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  1. StrawberryFlowers

    [RESULTS] Signal Flag Contest

    I appreciate contests like these. They provide an incentive to simply play the game regardless of skill level. And with fifty (!) very fun and enjoyable USS Massachusetts battleships in the draw, there are sure to be fifty very pleased players. And for the other 3,000 chosen recipients, ten decent and good-looking paints are sure to come in handy. Moreover, considering how easy it is to acquire signals through in-game missions, daily crates and achievements, this further incentivizes actually using the signals we have and perhaps do not always feel the need to.
  2. StrawberryFlowers

    Operations, Rewards and Future Incentive

    I'm exclusively a FtP player. Other than my Ognevoi, I don't have anything higher than tier six. Best ship is the Konig, averaging around 70K profit per game.
  3. StrawberryFlowers

    Operations, Rewards and Future Incentive

    Yeah, that feels about right. What is the credit/experience profit like in Operations for most players? I generally do very well in Operations and I never make a profit of more than 50,000 credits, nor do I seem to get much experience (averaging around 700 per Op)
  4. StrawberryFlowers

    Operations, Rewards and Future Incentive

    Perhaps then, instead of making ten-point commanders a recurring reward, it could just be a more efficient way of netting signals, consumables and camouflages than by gathering crates. But similar to crates, it could be restricted to a once-per-day reward. Thus there's a solid reason to participate in Operations after achieving the main reward (commanders) while still making Random battles a valuable mode. Operations should at least have some sort of resetting reward for good performance and it shouldn't be available solely as an alternative to Random battles. With the state of the game being so thoroughly anti-cruiser at the moment, it at least offers cruisers a way to be useful and makes destroyers/battleships significantly less potent. That alone is a good enough reason to play Operations after completing it with full marks.
  5. StrawberryFlowers

    Operations, Rewards and Future Incentive

    As I mentioned in the OP, my solution would be to reduce the number of commanders obtainable to one per month. This makes them no less valuable than they are as a once-only reward while also providing a reason for players to take on Operations again after completing them. Moreover, it requires players to perform well in four separate scenarios during four consecutive weeks. This prevents it from being extremely lucrative, yet maintains a more tangible incentive than just player satisfaction. Player satisfaction is important, but it is intangible. Think of it like a mini ranked season which rotates every month.
  6. StrawberryFlowers

    Operations, Rewards and Future Incentive

    Oh, don't get me wrong, I enjoy replaying Operations for the challenge it brings. (refer to OP and likening it to the challenges included with the Batllestations games). But there is little replay value. Other than the scenario about to be released, I've finished them all with five stars, and there is no credit or experience incentive to continue.
  7. StrawberryFlowers

    Operations, Rewards and Future Incentive

    The problem arises from the rewards being non-resetting. Once you obtain it, that's it. You'll never again obtain them, not even after rotation. Thus, once you've completed every Operation with a five-star rating, what's the point of playing again? Add to that the thirty-minute wait time and you can't even palm it off as being replayable for the sheer joy of good teamwork. You may as well jump in a cooperative queue for all the difference they have. This is why Wargaming would do well to change how their rotation works, so as to make the objectively best reward re-obtainable but without making it too easy to obtain.
  8. Preface: This general topic is for the discussion of the problems with Operations Mode reward distribution. As many of us are probably aware, Operations Mode has certain limitations. Chief among them is the lack of incentive to play a particular scenario after completing it with five stars and acquiring the full rewards possible. While Operations rotate weekly, one thing remains constant: the rewards do not reset. In practical terms, this means there is no incentive for a player to replay an Operation once it has been completed with a five-star rating. Wargaming has a marvelous thing going with Operations, as it adds some much-needed depth to otherwise monotonous random or cooperative gameplay. The fundamental design of Operations is excellent as it offers players a more fulfilling mode of play that is otherwise not present in regular game modes (Domination, Standard, Epicentre...). Even the somewhat despised Newport Defense scenario is entertaining and interesting because it challenges players and forces them to create solutions for problems that they are likely to never have come across in regular modes. In short, Operations is Wargaming's version of what made the Battlestations games the classics they have become. So how should Wargaming approach the obvious problem with Operations? How should Wargaming offer players an incentive to return to an Operations scenario once they've completed it with a full five-stars when it comes back up on rotation? First of all, we need to identify what makes Operations such a profitable way to play: For a relatively easy four-star rating, players receive a blank 10-point commander for ships of a particular nation. This is the reward that most players are shooting for, and so making this reward available every rotation will keep players coming back to Operations. If Waergaming wants players to replay Operations each rotation, they need to make this reward available every rotation. And here we run into a game balance issue: Being able to obtain a free ten-point commander as easily as Operations makes them is just asking for profiteering abuse. Commanders of this rank shouldn't be quite so easy to obtain. Wargaming's solution is to make them a once-only reward, but this may not be the best solution. The chief incentive to replay Operations for most players comes from the promise of a free ten-point commander. It may take them a dozen tries, but that is still quicker than grinding out a ten-point commander the long way. The way to "fix" Operations and give players the incentive to replay scenarios, as I see it, is to make ten-point commanders available on a monthly basis. Consider the following: 1) Every month, a player may complete a total of four Operations (one per week) from a selection chosen by Wargaming [at the rate new Operations are being released, it won't be long before Wargaming has seven or eight permanent scenarios available to them] 2) If a player completes these four Operations each with at least a four-star rating, then that player is rewarded with their choice of ten-point commander as dictated by the Operations that Wargaming has put on rotation for the month. 3) In practice, this means that players can only receive a single ten-point commander every month, but it alows them more freedom to decide which commander they wish to be rewarded with. 4) Every month, the rotation changes and so do the ten-point commanders available. This gives players the incentive to return to and replay Operations regularly for a useful reward in exchange for solid performance while also preventing the community from being saturated by mid- to high-level commanders without needing to actually put in some effort and manually grind those levels. Thoughts? Does anybody else find Operations in its current state to lack replay incentive, and if so, how would you go about giving Operations this incentive?