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  1. How to get better in randoms

    @icy_phoenix I have improved my aiming a little bit and my positioning. But i still has some problems. I couldn't handle the situations where there are so many underrated players. I was in a battle and realize that I am on the top in terms of xp earnings which is ridiculous considering that I was only did like 40k damage. Another problem is knowing which flank do I encounter. Sometimes I join a a division that consisted of six allies and facing against like half of mine. But then one division was destroyed by a destroyer. And then I retreat and some of my allies are stupid enough to deal with enemies that slowly increasing (switching flanks). Some of them even reported me, thinking that I am a unicum. And then I realize that all ships are developed equally. It's just the players that needs buff. And they didn't know how.
  2. Balance Wg. Balance....

    Apologies for that. And yes he didn't said anything like that either. I think I should use my head before doing something.
  3. Balance Wg. Balance....

    Said Notser.
  4. Balance Wg. Balance....

    But that Stalingrad's stats are final. Meaning that researching some ships with all of those hard works can sometimes disappointing?
  5. Balance Wg. Balance....

    yes they are. But how about new players that decided to play older ships that has been powercrept?
  6. How to get better in randoms

    @icy_phoenix well I thought that carrying is like doing everything to the team as much as possible without even care if win or loss. Which means that your conclusion is that carrying is doing everything you can to the team that is about to lose and bring back the victory from the enemy team.
  7. How to get better in randoms

    Speaking of those things. Why ships that has been destroyed cannot be sent to the port directly instead of waiting the battle ends? It's boring.
  8. Balance Wg. Balance....

    wg just dont know how to balance ship... and thats also reason why not to buy any old premiums, because they are powercrept by "new ships" same with old lines. And this is why they put Russian bias BBs on the very last line. Seriously though. If Stalingrad already OP then just imagine how ludicrous Russian BBs will be. In this development stage, WG will never care about even the word 'balance'.
  9. Bismarck in Tier 6?

    Oh man.. You should've publish it :(
  10. Bismarck in Tier 6?

    Where did you get it?
  11. How to get better in randoms

    Replays? how do i get it? can you show me the guide? and why is it really time consuming.
  12. How to get better in randoms

    Because I play randoms so rarely. And then i have a question. which one is worth it? Carrying the game for the team and lose or doing a little contribution and win?
  13. How to get better in randoms

    Somewhere in the Newcomers zone and you said. "Don't worry about W/R." or something like that. I could've misunderstood of what you mean.
  14. A more friendly mechanic to newcomers

    Wait. Bots exist in randoms? I never encounter them. But it was available once then got removed.
  15. How to get better in randoms

    What is unicum players really?