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  1. mr_glitchy_R

    Newport - why so many battles lost?

    There are more newbies playing operations lately. IMO that's the main problem. Another problem is the positioning. people just need sometimes to adapt and make some new tactics on how to effectively farm approaching ships.
  2. mr_glitchy_R

    WG let us kill all the bots please

    Only from the RU forum that is.
  3. mr_glitchy_R

    The Yamato Family

    Yamato: Let's take a a selfie! Shinano: Hey! you forgot me!
  4. mr_glitchy_R

    Armoury cannot be open

    It's quite common actually. You just need to wait for a while or play some battles and then open the armoury again.
  5. mr_glitchy_R

    Nurnberg isn't as good as I thought?

    Are they good compared to other T7 cruisers?
  6. mr_glitchy_R

    Nurnberg isn't as good as I thought?

    But at least their BBs are quite decent now. I enjoy Bayern so much more than before the buff.
  7. mr_glitchy_R

    Nurnberg isn't as good as I thought?

    I don't mean to expect this thing to citadel a BB. DUH. But what's bother me is her inconsistencies of AP shells to citadel even a perfectly broadside cruiser. Yes, fighting closely can increase that consistency. But who want to fight closely with Nurnberg? Her armor feels like a freaking butterfly wing.
  8. mr_glitchy_R

    Nurnberg isn't as good as I thought?

    So the AP is useless then.
  9. I recently buy the tier 6 German cruiser Nurnberg. First impression wasn't quite good. I thought her guns are as good if not better than her predecessor. But no, I struggle citadelling cruisers at any range and angle. Everytime I use AP shells, it mostly pen, overpen, shatter, and bounce but no citadel. Rarely do I see her guns can penetrate the citadel of a cruiser. Her HE shells are also weird. It can citadel a Kuma. But of course the damage is low and rare. This doesn't feel like Karlsruhe and Konigsberg where I could citadel everything I faced. I wonder if Yorck and any German cruisers above tier 5 have the same problem.
  10. mr_glitchy_R

    PLZ. . . we need new game modes !!

    getting a victory in randoms is getting irrelevant for Co-op players like me. We used to fight closely. While in random battle especially in this server everyone is either sniping or hide behind a smoke and island to farm damage. They thought we are stupid enough to see the greedy monetization processes behind them. RB and dockyard are good concepts. But WG ruined it. And all of that, to get more money.
  11. mr_glitchy_R

    PLZ. . . we need new game modes !!

    Your words are true nowadays. But back then, random battles are pure randoms. I starts to leave random battles and starts playing Co-op simply because there are more enjoyment and I tend to fight and farm damage at the same time. Also can explain more about the underlined sentence?
  12. mr_glitchy_R

    PLZ. . . we need new game modes !!

    Well said. Another reason why I keep playing PvE until today.
  13. mr_glitchy_R

    PLZ. . . we need new game modes !!

    "BeCaUsE ThIs MoDe Is InTeReStInG." They say. Well f@#k that. This mode is no longer interesting as time goes on. The word Importance they're talking about mostly implies to new ships, new mechanics, new blablabla. What we need is fixes, sniping problems, selfish play problems, language barrier, bots, etc.
  14. mr_glitchy_R


    Because some modders have the right to keep their mods as a external modification.
  15. mr_glitchy_R

    TBH, I'm kind of excited for Update 0.9.0.

    Yeah. It lacks the variety now.