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  1. What's wrong with MM these days?

    I already say many times MM is flaw. They lump all the below 50% wr in one team and above 50% in another team. Image if you in the below 50%, the whole bloody team is all red (below 50% wr) even if you are very good how to carry the team to win?? MM is suppose to arrange battle based on skill based or mix bad and good in both team and it will be a fairer game. I still strongly believe that MM is scripted to make you win and lost for number of battles. Because of the recent US cruiser split, people playing dd drop. Out of 10 games, 8 games there only 2 dd on each team. Dd die so fast with so many radar and it always become a one sided slaughter when either team of the dd all die. I was on a losing streak for so many days. Wow is no longer fun to me as last time. It so frustrating to play wow nowadays. But who cares, WG don't care at all. They only care about how well their premium shop sells. I already started focusing on other online games which are more fun and rewarding.
  2. World of cleverland 🍀

    even when almost half of his team die and he still camping behind. not doing anything like capping or support fire. i met few of those already. they don't know what to do. just camping there doing nothing and waiting for ships to come by and spam fire. every match i get in with 3-4 cleverland it a lost match
  3. World of cleverland 🍀

    just lost 4 games. 1 of match saw a cleverland camping at islands near cap. the whole team is out shooting and he still camping there.... really many potato playing cleverland
  4. Azur Lane Collaboration

    unless you are anime fans or japanese schoolgirl then go for it. If not i advise you not. $90 for some voice packs is insane. i rather spent it somewhere else.
  5. Azur Lane Collaboration

    Here come the azur lane collaboration locked behind a paywall except nelson.

    Sure plus there free indianpolis. Mass potato incoming.
  7. Notifications order

    Woohoo. Reported 6 time in a single battle? Some players are very salty. I no longer play ranked. Unless you are very patient and have nothing to do then you can try ranked.
  8. World of cleverland 🍀

    Come back after 1 month plus break to play my new buffalo after US split, everywhere i go i see cleverland. Worst still many cleverland did not know what they are doing. Giving free broadside and taking huge dmg, sailing in the open, rushing to capture points alone... It really wow.
  9. Winrate is Meaningless

    take a break from wow if you have a losing streak or WR drops ! last time i can still play some scenario to take myself away from random and ranked battle. But now? you can't even do that. Scenario difficulty are tune up so much that it so hard to get a 5 star. sometime you get nothing after playing for 10 minutes after failing some mission objective, it make scenario so unrewarding to play now. so i played other online games! As what Darkshaunz have pointed out:- " Wargaming wants to make this game accessible to a larger playerbase, a great majority of which has no care for these forums or arbitrary concepts such as improving themselves for the benefit of a team filled with internet strangers. Wargaming are not at all concerned about which metric is being used to appease the top percentile of competitive players with deep purple stats. They are however, concerned about what ships they can sell off to the masses at a premium price. That's why we get Premiums like the Asashio, a ship which doesn't teach any of the correct lessons that the more competitive community wants newer players to learn - but to instead capitalize on general ignorance of class role and gameplay mechanics". i fully agreed with what he mention. And somehow i feel MM is scripted to make you lost and win for certain amount of battles in random and ranked.
  10. Can't connect to server

    maintenance time could always extend without prior notice.
  11. Question about US CL split

    Accordingly to what flamu say in his youtube, yes the ships will be shifted and you be compensated with credits if you already own the ships. But everyone still so confused about the US line split and that includes me. I got Cleveland, peascola, new orleans and baltimore in my port. i very sure i will be compensate with buffalo. The rest i don't care much. I just want the credits.
  12. ultimate frontier failure

    yes. a big middle finger to WG. sick of all these nonsense. i think i take a break till the US CA line spit comes out... i think another 3 more month.....
  13. ultimate frontier failure

    Now i obeserve that WG remove the "hard difficuity" at the loading screen. Good job WG !!!!!!!!!!!!! Now if we select "normal difficuity" and it actually "hard difficuity" which is transparent to us. _I_
  14. Botting

    the last banning done when by WG maybe was 1 or 2 year before that. when they feel like doing then they do it or else nothing is done. asking us to report via ticket. foolish and stupid, waste of time. frustrating times. Botting using of 3rd party software to aim the list go on ~
  15. I still see lot of bb in q. And i still play bb. Who care about that 20km torp.