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  1. dejiko_nyo

    Didn't even say a thing...

    The Hall of Fame events are badly rewarding players. You see scripted players earning the points when they perform badly in coop games. Yet nothing is done about it. Points awarded should be a percentage of your contribution (ie, XP) rather than arbitary figures. Right now I see non-contributors sailing at the edge of the map while other people do all the hard work. This particularly is bad in coop, and by extension skews the overall HoF because 90% of the time your team will win irrespective of their scripted non-contribution.
  2. dejiko_nyo

    Newport Op - I give up.

    And the disease is spreading to OPs as well after infecting coop.
  3. dejiko_nyo

    Newport Op - I give up.

    That is the main problem. Not being aggressive enough. The issue is that if you are so campy passive, you are shooting the incoming waves bow on which minimizes the damage you get. By the time you finish the wave, another wave has popped up and you are out of position. People also ignore the dds in favour of easier bb targets in their cruisers/dds. I'm clearly spotting the dds with my fighters but no one is shooting at them -_-
  4. dejiko_nyo

    Bots Make RNGesus Cry

    Well, you should take it as an opportunity to learn how to torp without hitting ignorant teammates. Or how to sabotage your team.
  5. dejiko_nyo

    Your torps - Your responsibility

    CA fault. He didn't torpedo shield. If he did, it wouldn't hit the other ships. 😉
  6. dejiko_nyo

    AU/NZ snubbed again

    *popcorn refill* *crunch* *munch*
  7. dejiko_nyo

    As a yueyang player

    And then to make YY look like a better ship, they will nerf chung mu. But seriously, playing as a non-panasia dd against YY, you don't feel fear because you know he cannot torp you while you can. Instead of fixing a problem, WG decided to introduce more broken problems to fix a broken problem. Bravo.
  8. dejiko_nyo

    As a yueyang player

    Which would make chung mu the best of her line at tier NINE.
  9. dejiko_nyo

    Your torps - Your responsibility

    if it is CQT, then the person torpedoing should pay attention. If it is from range, the person torpedoing has an obligation to shout out "Incoming torps/Careful/whatever". The unexpected target should then take preventative action. Sometimes that bot that was supposed to shield your ally died prematurely. A simple acknowledgement of your mistake is enough to smooth things.
  10. dejiko_nyo

    AU/NZ snubbed again

    Free popcorn! Free popcorn! Getcha free popcorn! *munches popcorn and watches*
  11. dejiko_nyo

    A second look at Ibuki.

    @Rina_PonWhere do you get the 19.2km range? I assume Range module + spotter? She is a decent ship; if she can play to her expected role. Problem is that frequently she can't. What I always found to be the main issue is that her guns i) traverse slowly ii) lacks the range of her peers iii) the worst of all reloads of her peers. Her saving grace is her torps which do indeed hit hard except for 2 little problems: i) terrible angles to use and ii) you really need to get up close. So, how is an ibuki supposed to play when her guns can't do the necessary damage and her main hard hitting weapons require suicide? That is why people say "she is a terrible ship", when in fact it is terrible she can't fulfill her expected role.
  12. dejiko_nyo

    Post battle service need a change

    Wasn't there are recent thread that suggested the opposite to keep out the so called "n00bs"? As someone who played under both systems, the current one is in most part balanced. You do earn more is you are more proactively pushing. If you really cannot make the credits, a suggestion would be to invest in a long-term premium account.
  13. dejiko_nyo

    Izumo is so much worse than I thought :(

    Let us not talk anymore about how it sucks and that yamato should have been t9 facing off its nemesis, the 4 iowa sisters. The problem: most good players know it is sucky and as a result, if you are caught in a position of crossfire... o7
  14. dejiko_nyo

    HMS Vanguard Disappointment

    Well, your biggest problem will be you will regularly be uptiered to t10 in your t8.
  15. dejiko_nyo

    HMS Dreadnought missions coming.

    I wanted to kill people by the end of that run. People who will not be mentioned but you can guess. If you wanted to reserve the ship for unicum players by making it difficult to get, then it is a poor ship. For collectors, outright buying it from the premium shop is less painful. I would add that a lot of the missions were dependent on how your team plays, not just you.