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  1. mr_glitchy_R

    I have a question ...

    Why haven't I think about this ?????
  2. But WG is asking for blueprints. But even if they've had all of them, they still need hell a lot of times to rebuild it in the game. Maybe, just maybe, I think this is why the release time difference between RU cruiser and BB is very long considering that many of these BBs came out from projects. And so as the H class German BBs or other late WW2 German warships.
  3. They may release such ships in the future. They may have enough blueprints, historical data, etc. But even so, it will be an underrated ship. It may be even underrated than Khronstadt. Why don't they just release mid tier premiums?
  4. WG do raise the citadel as the sign of nerf. But they made a compensation for that nerf. Such as the heal buff and accuracy buff. AFAIK this is the only ship that receive a compensation for being nerfed.
  5. Conqueror is one reason why I always stays back even with German BB. And now WG is trying to buff that abomination
  6. Bruh the 4 pt captain is too expensive. Why not investing in FP instead?
  7. If all BBs in the game (primarily the Germans) adopt the RU BB dispersion mechanic, Would you think that it can change the current meta?
  8. And then we came to the economy game. Which in tier 10 is very expensive. Sometimes I do 100+ damage games but my credits always deducted. Is this means that it is a must to equip some economy signals and camos in T10? I also heard that absorbing damages can also reduces the amount of post battle service quite a bit. But died in the battle will reset the amount of it.
  9. Well ya. But my problem when brawling with German BB is that, I can't consistently do damage to enemies whilst also keeping myself alive. When I get detected, I will be detected for long and I can't spot that goddamn DD or cruisers who hide behind islands. Hydro may help. But what use? It only detect torps anyway. Cruisers with radar may be a good friend. But how if I have none in my team? Also not to mention the ridiculous amount of cruelty in high tier match.
  10. @Paladinum So the whole point of playing German BB is to farm as mush damage as possible and sacrificing a lot of HP?
  11. You said you hate BBs. Also, do you enjoy FDG? I'm stuck with Bismarck and thinking "Should I skip her? or just continue the grind with FDG?" Since she's being recently buffed.
  12. mr_glitchy_R

    My first Yamato games

    I just started playing her in randoms. Ony 3 battles. But I hope someone can give me some advice to me and how I should've played her properly. Here's the replay files: 20190413_195811_PJSB018-Yamato-1944_38_Canada.wowsreplay 20190413_201832_PJSB018-Yamato-1944_44_Path_warrior.wowsreplay 20190413_203716_PJSB018-Yamato-1944_44_Path_warrior.wowsreplay
  13. mr_glitchy_R

    Tier 6 population increases?

    Also, CVs sucks in OPs. They alters the bots algorithm.
  14. mr_glitchy_R CV soft limit and Dive bomber fix

    Your GK has 60 MM bow armor.
  15. mr_glitchy_R

    Tier 6 population increases?

    But it would be wiser to learn the game from scratch. I've seen so many players do that these days. Just skip tier 2 to tier 6-10 with their money expecting some good games comes out from it.