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  1. mr_glitchy_R

    I just can't with this Operation :"D

    Sure man, whatever. 🙄
  2. mr_glitchy_R

    I just can't with this Operation :"D

    Pretty sure they're not gonna last so long considering the amount of shells going on your way. Sure man, whatever.
  3. mr_glitchy_R

    I just can't with this Operation :"D

    It doesn't, and it's freaking sad that the dev team doesn't seem to address this issue.
  4. mr_glitchy_R

    I just can't with this Operation :"D

    Well that's unacceptable. I've been a BB main for so long and they should get rewarded for their roles. And besides this, who would be the bait or tanker of enemies when everything in a team is just cruisers? Seriously, I'm not sure how does secondary focused BBs can thrive in Aegis. I mean considering how fast the second fleet can kill BBs, I don't have any confidence that secondary armaments can do the job well.
  5. mr_glitchy_R

    I just can't with this Operation :"D

    I mean staying silent behind the smoke screen doesn't do the job since I won't contribute to damage dealing until like the second fleet is destroyed. I think I have to stick to sniping mentality for the first half in Aegis. That should be a good idea. And considering that many T8 ships has hydro I think this is a fair suggestion to change.
  6. Alright look, I can agree to a lot of extent that Ops has been teaching us some lessons now but Aegis especially is just too outrageous beyond words. There's nothing that a BB can do except for kiting away when they are focused down by an entire fleet composing of IJN cruisers. Wargaming really should consider lowering the amount of ships for the second fleet by about 1-3 ships. It's truly a shame that BBs don't get rewarded reasonably for contributing the longevity of allied cruisers in this particular part of Aegis. Also, does anyone know what is this weird but very brief lag that I have in the video? It's occurring quite frequently recently.
  7. mr_glitchy_R

    Increasing Amount Of Noobs In Ops Lately?

    I collect T10 for the SCs in special events like anniv and christmas. I currently have 3 ATM.
  8. mr_glitchy_R

    Increasing Amount Of Noobs In Ops Lately?

    It's quite bad for F2Ps like me personally because now I can't grind T8-10 as fast. Also how are you supposed to choose a team game and do teamwork anyway? I wish I could but some people are just incompetent ignorant cowards or tryhards. Yeah sure mate, they will learn pretty darn soon.
  9. mr_glitchy_R

    Increasing Amount Of Noobs In Ops Lately?

    Operations are not anymore this battleground where we can farm a lot of credits and EXPs for granted anymore. I as a F2P used to thrive in Ops and starting to actively buying high tier ships. But now we actually have to play as team for real and sacrifice short term profits. It's a big slap in the face for braindead damage farmers too.
  10. mr_glitchy_R

    Operations Return

    This is just me but I'd rather have survivability build over secondaries. I consider my BBs longevity more important. I f it were secondary build, my ship would be long dead before enemies reach it range. Or even if it does, it would take a stupid kind of luck for enemies to get killed by it. To add to this, secondary build are extremely expensive to even be ideal, not friendly for my F2P playstyle. I especially despise Aegis in this. BBs would usually the one who gets to be the punching bags, and they are not rewarded reasonably, eventhough they make attempts to kite away or dodging shells. Other players not involved in the baiting (be it cruisers, DDs, or other BBs) should be killing those enemies fast while we're at it. Some ships are too good that it can even fix bad play lol. (jk) Anyways, yes I can somewhat agree with this one although the questionable behaviors of bots makes it more difficult to learn. This game really values those who can farm the most damage and people who mostly does the dirty jobs like spotting and tanking in the name of victory would usually earn less. And Operation used to have this value in a morbidly extreme way (looking at your old Narai). So changing such mindset is going to take a long while. Also the aiming bug really adds up to the frustration lmao.
  11. mr_glitchy_R

    25% debuff for selected Ops thoughts

    Blimey what the devil is going on here???
  12. mr_glitchy_R

    Operations Return

    Yes that too. Actions such as damage tanking, baiting enemies, spotting, needs to be rewarded more in hoping so that it can incentivize people to do a more proper team play.
  13. mr_glitchy_R

    Operations Return

    Existence of BBs might still be relevant to bait enemies so that they don't target the friendly cruisers which in the mean time should be responsible for killing enemies as fast as they can through exploiting positioning and correct shell type. Sad thing is BBs that are working to bait enemies don't get as much rewards as the damage dealers, and would usually end up at the bottom of the leaderboard. Which I believe is also the reason why we have this sniping mentalities in randumbs, to put it simply the risks and efforts of doing so (damage tanking) far outweigh the rewards.
  14. mr_glitchy_R

    Operations Return

    After some games in Ops, I have some critics to this new iteration of Scenario battles. Operation Aegis are such Ops where you really question whether you can invest in literally any ships. I for example, prepared to purchase the Richelieu after weeks of grinding in Lyon. But now that Aegis has soo many high tier IJN cruisers that has high penetrative power, I really stopped considering purchasing her or even plays French battleships because of how squishy French battleships really are. And I also see that not many people uses French battleships anymore may be because of this very reason. Also Italian BBs, German BCs, British BCs, Russian BBs, and British BBs to name a few eventhough they can still withstand some more hits. Once you're targeted by the entire second fleet, there's just nothing you can do about it but to kite away while wishing to RNG for your ship's longevity.The same thing happened in Hermes. Now I can't really trust my Amagi due to fear of entering that god forsaken Operation and her abysmal AA. Perhaps, this is the reason why nation restriction was a thing. So that we could shot down planes easier. But now even nation restriction is still a thing (or should I say ship type restriction? cuz I mentioned BBs and BCs a lot lol), it's just added in an indirect way. Operation Hermes and Aegis makes people want to buy ships that are good in all operations, and avoid those ships that will die easily in 1 or 2 particular operations. Generally, people choose allied over axis ships and primarily cruisers due to how versatile they are. Unrecommended ships for operations are for those tryhards, or for those who really dares to do it.
  15. mr_glitchy_R

    These 2 operations are too difficult!

    That's the worst thing about Hermes so far. I've been in Amagi once and was targeted by enemies in the entire match, even the AP bombers. And then there's my friendly Brandenburg farming damage alone while being unharmed most of the time despite of them being really close to enemies. I'm really not sure how AI in this particular Operation even work to begin with. Once I'm considered as a bait since start, I will be seen as such by the rest of the enemy until the end of the battle. Gotta hate it when this happens.