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  1. leops1984


    AA in general is of questionable value.
  2. leops1984

    Watch Out for Clan---TESAF (Potential BOT Clan)

    Well I just saw a TESAF Texas on my team... that was running with no camo. Their bots need improvement.
  3. leops1984

    Account Stuck Synchronizing Patch 0.9.2

    I am also having this problem.
  4. The full 42 minute version from Drachinifel is something to behold.
  5. leops1984

    ENDOB everyday in World of Bots

    They don't really care, bots aren't bad for business.
  6. They already said on the NA forums that Narai is getting pulled with 9.1 to fix the issues. No ETA on when t'll return.
  7. As far as I can tell it's based on this statement:
  8. To get back on the topic of the Kremlin as opposed to DDs... can someone more familiar with the way the RU community thinks explain to me: - What exactly is it about the Kremlin specifically and Russian battleships in general that they do not like? - If they do not perceive the Kremlin as OP, which ships and/or lines do they perceive as so?
  9. leops1984

    TBH, I'm kind of excited for Update 0.9.0.

    It's not. It's in the Dasha video for a few seconds - it's an ARP camo, just in a different color.
  10. It's a reminder of how much money I've spent on premium ships...
  11. "Eventually"? One can argue we're already there...
  12. Fired? More likely they're going to give the guy a medal.
  13. leops1984

    State of Community vs wg

    Fundamentally I no longer think that Wargaming cares about community feedback if they can meet their monetary goals. And I've seen enough apologists for this utterly shameful display to know that there are enough whales out there who will pay.
  14. leops1984

    Puerto Rico Directives

    How dare you insult the pinnacle of Romanian engineering. How about we call it a Morris Marina instead?
  15. leops1984

    Modeling error? Nothing on the bow of Zara?

    There was a thread about this on the NA forums. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/203851-wargamings-explanation-of-regia-marina-bow-and-aircraft-markings/ Gorizia has the coat of arms as she's a premium and those tend to be represented accurately. Tech tree ships are supposed to represent the class as a whole so they don't have specific markings/labels, so Wargaming gave those the most common marking (the Stella d'Italia). But that doesn't answer the question of why Zara has no star either.