

    Alaska vs Abstinance - Dilemma

    If u got des moines there no need for this ship
  5. th3vikings

    30% sale Atlanta

    How do this ship fare in random? I think you gonna die many times in this ship??
  6. th3vikings

    My first tier 10 ship :)

    Yes. I enjoy izumo too althought i lost many battle with her. Fairly accurate guns.
  7. th3vikings

    My first tier 10 ship :)

    Izumo, musashi, yamato all catch fire easily.
  8. th3vikings

    My first tier 10 ship :)

    I have musashi. I catch fire so easily. Sometime i even have 3 fire on. I using 10 points cpt with basic survivability but i still been burn to death I change to fire prevention same. Anyone can advise ?
  9. th3vikings

    Starting to become rediculous

    I got both misery and musashi. Both are equally good ship. I almost miss musashi because i went away for a month break. If you miss both the ships, get lowa and yamato.
  10. th3vikings


    Wow. 53 planes that good. Des mon, Worcester, mintoaur should be able to perform on par or better than this.
  11. th3vikings

    My reasons for why Giulio shouldn't be moved to T6 that way.

    One or two or hundreds will not cause any concern but few thouands is a concern. Currently the wow number is stable at 10000+
  12. th3vikings

    My reasons for why Giulio shouldn't be moved to T6 that way.

    Ya i have no choice because i bought premium time before this shitty 0.8 patch. If i have not buy premium time. I would have uninstall it
  13. th3vikings

    My reasons for why Giulio shouldn't be moved to T6 that way.

    Bottomline, if you want to release OP premium then don't nerf it. If you want to nerf then don't release it. Simple as that. We consumers are always at a losing end. All we get back in the end are inferior products. And we can't get back our money. So vote wisely with your wallet. 0.8 was in such a fuking mess. If not i bought a year premium time, i would have uninstall this piece of shit mess. I can't refund or get back my money. So i have to play and get back the value of the money i paid for
  14. th3vikings

    My reasons for why Giulio shouldn't be moved to T6 that way.

    In a nutshell, WG shouldn't be even nerfing premium. Premium are suppose to be OP and that the reason people buy it. If premium are not OP then give me the reason why people buy it? (Camo, shape of the ship, c'mon). WG tactics are now releasing OP premium. When it become too OP then they stop selling it and put in their so call loot boxes. So whales can starting spamming cold hard cash on these loot boxes to get these ships (i smell musashi next on the list in their loot boxes). So guys vote with your wallets and stop buying premium! Stop these nonsense nerfing premium shit from WG!
  15. th3vikings

    It about damn time !!!!