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  1. Err0r404DignityNotFound

    Mighty Banhammer REBORN

    Yep,i finally gave in and did it As some of you might know,the previous "Mighty Banhammer" was going pretty well until someone apparently impersonated a moderator and well...the thread was sent to rot in the eternal abyss known as the locked threads session. I resisted the urge for a while but ugh....i just have to give it one more shot. If your new to this game,here is how to play: Basically,you have to find a reason to "ban" the played aboved you. The reason must have something to do with THE PLAYER'S NAME,PROFILE PIC OR HIS/HER MESSAGE ITSELF. Oh, and however tempting it may be,dont try and pretend to be a moderator.Thats what shut down this thread's parent Anyway,with all that out of the way,lets try to give this thread a better fate. P.S- If doing this violates any forum rules that i am not aware of,pls inform me,i will try and close this if so.
  2. Err0r404DignityNotFound

    How to cruiser?

    Long story short: Im not doing very good in my brand new furutaka. At first i thought that there might be something wrong with the ship but after seeing some stats and replays i am pretty sure there is something very wrong with my cruiser playstyle. I probably got away with it with the Kuma and Tenryu seeing that they were low tier and would not go up against very competent players but tier 5 does have a pretty steep learning curve....that i still cant get over. I believe that the furutaka or should i say all cruisers do quite well when in the right hands. I feel that i might be playing cruisers too much like BBs right now since i do play a lot of BBs...
  3. Err0r404DignityNotFound

    Is it possible to overpen a citadel?

    Thx for letting me know.....pretty sad thou, oh well
  4. Err0r404DignityNotFound

    Is it possible to overpen a citadel?

    The title addresses most of what I want to say. So imagine you are in some tier 5 bb and then suddenly u see a tenryu just appear in point blank range.While your big bb AP shells are guaranteed to overpen virtually all areas of the ship,if I shoot a salvo square into its citadel will they still do full damage or just overpen? If the answer is yes then I can finally spam AP without hesitation when driving bb's :b
  5. Err0r404DignityNotFound

    What are the basics of playing CV?

    So recently i got my first carrier (japanese tier 4 hosho) and i can definitely say that carrier gameplay is pretty different from normal ships. I have mastered the basic controls and have a rough idea how to use planes of different types however i have still yet to go to deep into carrier gameplay. I posted this thread to ask if anyone could give me a crash course on more advanced carrier gameplay & mechanics Oh and i also have a small question: Are American carriers superior to Japanese ones? The American carriers always seems to have more squadrons AND aircraft per squadron than Japanese ones :/
  6. Err0r404DignityNotFound

    this server is ruined

    You know ive always wondered what the EU and NA servers were like.First there was Jingles roasting the Asia server WoT and then tons of threads like this start appearing in both WoWs and WoT Asia forums......not to mention some people who say "How i cruelly trolled someone : I convinced them to join Asia server,end topic." <----trust meh this exists if u dun know already look up off topic
  7. Err0r404DignityNotFound

    Four-Word-Story Game Redux

    But then rngesus says
  8. Err0r404DignityNotFound

    [forum game]Mighty Banhammer

    Pretty simple and fun idea i friend of mine came up with.Basically you have to find a reason to ban the player that commented above you.The reason must have something to do with his/her USERNAME,PICTURE or HIS/HER MESSAGE ITSELF. Example: person1 : Banned because the player above me does not even exist.... person2 : Banned because your name is a rip-off of mine EDIT : I will provide some info just to get us going (and possibly explain why i have only 3 posts) This is my "accidental" alt account.I only found out that my wot account could also be used to log in to WoWs when it was far too late :b
  9. Err0r404DignityNotFound

    How should i play the myogi?

    Simply put....i have been doing really REALLY bad in that ship.I briefly looked up some guides but people were essentially telling us to take advantage of its range and snipe but with battleship dispersion like that? Nuh uh not happenin.Is there any other way to play this ship effectively other than to snipe or is my first tier 4 the amx 40 of WoWs.....
  10. Err0r404DignityNotFound

    When to fire AP and HE

    I am still really confused by the AP and HE shell mechanics.What i know is that he is for firing at weakly armoured targets and targets that your ap cant penetrate and ap for thps targeta that have just the right amount of armour.This still leaves many unanswered questions.How do you know an ap shells penetration?Does distance affect shells?Where should i fire at to do maximun damage with ap for example?At higher tiers ive seen battleships take out around 3/4 of a cruisers health with a single AP salvo.I tried this with my kawachi at tier three on a st louis if i remembered correctly.No luck,i think all the ap shells overpenned.I have a feeling there are still a ton of game mechanics i don't understand yet so if anyone could give me a basic rundown on some other important shell mechanics that would be greatly appreciated Btw this is the kind shells i usually fire when using certain ships battleships-AP at other battleships and he for everything else. For any other ship i just spam HE mainly because i have no idea what i should do and he will always do a good amount of damage and set things on fire.