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  1. mr_glitchy_R

    Is this the correct build for Bismarck?

    Idk. I'm just following people that has more experience.
  2. I will plan to purchase her again. I have 14 points commander And this is the build that I take: priority target, expert marksman, basics of survivability, fire prevention, and concealment expert. And then I will extend it with these upgrades: main armaments mod.1, damage control system mod.1, aiming system mod.1, damage control system mod.2, and concealment system mod.1. This build are my response to my phobia of HE spammers. Although she is a secondary beast, I think that endurance build is the most mandatory for every BB. You can correct me if I take the incorrect build or perks. I also need some tips on how to play her correctly.
  3. mr_glitchy_R

    INB4 removal!

    what or who is INB4 anyway?
  4. mr_glitchy_R

    That sense of pride and accomplishment you get when...

    And it only took six years.... That's long ya know.
  5. mr_glitchy_R

    PS4/XBOX World Of Warships Close Beta Soon!

    Oh yes it is. Sometimes it's just as buggy as it is. But I rarely got a crash.
  6. mr_glitchy_R

    PS4/XBOX World Of Warships Close Beta Soon!

    I wonder if the windows 10 users have the opportunity to try this because AFAIK windows 10 has xbox in it.
  7. mr_glitchy_R

    New premium ship spotted?

    Oh look, yet another gimmicky ship.
  8. mr_glitchy_R

    I thought the weekend was over...

    Bruh. It's called SUICIDAL okay?
  9. mr_glitchy_R

    Permanent discount?

    So, every players that joined a clan will receive this bonuses? Or is this can only happens in a specific clan?
  10. mr_glitchy_R

    Permanent discount?

    I've seen a discount in the game that last forever (Or maybe not?). Because in this screenshot: It says that the discount is permanent (apologize for the image quality) If the image is not clear, you can see it for yourself in the game. So, why is it permanent? Is this discount will truly last forever? Or maybe, there are some limitation that I was yet missed to see?
  11. mr_glitchy_R

    Newport Op - I give up.

    The most fatal way to be defeated in this OP is to let the enemy breach the perimeter. Even one bloody DD with one bloody hp should not be ignored. Now, AFAIK there are two things that led to this situation: 1. Your friendly cruisers are full of ignorants. Cruisers are the most influential class in this OP. they can destroy up to the 3rd wave faster than BBs. Unless your friendly BB knows how to aim well. If they can't, well as a Cruiser player (if you do) you should be responsible to protect them until the principle wave. 2. Team match up failure. Another thing that causes this is the team match up failure. I will consider this if there are 1 CV, 3 BBs, 1 CA or CL, and 2 DD. If you have 1 cruiser in your team, You are basically hopeless. Because again cruisers are very versatile. They can kill virtually every type of ships in the game. Moreover, they can kill enemy cruisers in the first wave faster than BB.
  12. mr_glitchy_R

    Newport Op - I give up.

    Why do I felt the same? Hmm. Maybe, there are too many ignorant in it? Because I've seen a lot of them. I remember a W.Virginia player just charged forward in the 3rd attack without any clues of what was happening. I'm tired of players like this. Yamato? I didn't saw her
  13. mr_glitchy_R

    i will regret this

    Welcome to World of - warships = nope - RNG = nope - Disappointment = exactly
  14. mr_glitchy_R

    Some advice for new players

    Let's be positive here. Maybe they were forgot that they weren't using British BB.
  15. mr_glitchy_R

    Please explain

    Well then. Why wouldn't you play Daring?