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  1. Husher_71

    Clan Battle Start Time in Australia

    This why we've been playing King Of the Tasman, was 8pm AEST Daylight savings time.
  2. Howdy All. Just got the news as last week we lost 2 days of clan, wows are open for clan tonight WTF thanks for the short notice, and how about on a Friday night! Cheers.
  3. Husher_71

    WOWSHOW. No chance you'll repeat this!

    Get Jingles to do it....all he needs is youtube off his back for copywrite memes
  4. Husher_71

    How to cruiser?

    Hello Err404.... I also recently upgraded top the Furutaka and have similar issues. Gun range, and Hull B modules. Yes found myself in some tier7 matchups, so better opposition. I'm my own worst enemy, in going out early looking for trouble! As Jingles says "never under estimate the value of team work, it gives the opposition other people to shoot at" Don't side on, citadel easy, most of my deaths have been like devastating strikes. The hull turns much faster than the guns; have commanders skills rototation, so evade and fire can be tricky. Half rudder. I'm sticking with it, see how hull C goes.
  5. Husher_71

    any aussies playing?

    Hi All. Melbourne Victoria here. Just joined yesterday, been watching too many Jingles videos, so I thought I'd better get in on the act. Currently getting about in a Walkie Talkie....Wakatake.