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  1. I sink in about 600 - 700 usd which I think enough is enough. 50 usd can get me a full game like CDPR, it money well spent !!! Long time ago I already stop giving money to wg. But they are still many whales out there, milk by wg. They can continue to be milk by wg.
  2. I make more process in obtaining my last few legendary upgrade for my t10 and i gone. Finally to uninstall wow. Money that i will not give to wg. _l_ The hype is real !!
  3. th3vikings

    Dockyard Odin.

    Please don't be a whale again just for a mere t8. You still be down tier 2 if you are to be put in a t10 match most of the time by the stupid mm.
  4. th3vikings

    Wargaming game developers should rethink their strategies

    Do your part and stop been a whale to wg. Stop supporting them! Don't talk only please action
  5. A update from the perm camo for moskva. Seems like wg are still making their stand.
  6. Oh man , I just came back to reply this thread after been put on discipline for nearly 2 month because I written a post in forum that wg stop introducing those HE spamming ship like smolensk and asking to F off. Till now i refused to acknowledge what I say is wrong. What I can say is wg will eventually cave in to the Russian play base demands for the perm camo. If you seen no zoup u tube on server playerbase for all server, Russian server player drop by a lot due to the rico event last year. Wg will not further anger the player base there and bring the numbers down again. Even now wg now even have taken in the feedback and will get back. I feel that do not worry much about perm camo and most likely they replace it on the replacement ca for moskva. Let say if this is a i j n split for cruiser t10 zao, it will turn out to be another different scenario which wg will not even care at all. All I say is russian bias and many of u can see it. This game has been getting from bad to worse. Power creep, server lag, bad c v re work, d d has come to a point it obsolete, now even sub etc. The list can go on and on. Even with so many issue, thry still pushing new ships and even now submarines. Clapping. I think I going to be done with wow of warship very soon after I obtain I all my lendenary for my four t10 which I think will take another 2 month. After tat I will uninstall, i think i have enough of this bull shit from wg. I think I spend a lot of time and money on this. Enough is enough. I will spend more of my time on my other like games and the most anticipated cyberpunk. Gd luck all.
  7. th3vikings

    Newport - why so many battles lost?

    This operation is shit. Overwhelming AI ?? Even you take the appropriate measures you still can't win it. This is the worst map I played so far. In balance, fix your shit wg !
  8. th3vikings

    New French T10 Premium the Marceau

    More HE spamming ship... isn't smolensk enough ???????? Post edited, user warned. ~Nya-gaming
  9. th3vikings

    Rain of SCs

    Recently I came back a long period of break about 6 mth. Got my 1st sc after a year or so. It was a 25 dragon flag. Worse sc I ever got.
  10. th3vikings

    What to expect from 20x Naval Aviation Container

    Weegee handling out cv like candy to promote the new cv play. The drop rate is high in these containers.
  11. th3vikings

    WoWS Dev Blog's bundle of new news #8

    Cv is back to square one again
  12. th3vikings

    Alaska on sale on the NA server why not here?

    Anyway the ship is out in premium shop. Whale can go buy it
  13. th3vikings

    Alaska vs Abstinance - Dilemma

    If u got des moines there no need for this ship
  14. th3vikings

    30% sale Atlanta

    How do this ship fare in random? I think you gonna die many times in this ship??
  15. th3vikings

    My first tier 10 ship :)

    Yes. I enjoy izumo too althought i lost many battle with her. Fairly accurate guns.