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  1. leops1984

    Where is the ASIA server located?

  2. leops1984

    Grand Battle is great with a few buts

    It's an excellent mode to play DDs in. For sure I'd rather play DDs in Grand Battle than randoms right now.
  3. leops1984

    Dutch airstrike in action

    The fact that the Dutch cruisers need to get in "close" is not going to decide the player reaction. The natural reaction of most players in the face of this kind of overwhelming firepower won't be "oh, i can dodge that, no sweat", it will be "I need to get as far away as possible." People will not want to get close or play dynamically anywhere near the things. We've seen how people react to anything with disproportionate amounts of firepower, they pull back and increase engagement distance. This will be no different.
  4. leops1984

    Dutch airstrike in action

    As opposed to the "sit at maximum range and snipe" playstyle this beloved mechanic of yours will promote? Please.
  5. leops1984

    Dutch airstrike in action

    You must be incredibly naïve or willfully ignorant if you think that the only people hating this are "island campers". Also, the "good AA" that you speak about is almost entirely irrelevant since the planes spawn in such a way that they essentially ignore all flak. Good job, if you wanted to design an "air" strike that was immune to AA you couldn't have done much better. I don't like the idea either since it fundamentally misdiagnoses the issue. The defenders of this mechanic claim that this is meant to promote dynamic play and discourage camping. You have too much island camping because the balance of offense versus defense in the game is completely skewed towards offense. Adding more offense to that side of the scale won't help one bit, it will just change camping to sitting at max range, plinking away at the enemy. Sure, the ship may be moving, but that's not "dynamic". It's a dull, boring, attritional fight. Could I go into detail about how to make the mechanic not broken? Sure, but I'm not going to pretend this is some decent idea that's "generally fine". It's not, it's a cure in search of a solution that will only make things worse.
  6. leops1984

    Dutch airstrike in action

    If this is the attitude of Weegee employees towards an idea generally reviled by a significant part of its playerbase - cackling in evil glee - then maybe this game does deserve to die.
  7. leops1984

    Dutch airstrike in action

    The Alaska starts taking damage from focus fire right about two minutes in, with the airstrike hitting right around the 2:30 mark. It probably couldn't do this to the cruiser, there's simply not enough time to do so.
  8. leops1984

    Dutch airstrike in action

    It's not exactly three waves. It's more of the airstrike can store up to three charges, and you can fire all three off in close succession (like single-launch torpedoes).
  9. leops1984

    Dutch airstrike in action

    The video speaks for itself.
  10. leops1984

    PC players, share your specs!

    Ryzen 7 3700X, 32GB of RAM, GTX1070, two different NVMe SSDs (1TB Western Digital SN750 and 2TB Samsung 970 Evo Plus).
  11. leops1984

    0.9.9 CV nerf

    feeds the souls of CV mains to the devil
  12. leops1984

    0.9.9 CV nerf

    In an ideal world? Sure, you'd be right. However, my experience in this game has been so degraded by CVs - and Wargaming's insistence on forcing it into game modes where they do not belong - that I do not really care what it takes to get CVs nerfed. Period. If Satan himself touched the Warships code to nerf CVs and get it out of CBs, I'd leave a kind word about him.
  13. leops1984

    0.9.9 CV nerf

    We just came off a patch where EM was broken for an entire patch cycle, rendering most of the balancing data from this patch useless. The concept of QA - or caring about your code - does not seem to be present in St. Petersburg nowadays.
  14. About #2, the concept of anyone leading a push is mostly absent playing on this server...
  15. leops1984

    0.9.4 Bug Report Thread

    Starting with this patch once I get into the port these buttons are in the top-left corner: They go away once you hit Escape to show the options then hit Escape again to go back. That screenshot was taken with the game client in safe mode. With mods in use (I have no idea which one, and I'm not installing/uninstalling all my mods one by one to find out) it turns into boxes.