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  1. Admiral_Krapalot

    Clan battle times SUCK

    OK, so this is something I've got to get off my chest. I'm in New Zealand, & ever since clan battles have started, they're ALWAYS 00:00-03:00. So those of use here have to stay up to some god-awful time in order to get goodies from the clan battles (it's Iron, right?) Wondering if WG is ever going to look at rotating the start times by 6 hours per season, sure, others might miss out, but hey, you've had a damn good run.
  2. Admiral_Krapalot

    Happy Borthday WOWS

    Oh cool, I didn't see those coz buried by chats...! This can be closed... Thank you very much for that :-)
  3. Admiral_Krapalot

    Happy Borthday WOWS

    OK, so this is a neat little challenge.. But how do you move from "Part 1" if completed to the other parts? I have duplicates to trade, but can't--I have New Orleans, & would love that camo.. Any tips, folks, coz I'm not getting the bits for those other camos grrrr
  4. Admiral_Krapalot

    Reporting bad players

    Can you give me a link for that please? Can't seem to find in Support :/
  5. Admiral_Krapalot

    Reporting bad players

    So, today, I had this guy on my team deliberately torpedo me, not once, but twice. Damage wasn't so bad, but it went really bad for himself. Reporting bad play via the game report/compliment mechanic does how much? Are there more official means to report players like this? & what kind of idiot does that? [content removed] Naming and shaming. Post edited. ~amade
  6. Admiral_Krapalot

    Can someone explain Jack Dunkirk?

    I have Seagal on my Benson, (yeah, I know, should probably be on CA or BB) & I can't complain Some on a FB group have said that they're saving Jack Dunkirk for the upcoming BB line, but no, put him on the CL line. The original CL captain that you have, retrain for the BB line when it comes out