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  1. dejiko_nyo

    Has ANYTHING changed in the last 4 years?

    Nothing has changed for the better. The unicum remain unicum, the unthinking remain unthinking. The ones that think their aim is so accurate from max range still remain idiots as usual.
  2. dejiko_nyo

    Happy Shark Day !!!

    Shark fin soup Day.
  3. dejiko_nyo

    World of Warships will never have...

    Give us back our Bastion!
  4. dejiko_nyo

    World of Warships will never have...

    Ouch. Touche. Let me twist that knife in their heart a little.
  5. dejiko_nyo

    Does this annoy anyone else?

    Heh... hehehehe.. Hahahahahaa... Crossplay. hahahaaha.
  6. dejiko_nyo

    Does this annoy anyone else?

    ^ This is actually more realistic. Island in the middle of nowhere where you get your cute lolis in skimpy bikinis. ^ This is not even in the middle of the North Pacific or Bering Straits with the grays... Actually, it looks like the beach with a storm about to hit. You know what? The guys who make Yokosuka with Day/Night cycles actually do a better job BECAUSE THEY CAN EVEN IMPLEMENT CHANGING ENVIRONMENT.
  7. dejiko_nyo

    Zao (mid 2020)

    This is the buff she definately needs. Hinden did benefit from the improved RoF from my experience in the last few months. And ruddershift. ESPECIALLY IS UU IS SUPPOSED TO BE A "SIDEGRADE".
  8. dejiko_nyo

    XP in Aegis screwed up.

    Yes. Reward underperforming players. See the performing players Alt+F4 and /uninstall wows.
  9. dejiko_nyo

    Does this annoy anyone else?

    Then what is the point of "upgrading all the port visuals in past patches" when you dump the visuals for something bland? Makes such beautiful ports like every other patch. FYI, the only port I am using now is AL room because the my preferred Yokosuka mod is buggy and I couldn't be bother to keep on correcting it. This is one of the issues I have with wg; make something nice only to abandon it later. It is like working without a long term plan. Oh wait, everything they do is without thinking long term. /looks at the sad state of balance and matchmaking.
  10. dejiko_nyo

    World of Warships will never have...

    Countered by chronosphering them into the water.
  11. dejiko_nyo

    I can't see the logic here...

    Reads too much spreadshit. Does not use his brain to dissect out why things are like that. Are inept players affecting the numbers? Are good players taking advantage of the situation? How are the ships played? When you read numbers in a spreadsheet, you need to analyse WHY are you getting such numbers.
  12. dejiko_nyo

    Zao (mid 2020)

    Do not nerf. Nerfing is actually the stupidest thing to do in a game. If something needs a buff, buff it.
  13. Come. Let us x3 Thunderer Div. I haven't fitted her out but that can be arranged.
  14. dejiko_nyo

    World of Warships will never have...

    Chronosphere the dolphins onto the gap generator.
  15. Now it arms properly because it doesn't overpen anymore. Touche. Stalingrad meta in CW = fine. Kremlin meta in CW = fine. Soviet firestarter in CW = fine. But not CV. That honestly stinks of biaz.