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  1. dejiko_nyo

    New CV mechanics

    Giving up on CVs. Whatever CV I was going up against in grand turkeyshoot, I was mocking. It is that sad.
  2. dejiko_nyo

    New CV mechanics

    Democracy is Heresy! The Inquisition will EXTERMINATUS your location. Have a nice day! -signed Inquisitor DiGi.
  3. "no time to work on scenarios. Paper fantasy cvs moar important" - quote weegee
  4. we knew wegee thought the player base was stupid when they removed RTS CV. RTS CV requires starcraft level (aka Korean level) handling. Examples today of no situational awareness: my team's kita suicidally challenging an enemy dd instead of waiting for me to back him up in my gearing. Read the minimap and see help is on the way!
  5. dejiko_nyo

    Should I...

    Must be the lack of sales after people saw it was terrible unless you triple div. From the commentary, using Mogami-CV that way will deplete your ca force in an already difficult environment.
  6. dejiko_nyo

    New CV mechanics

    We have crocodile infested rivers here that occasionally love a hoonam snacke.
  7. dejiko_nyo

    New CV mechanics

    How come we do better analyses than the dev team? They are paid, we are not.
  8. dejiko_nyo


  9. dejiko_nyo

    New CV mechanics

    pew pew is a useless, repeat, useless part of an annoying unneeded change.
  10. dejiko_nyo


    He'd be crying even more if it was my RTS Haku dumping torpedos on him. How many torpedoes was it with a complete dump? 4? 8? 12?
  11. dejiko_nyo

    New CV mechanics

    MAX DIGI were showing middle fingers to CVs earlier today.
  12. dejiko_nyo

    New CV mechanics

    The answer is very obvious for years. No. Otherwise we wouldn't have such crappy balancing issues.
  13. dejiko_nyo

    A DDs worst nightmare

    That is how not to play a DM. That is how minos riddle DMs with holes. Obviously people don't read the product information guide for their ships.
  14. dejiko_nyo

    New CV mechanics

    My suggestion was, is and will always be to turn CVs into anti-BB elements. No need to have anti-dd weaponry apart from secs. Back in RTS days, to hit a dd, you had to cross drop OR hope the dd player was a potato run into one of your attack runs. The bigger the ship, the fairer the game. As CV, you go hit that lone annoying target that your team cannot reach. Right now, CVs are getting anti-dd nerfs on top of the blanket nerfs in the past, which is completely HOW NOT TO DO. It should have been specific anti-dd nerfs first, like giving bonus damage to bbs or damage protection for dds; ie. make cvs go for targets other than dds. Right now, the whole thing is in so much of a mess I cannot think how to extricate it out apart from just rebooting it like the MCU/DCU.... Do I want to play CV? Certainly. It diversifies my repertoire. Do I want to play CV like the eunuch it is now? Hell no. The mid-range cv potatos like me are just abandoning it. It will just leave either ends of the spectrum left in the game (the ones that can easily blap you and the ones that can't hit you).
  15. dejiko_nyo

    Whale done!

    Mogami doesn't need planes to make it better; it needs gun range and/or RoF.