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  1. _Con_

    Vigilance + Hydro

    Thank you for responding!
  2. _Con_

    Vigilance + Hydro

    Hello everyone, I am wondering if, when running Vigilance Captain Skill and Hydro consumable, you receive +25% acquisition to the hydro range when you activate that consumable, or if the hydro just layers over normal acquisition + vigilance 25% distance? Is there information for base torpedo acquisition distances? I remember reading somewhere that acquisition distance increases with tier level, but have no idea if this is correct. Also, ships keep disappearing when I am engaging them. I have line of sight acquisition of a ship (no islands hiding them and at distances where no need for anyone to spot etc), and they disappear for 5-10 seconds and then reappear. This is really disconcerting. Is anyone else experiencing this? Many thanks!
  3. And by "gunboat", not necessarily a DD, any ship where the main weapon would be its rifles. It would be good to hear everyone's thoughts on what they consider which ship(s) have the best guns overall and which ships are, overall, the best gunboats.
  4. _Con_

    Change WASD?

    Thank you, Mingfang47. It was staring me in the face!
  5. _Con_

    MM always put me in +2 match

    It's pretty tough in an (eg) Omaha and you're the only T5 boat on your team, then there are a couple of T6 (usually Buds!) and then all Gneisenaus/Scharns etc. It's very dependent on the team - if they play together, it works. If everyone runs all over the place, as a T5 in such company, you're really exposed.
  6. _Con_

    Taskforce44 - Sign Up Here!

    Yes! Please sign me up.
  7. _Con_

    Shards and Estuary map problems

    I played Shards on PT twice yesterday. The first time, I was like, "What fresh hell is this?" The second time I logged off and didn't play for the rest of the day. Mind you, I was driving my Konigsberg. I don't think this ship works well on a small map with so many islands. More likely, probably just my potato skill-level showing me up and nothing to do with the map at all.
  8. _Con_

    Change WASD?

    HI everyone, Apologies if this question should not be in this area. Mods please move to the appropriate forum. I find using WASD very difficult because of a broken finger that did not heal properly. Is there a way to change the keys to suit? I can't seem to work it out in settings. Thanks!
  9. _Con_

    any aussies playing?

    Hi everyone, I would really like to division or team with some Aussies or Kiwis. Thanks!
  10. Hi everyone, Is DCM1 worth the coin for lower/mid tier cruisers, particularly US paper/German glass cruisers? The percentage benefits seem so small. Advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
  11. _Con_

    Team Killer

    There have been occasions when I've dropped a shell on a team mate during melee, or I've not really been looking where I'm going and run into another ship, and this has been done to me, and I understand it's an accident an all that, but this evening I ate two torps out of nowhere from a friendly destroyer IN FRONT of me. Oh, well, these things happen. So I'm limping away from the action trying to repair etc and then the same friendly, still IN FRONT of me, took me out with another two fish. I hope that bloke has the same skill when he's shooting his fish at the opposite team!
  12. _Con_

    US Cruiser build

    Loshirai14, not even for my paper-skinned Pheonix and Omaha? Thanks, everyone, for your responses!
  13. Hi everyone, I would appreciate your thoughts on a Cleveland build and complimentary Captain Skills. I am thinking of an AA/escort-type role to work with BBs and/or CVs. Also, if my Captain has Last Stand, is it worthwhile to get either the Steering or Propulsion modules for my lower US cruisers? Many thanks!