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  1. hi I received over 1500000 potential damage in my Missouri and survived but the task was not completed is this a bug or should I try harder ? thanks
  2. baby seals bite !! Club them all !!!!!
  3. I was in one of those games with you , remember ? You died in what, 2 minutes.... and in my Anthony I contributed till the end, and faired well WHY are you picking on the Anthony ? If its has done something to you tell us and we shall smack its bottom
  4. so are they to introduce mine sweepers as well ?
  5. he torped his own genis that would have hurt
  6. I have teamkiller status without killing a member of my team I hope that is clear enough ?
  7. Is this common ? does WG owe me one team kill? can I choose who?
  8. I don't think you are over penning The AP rounds are '"defective historically "" and shatter on everything I have NEVER fired AP from those guns She is a great ship (even before the range increase )
  9. I believe so, fist noticed it yesterday
  10. Hi For the last two days ,I have not been able access the 'trap'' map. The screen will freeze or more often it will disconnect the game repeatedly. So far it has happened every time on the trap map only. Thanks
  11. You owe me 7 minutes and 40 seconds you bastard!!
  12. Why did you do it ?