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  1. I accept replies , but I get some dumb answers [content removed] you would not have gotten involved Correct ????? Insults. Post edited, user already warned. ~amade
  2. trying to play cluedo with my daughter she is pissed off with me
  3. hi is that the answer to this question I asked earlier
  4. We don't need A proof ? Who exactly is we ? Did you as a super tester write the code or do you read code , snowflake ? Quote updated. ~amade
  5. Don't fall off your high horse 10 =pink would mean I just came off team killer status last game as implied by all your posts Is that what is being implied here . Has anyone had the decency to ASK the last time I was pink .
  6. tl;dr
  7. Did you say YOU DONT KNOW ?? If you don't know don't waste my time ! My facts are on my screenshot 10 =pink .doode
  8. is that proof or an OPINION bro
  9. Hi ralpa So you are saying that damage accumulates over many games ? Or is damage specific to the actual game played !
  10. SERIOUSLY !?!?! Do ANY of YOU have any evidence or proof to substantiate that I am a serial team killer ? quietly awaiting replies (so I can shit on them ) PROOF not opinions ! screenshots or we cant help you , kids
  11. Co-op game 2 ships touched And this !! Ipoopdmeself when I saw it !!!! Any thoughts out there ??
  12. (insert expletive here) yeah !!!