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  1. dejiko_nyo


    Also, this is going back to RTS CV model of damage.
  2. dejiko_nyo


    Play a dd stealthily for your team and get shit rewards. Such DESPERATION to make subs succeed.
  3. dejiko_nyo


    Wait, didn't they say before that CV were fine and they didn't need to do anything about it? -sniggles in the background- Eating words yet again weegee. How much duct tape have they used to try to patch things up?
  4. dejiko_nyo

    worst mm....

    I'm afraid they won't do jack because they need cannon fodder for purples.
  5. The pan-asia lines were already very uncreative. Just a rebadge of another ship slapped with some gimmicks. Unfortunately, some "enthusiasts" do care about the ship "history" and that they will lap up whatever weegee does. Realistically, they are just recycling stuff now that most of the significant nations' ships that existed in the time period have been done. Now is primarily fantasy ships. Welcome to World of FantasyShips.
  6. We want the T8 'Hoff BB in the Chinese BB line. <_< Vatican T10 BB: Deus Vult - Gimmick is a special ray that converts target to your team.
  7. Basically similar to Pan-Asia/US DDs (radar/no-radar) difference where in this case it's smoke vs no-smoke. Also, poor Pan-Asia DD. No longer has radar dd exclusive line and being shafted literally. Translation: They are running out of ideas and just piling on gimmicks.
  8. Addendum: It is just basically low-effort cash grab. Recycling assets rather than creating a new set. It is just to "appease" the LATAM players that want a line. Remember ARP Maya? Same thing but x10.
  9. We want Chinese BB line. >_> The research has already been done <_< But frankly, the response is just as expected from someone paid by the company. It is just a written response from higher management that the messenger has to deliver word for word. And the sad thing? There is a section of the populace that will believe it without question. If this was say a response from say... China or Russia, can you imagine the outcry?
  10. Which line are we talking about? The Great Chinese Line or the lame PanAmerica one? You need to be clearer since there are now two lines in conversation and one line is much more realistic and better than the other.
  11. Someone said "Subs are there to punish pushing BBs". I laughed at that comment.
  12. I liek the T10 Yuanshuan though I hope the 'Hoff is a better T8 ship than most.
  13. dejiko_nyo

    Narai warning!

    Is it me or they got rid of the wierd weather fx in cherry blossom and hermes? Also, now too easy with the downgraded bot ships.
  14. dejiko_nyo

    Ranked Tier 5 : Furutaka best cruiser

    Furry Tacos have armour just like tacos. KRUNCH.