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  1. dejiko_nyo

    not playing again till aircraft fixed

    Like what @Paladinum said. While I can play the new CV, the enjoyment is not there. Previously, it was hard to play but you were rewarded for making good plays. Now, it's more of a hassle to play and rewarded mediocrely for the effort needed.
  2. dejiko_nyo

    not playing again till aircraft fixed

    You only need 3 ship classes: DD beats subs beats CV beats DD.
  3. dejiko_nyo

    I have a question ...

    What? What is this lovely design that did not make it through? Supposedly world of whatever is a "team" game but I fail to see how team play is rewarded. The current xp reward system is biased towards individual performance.
  4. dejiko_nyo

    not playing again till aircraft fixed

    We are thinking on the same wavelength here. Frankly, I have given up on wg. They seem to be listening to the demands and inputs of wrong sections of the community and contributors while the sane and logical ideas get shafted. If this were a medical case, what is happening is bandaid fixes and unnecessary procedures without thinking of the longterm outcome.
  5. dejiko_nyo

    Game is becoming a JOKE!!!!!!!

    That I would have to agree.
  6. dejiko_nyo

    Reviving Bastion Mode can counter the new CV meta

    I miss this mode. Cannot undestand the hate. All you need was to push instead of sitting back.
  7. YES INDEED. Screw the haters. @cellum95The problem is the main CV complainers do not even touch CV. Once you play CV, you will know their weakness and accordingly adjust your non-CV playstyle to exploit that weakness. However, the main CV complainers refuse to touch CV for a variety of nonsensical reason. The best CV players have decent/good non-CV ship records. They know what non-CV ships strengths and weaknesses are and adjust accordingly.
  8. dejiko_nyo

    not playing again till aircraft fixed

    Deep down inside, I support your bb stance wholeheartedly.
  9. dejiko_nyo

    not playing again till aircraft fixed

    It's not just an idea for bb haters, its there to maintain the Rock-Paper-Scissors balance. Each class should have predefined roles. Right now the role lines are so fuzzy and matchmaking doesn't even compensate even for the basic B-C-D classes.
  10. dejiko_nyo

    not playing again till aircraft fixed

    Previously, CV were a effective BB counter. You could not escape a good CV. Then again, they were go against anything that float, with the proviso of managing your planes. Now, CV are a feeble counter against big ships, with all the flooding mechanics redone making it worse. You have to work even harder just to do some decent damage. So naturally, they would pick on the smaller and easier to target ships. Previously, the CV counter was another CV. You deplaned your opponent into submission and neutralised him. Now, there is no natural counter. For me, CV damage now should get bonuses against BBs and penalties against DD.
  11. dejiko_nyo

    iChase CV refinement suggestion

    They want to pigeonhole ships into "roles" but do not reward the support roles as well as they should. Right now they should go back to basics and fix the core things rather than half-assed fixes. Patching now is just putting a bandaid over a large hole in the hull.
  12. dejiko_nyo

    Is there a way to choose a battle without CVs?

    "Would be wonderful if we could filter Battleships" See where people's logic of filtering one class is going to lead.
  13. dejiko_nyo

    The most simple way to fix CV problem

    Will not work for the same reason as the GK. People sit back in their bbs firing at max range instead of closing the gap to the CV.
  14. dejiko_nyo

    Is there a way to choose a battle without CVs?

    I have always wondered this about the destroyers: where do they keep all those infinite torpedoes for reloads. I doubt the shima has enough space to keep more than 1 extra set of reloads for all her torpedo launchers in addition to all the shells necessary. If it were realistic, dds would be out of torpedoes by 5 minutes.
  15. You get the point I'm making though. And duly noted. (but I doubt it is going to stay that way for long)