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  1. dejiko_nyo

    First impressions: Convoy

    Easy for me. 4 dead transports, all escorts alive. Just to rub salt in their wounds. 😄
  2. dejiko_nyo

    Anyone won defending the convoy?

    So far, 2 attack, 2 defend, 4 wins. Mode is easy as long as you remember the objective: THE CONROY. As attacker, you need to destroy and humiliate the conroy. As defenders, you need to lay your lives down for the conroy.
  3. dejiko_nyo

    First impressions: Convoy

    The biggest mistake especially as the attacking team. What you want is to kill the objectives.
  4. dejiko_nyo

    First impressions: Convoy

    Hahahahaha 1 benny. 4 ded transports. 2 defend, 2 attack, 4 wins. And lol at that benny game. All of the enemy team is alive. Except the very important transports. >_>
  5. dejiko_nyo

    ​📰 ST 0.10.9, Changes to Test Ships

    "Cannot out perform a soviet paperboat"
  6. dejiko_nyo

    Anyone won defending the convoy?

    Kansas is a good ship I heard >_> <_< to lose that is.
  7. dejiko_nyo

    Anyone won defending the convoy?

    This is exactly the same thing that happens with raptor rescue. Stay close to the convoy. Or everyone runs to one focus and ignores the rest. Whoever knows how to Raptor Rescue will know what to do.
  8. hahahahaha hahahahahaha Back to square one in terms of game play. Long ranged sniping. BBs counter nerfed subs. Just abandon this bad idea before the "invested cost" fallacy becomes worse.
  9. dejiko_nyo

    Druid review

    The Rasputin, Russian Druid.
  10. dejiko_nyo

    There are too many destroyers in the co-op battles

    There. Fixed. #removemarceaufromsale.
  11. dejiko_nyo

    Personal thoughts on Pan-Asian Cruisers (Rant Warning)

    It is a Dildo after all.
  12. dejiko_nyo

    Pan-asia cruiser (CLAA)

    Grandfather Nurgle approves.