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  1. th3vikings

    Open/Close Wallet? 2018 HOHOHO

    I advise you to watch nozoukforyou video and you changed your mind. Save your money for some other better stuff instead.
  2. th3vikings

    What do you want from santa's boxes?

    Go and see nozoukforyou video and see how he pull his 60 crates. To me it was painful and horrible. 60 crates and he pull only 1 ship ???? I don't care if he own all the ship. So many crates and he didn't even pull another 1 more duplicates. Omfg what horrible and painful drop he got. There no way i going to pay wg for these miserable crates that give rubbish drops only miserable flags and camo... While they falsely adertise rare drops like bellfast and missouri.. i not going to fall for these shit lies. I going to save my money for steam winter sales or buy myself a nintendo switch
  3. th3vikings

    Match-Making: The absurbd & ridiculous

    It becoming from bad to worst. Every now and then throw out new ships. Money gripping i say. When the ship become too OP they stop selling. Hopeless MM, countless bots, too many radar ships, the list can go on and on.... A games towards it own destruction. I so sick of all the faking bu11shit crap from wg. I already stop playing. How about you ?
  4. th3vikings

    HMS Vanguard Disappointment

    As usual, t8 drop in to face t9, musashi, misery and t10. Another money grapping from WG. I not going to fall for it. I going throw my money in some other better games.
  5. th3vikings

    Premium ship choice time again

    It entirely up to you. It your money. For me, i will wait. I still have many other ships to yolo with. And also i don't want to spend money on game which make me frustrated. I spend money on games to relax not the opposite. Lol. That me.
  6. th3vikings

    Premium ship choice time again

    I think you should give it a pass now. Wait for black friday and dec holiday are coming. More discount.
  7. th3vikings

    Premium ship choice time again

    You will die many times if you don't know how to use Atlanta.
  8. th3vikings

    IJN CA/DD buff... for reals?

    Finally some love for IJN ... It long overdue
  9. They just throw out new ship every now and then. Cash grab i call it. When the ship get too OP they just stop selling the ship. This game is getting more and more imbalance. Going forth towards destruction.
  10. th3vikings

    Why tier 8 often involved in tier 10 matches?

    I been asking lot of times too. Why matches are not been arranged in terms of skill? It is always one team is so strong against the other. It basically just steam roll over the other team. Wg do not want players to wait long time to play and also the player base is not enough. So everyone just get dump in with the same tier ship and that it.
  11. th3vikings

    Any tips regarding to high tier games?

    Sadly a lot of times, dd and ca don't know what they should do. They either rush into cap and push too far in front resulting them to be deleted in 1-2 mins and i happen always to be with them. Once dd are all dead it impossible to win. Nowadays dd poplulation drop so much due to too much radar and usually there 2 in every battle. Recently i seen ca crusing freely around around you while you been set on fire few times by dd gunboat and they didn't return fire. It really frustrating. There one thing i notice many botters are using german ca like roon and hinderberg. + Potato dd and botters. It impossible to win.
  12. th3vikings

    Ranked-Kamikaze edition.

    That why it up to you if want to buy premium ship. No one forcing you to buy any premium ship. You can still work your way up all the tech tree without spending a single cent.
  13. th3vikings

    Ranked-Kamikaze edition.

    Premium is suppose to be OP. That what you paying for your money for. I understand that it unfair but that the cruel world. Eveyone has to accept that. Even i have to accept that when i face premium OP ship like belfast, kamikaze R etc. Even so you also need skill and RNG in WOW. Like the other day i fire a full broadside salvo at another t9 bb with my misery. Only got about 9k dmg. No cidatel. Like other paying games out there, if you rich you can be most likely the number one player. That the power of money. If premium is not OP then what the use? WG can close up the ships page in their premium shop.
  14. th3vikings


    I want to get warspite too but i have a life too. I have to work, sleep and accompany my love ones. I don't sit few hr a day in front of the pc to play wow. Even so i may play other games. Wow is not as enjoyable as last time. It frustrating and unrewarding to play. Bots, potatoes, unbalance system, etc. Nowadays i just play 1-3 round, max 5 rounds. I will finish my getting my legends upgrade first for my zao and montana. Sometime just login to get a few rewards. With many incoming good titles games to be out around the corner, i will see myself going to mia for a few months again and get myself kick out of guild. Maybe i still be lurking in this forum sometime.
  15. th3vikings


    Don't think so. I think they will convert it to credits after whole events of the silly British dd. They were too many potato driving these dd around and not knowing how to use it.