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  1. Dean2

    Clan Brawl - Matchmaking

    Ded server
  2. I still play clan wars and ranked as I used to ! But I guess since the rework I played 80% less random battles then usual ! That comes mainly down to my regular div mates stopped playing all together or just returning to the game for competitive modes like cw,kots and ranked ! I feel like the player base sort of changed I would say in 90% of random games I recognised someone I knew before the rework, since then this % dropped significantly! Is it good or bad for the game that is for other people to work out ! for me the motivation to play is definitely not the same anymore I own stalin for more then 6 month and I don’t think I have more then 40 games , Bourgogne I don’t think I have even close to 20 ! In the old days where I played 100 random games a week I would have had more in 1 week playing ! so yeah it’s a business if it works for them nothing gonna change and each person has to make there own decision if it is worth there time playing
  3. Dean2

    CB and WG Asia's huge mistake

    looking forward to 3rd season
  4. Dean2

    How to be come a super tester

    I`m as well looking forward to the next round of ST intake as well last time i didnt feel like i understood the game well enough to apply ! But now with ~ 3500 battles + 2 seasons of ranked i feel confident to be able to provide quality work ! i hope there is a intake soon again
  5. Dean2

    Stein's Band of Casuls

    im in as well gmt +11 7pm til 10 pm mon to friday weekends random and anytime im free
  6. Dean2


    Yeah my overall stats are not that great but I only started 3-4 month ago Also my winrate damage and Xp is constantly improving for the last 30or 60 days it's like 53something % So slowy but surely I get there just got a kraken in the Edinburg again so defiantly on the way up Also got 68% Winrate in atago 50 odd games so after a rough start it seems to get better everyday
  7. Dean2


    What's a shima-tan hater ? Maybe someone what hates shimakaze dd ?
  8. Dean2


    If you start a clan you can let people in you want whatever they are so nothing wrong with that
  9. Dean2


    Thanks melo I look into it ! I played a fair bit in div with random people ( like you Thanks again)I just thought it might be even better to do it on a regular basis with the same people to get a better understanding of each other's play style ! If they increase the 30 people limit per clan after the beta you might even got a spot
  10. Dean2


    him just wondering where i can find information about clans ? I'm no unicum by any means at all but I love the game and would like to play in a team because random is fun ,but I think it would be even more fun in a team with people you play together on a regular basis ! If this is in the wrong Sub forum please move
  11. I jump on this arvo and see who's on I'm on Melbourne time and usally play 6pm till 10 pm + random times on weekends during day and till late night ! Looking forward for some more team play