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  1. mr_glitchy_R

    [Random Rant] Gun range

    Huh? But you said "For me, I would change Spotter to a more reliable source of vision - spot torpedoes and ships as good as ships, not aircrafts, for example." If you didn't meant to say what you thought before, then pardon me. and I thought that you meant to change spotter plane into something else more useable like hydro.
  2. mr_glitchy_R

    Bots Scam EXPOSED

    And don't forget premium ships.
  3. mr_glitchy_R

    [Random Rant] Gun range

    I think that's because so many players mindlessly mounting it while barely have any aiming skills. So WG doesn't give a sh1t about it. It should be replaced. Giving it another drawback will makes it hardly useful. Hydro for every BBs? Your German BBs already have those but not other lines.
  4. mr_glitchy_R

    [Random Rant] Gun range

    But not all cruisers have a long range guns. A penalty will be given to a ship that firing their guns that exceeds 20km regardless of class. A cruiser dealing with a bad accuracy shouldn't be a big problem because they can still spamming HE at BBs while wiggling until it dies.Just look at Atlanta tho. But yes BBs that has a bad dispersion shouldn't receive too much penalty. I think that removing spotter planes or GFCS mod 2 from every BBs is a bad idea. If you really insisted to do that, at least don't remove it. But limit its use. For spotter plane, limit its ability to only detect ships from behind an island or predict a ship that hides inside a smoke screen. Because that's the primary function of this consumable. Hence the name 'spotter'. For GFCS mod 2, limit its ability depends on the ships main advantages. For example Conqueror will receive a fire chance nerf when mounting this upgrade. Or accuracy nerf for Yamato. Also, who TF would mount a range mod in the first place? Even if so they do, shells won't hit the target accurately.
  5. mr_glitchy_R

    [Random Rant] Gun range

    Why so?
  6. mr_glitchy_R

    [Random Rant] Gun range

    Yes that's how dispersion should be. I remembered the last time Paladinum wrote the exact same suggestion as yours. But then, he over complicating it by removing this and that.
  7. mr_glitchy_R

    Playing Izmail in Aegis is a lot of fun! Wait.......

    Well yes but Izumo is meant to be there and a lot of players finds some good tactics to destroy her. But having to face an Amagi in Aegis doesn't happens often. So a lot of players are struggling to fight against her.
  8. mr_glitchy_R

    Playing Izmail in Aegis is a lot of fun! Wait.......

    But they don't have to send Amagi just to overmatch every T6 BBs. I mean Kongo and Fuso themselves are already overwhelming. Also why all of the transport ships in @ArmoredFrost are heading too far to the J row?
  9. mr_glitchy_R

    Playing Izmail in Aegis is a lot of fun! Wait.......

    I just had a game in Fuso and the same thing happened. But this time, the time shows 15 minutes. I mean 5 minutes in to destroy the first two reinforcements? Isn't it too fast? Also, if you look closely in my screenshots, my teams had destroyed the first two and even three including the convoy. So, I don't have any idea how this happens. Someone must really assure to explain behind all of these strange occasions in OPs.
  10. mr_glitchy_R

    WG Buff CV plz

    Why is this thread still sitting in here?
  11. mr_glitchy_R

    I never thought it would happen to me but...

    I got her too! Although it's just an improved La Galissoniere, I'm glad to have one.
  12. mr_glitchy_R

    Playing Izmail in Aegis is a lot of fun! Wait.......

    Is that true? I didn't know that.
  13. When Ishizuchi says enough is enough. Yep she literally send an additional reinforcements. Those were Amagi, Kongo and fuso. So i had to deal with 6 BBs at once. And yes I was ended up killed. Luckily though, my team wins. FYI, this happened last year. It was such a strange anomaly in OP.
  14. IMO it doesn't matter. If you know how to use your ship and pay attention to your surroundings, It'll be fine.
  15. Precisely. Those players who launches TB in the first place only really cares about farming damage. They don't care about the tasks and their teammates. What makes so many players farming damage is the rewarding system. The most amount of income per battle are given to those who contribute so much or those who farms a lot of damage. WG should've reworked the playerbase instead of CVs. playerbase will still be bad or getting worse regardless of how many contents WG keeps lobbing into the game. It was such a waste of resources and times.