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  1. Manchester_C15

    Server Broken - Compensation Please

    It most certainly isn't network or PC related. I've spent many hours trying to resolve it myself and even involved a very proficient and experienced network engineer from the States, who can't get anywhere with it. As long as people keep toeing the WG Party Line on this issue and try to suggest it's the paying customer's issue, the less paying customers there will be. I've run a Premium account on both clients for a couple of years now but no more. I'm on the point of uninstalling the game and going off to play games that actually work.
  2. Manchester_C15

    Winners — Victory at Sea Essay Contest

    Many thanks.
  3. Manchester_C15

    Winners — Victory at Sea Essay Contest

    Bit of a shame the APAC server players can't log into the competition then, isn't it?
  4. Manchester_C15

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.9.7

    Unable to complete this ad the stupid game takes ages to load and disconnects at the end of every battle. FIX THE GAME
  5. Manchester_C15

    0.9.7 Bug Report Thread

    I can't believe that nobody else who plays this game is not experiencing the same problems as I am. FIX THE GAME.
  6. Manchester_C15

    0.9.7 Bug Report Thread

    I can't send screenshots or even load replays, because the replays aren't loading. FIX THE GAME OR GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK
  7. Manchester_C15

    0.9.7 Bug Report Thread

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled via Steam - same problems occurring. FIX THE GAME!
  8. Manchester_C15

    0.9.7 Bug Report Thread

    OK, the game will not load me into battles like it was doing pre update. Usually I was loading in up to 20 seconds before the battle started. Now it is commonly not until the battle has been started, up to 55 seconds on one occasion. Now, once battles are finished the game client does not return me to port, but becomes unresponsive and I am forced to log out before I can continue, so I am not seeing my detailed scores. The ping time has become extremely unstable, varying between 107ms, which is usual, and playable, to over 200ms, which is NOT playable. As I have sunk many hundreds of dollars into a Premium account and spent out on doubloons regularly I consider this to be a breach of service on your part and I demand a refund of my Premium account remaining so that I can uninstall what used to be a very enjoyable game and consign it to the pit of idiotic fuckery that it has become.