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  1. dejiko_nyo

    So.. uhm.. I datamined the forums.

    mmm delicious pekora.
  2. dejiko_nyo

    Something is spicy happening in the other forums

    Some people are trying to justify that one class needs 'nerfing' and ignoring issues that other classes have. I believe the word that applies is called double atandards. Also, islands did not protect potato ships on 9-12-1941
  3. dejiko_nyo

    Deadeye is dead?

    Correct. Exactly what I have been saying for ages when it comes to what wg does. Reads the spreadshits without going into in depth analysis of WHY they are getting that data.
  4. dejiko_nyo

    Detonation Compensation in Rank Battle

    He hasn't seen a real wg shill yet. >_> <_<
  5. PS. Any CC or person that uses the word "infinte" to describe the number of planes, will be automatically considered INFINITELY STUPID. Because the total number of planes on a CV can generate is essential the same as the number on RTS CV, with the exception that RTS CV can throw out half their flight and that can be wasted in 1 minutes.
  6. infinite adjective without limits; extremely large or great: Are planes without limits? No. Are they in extremely large numbers? No. Are planes annonying? Yes. Are citadels annoying? Yes. Are dispersions annoying especially the Legendary German Dispersion ones? Yes. Are torpedoes annoying? Yes. Are bowtankers annoying? Yes. SO. If planes are annoying, then please remove all other other annoyances as well to be fair.
  7. dejiko_nyo

    Detonation Compensation in Rank Battle

    Use deto flags
  8. dejiko_nyo

    Noob needs an answer..

    Because I don't play like my rating. it's the "why is this n00b not showing his broadside?!" effect.
  9. One radar ship already makes things broken. Having a chain of radar ships? Please no. Yes, you can literally play around the radar but if you play shima, that kinda blunts your role. Trust me. That's why they changed the radar effect to delay it to your team.
  10. dejiko_nyo

    Noob needs an answer..

    That is the WR and PR. You have the "id target player mod". Why? Because I use it to annoy the shit out of purple players.
  11. The anti-capship bias needs to be kept for "balancing". There is nothing wrong in CVs unable being to handle hunting DDs. RTS CV suffered from that. It means that you need to seek the protection of your fleet as per what happened in reality. And your team needs to protect their most valuable asset. The changes basically stem from people wanting to play as a lone wolf. Subs are now suffering the same issue. Initially they had anticapship bias because capships couldn't effectively hunt them. Now capships have ASW. Classes have roles to play but the way wg is handling it is every class must be "all rounded".
  12. It's called selective presentation to "strengthen" their PoV. Banned for being toxic is perfectly fine.
  13. And how can that be considered griefing if the cv player and team is competent such that the cv stays with its escort and don't go hunting these AA heavy dd?
  14. dejiko_nyo

    Something is spicy happening in the other forums

    They aren't because they've been removed from the "historical" role. Remind me what naval battle game loved to tout "historical accuracy" all over the place again? basically a tit for tat war going to happen. It is as if he thinks he owns and runs wg.