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  1. flagstar


    It's very frustruating when this kind of players that would just botting all the way, not caring for teammates that actually want to win the game. As much as you guys aware, not many players even know this CN 70 clan and would follow these players to cap and ultimately sunk with it. If you were in the same team as them, I would say you only had 20% chance to win the game exclude weekender players
  2. flagstar

    Update 0.8.6 Bug Report Thread

    In some bad games I had last weekend, I've noticed few shots behind the mountain/island actually able to pass through it visually but no impact or damage on the receiving ships I'm shooting at. I was using Mogami at that time using HE rounds but didn't remember which maps. I'll provide some videos about it later on how it 'pierced' the islands.
  3. flagstar

    Unstable connection makes game unplayable

    I'm also having this issue recently and got penalized for it (game denied me from logging back in), quit the game, relaunch the launcher only to be greeted with blank UI and update failed message (I'm using standard WOWs client, not WGC) Several times after I managed to log in but after minutes in the port or game, it constantly lag before it kicked me to the login screen and the cycle repeats. The firewall solution didn't work for me, I already had the firewall to whitelist the game and double check it just to be sure. Lag still happen.
  4. flagstar

    Is winrate very impactful?

    Try not to rely on win rate too much or you'll end up paranoid about it when your wr drop too low and will negatively impacts your performance in game. I know because I'm also became paranoid when I earned my 51% win rate after so long and it's dropping back to below 50% soon In game experience is much more important and try as much ships you can to learn their advantages and weakness.
  5. flagstar

    noob friendly Destroyer line ?

    IMO, KM (German) DD's are not newbie friendly because of their bad concealment over IJN and USN DD's. Beginner should stick with the common IJN or USN line up first before considering to grind other nations. Being detected is DD's bad news all the time