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  1. th3vikings

    Ranked-Kamikaze edition.

    That why it up to you if want to buy premium ship. No one forcing you to buy any premium ship. You can still work your way up all the tech tree without spending a single cent.
  2. th3vikings

    Ranked-Kamikaze edition.

    Premium is suppose to be OP. That what you paying for your money for. I understand that it unfair but that the cruel world. Eveyone has to accept that. Even i have to accept that when i face premium OP ship like belfast, kamikaze R etc. Even so you also need skill and RNG in WOW. Like the other day i fire a full broadside salvo at another t9 bb with my misery. Only got about 9k dmg. No cidatel. Like other paying games out there, if you rich you can be most likely the number one player. That the power of money. If premium is not OP then what the use? WG can close up the ships page in their premium shop.
  3. th3vikings


    I want to get warspite too but i have a life too. I have to work, sleep and accompany my love ones. I don't sit few hr a day in front of the pc to play wow. Even so i may play other games. Wow is not as enjoyable as last time. It frustrating and unrewarding to play. Bots, potatoes, unbalance system, etc. Nowadays i just play 1-3 round, max 5 rounds. I will finish my getting my legends upgrade first for my zao and montana. Sometime just login to get a few rewards. With many incoming good titles games to be out around the corner, i will see myself going to mia for a few months again and get myself kick out of guild. Maybe i still be lurking in this forum sometime.
  4. th3vikings


    Don't think so. I think they will convert it to credits after whole events of the silly British dd. They were too many potato driving these dd around and not knowing how to use it.
  5. th3vikings

    Technical issues found.

    Don't know what is WG is trying to smoke here. So is it the gaming centre issue ?
  6. th3vikings

    I Love WG!

    It common Cleverland always throw into battle like this.
  7. th3vikings

    Anyone buying these?

    50% is a discount. 20% is not. Anyway i will not even have a idea of buying anymore premium ships. There are way too many potatoes out there driving high tier ship and don't know what they should do. Buying premium ships do not give you the edge over someone else or to win a match. It just another ship slap with a designer camo and that justify the price.
  8. th3vikings

    Royal Navy Containers

    I only got acasta.. i didn't bother much about this royal naval thing. Just want earn more credits so i can earn my t10. With all these royal naval dd thing going on. I could only see more potato sailing these dd around.
  9. th3vikings

    jus wth is wrong these 3 days

    Nowadays the outcome of the game are determined swiftly by the dd. Dd poplulation which i notice have drop quite a bit. Usually now only 2 dd in each team. If the dd push aggressive or don't know what they are doing. They will get deleted within first 1-3 mins of gameplay and the team or flank which have no dd got steamrolled quite quickly. Ya... That what i been experiencing for the past few months.
  10. th3vikings

    jus wth is wrong these 3 days

    yes after play 1 round and last round of scenario for the day and lucky i got 5 star.
  11. th3vikings

    jus wth is wrong these 3 days

    a classic example. just lost another game damn frustrating
  12. play last weekend on sat, sun and today mon lost 12 rounds + 2 wins including today with 1 round about nearing 160k dmg with my zao i still lost the game and montana scoring 146k dmg. i lost both game wth is wrong ???
  13. th3vikings

    Old style game launcher

    Where and what are the rewards that wg claim will be given out if you install the game center earlier ?
  14. th3vikings

    Royal Navy Containers

    Don't spend your hard earn money on such rng bullshit crap from wg. Go and see noster you tube video. He open over more than 100 container and he just can't get the lightning dd mission. He contacted wg and they told him it just sheer bad luck.. wtf. I don't ever want to spend my money on such bullshit crap container. I rather spend on something on getting other more realistic stuff.