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  1. no one else has this issue?
  2. Hi This has been an ongoign problem - it was not always like this however, recently WoWs will just stay at the "waiting for authorisation" screen unless i turn off my Avast Antivirus - i have made exceptions for the game, and i have made firewall rules to allow it but still it just will not load unless AV is off completely. I dont really want to have my antivirus off completely, is there something else i can do to get into WoWs?
  3. agathosdaimon

    How do i use Bismarck now against Tier X?

    interesting - i understand Push, but the term "feed" in this game's context i have never heard of before - what does feed mean here?
  4. agathosdaimon

    How do i use Bismarck now against Tier X?

    okay now i am beginning to understand, - i had not considered that actually winning a round is not of primary importance to the concept of playing effectively, but i guess that makes sense if it is just concerning the individual player - are you implying by this that the idea of working together to win is not so important anymore? or was it ever ? is there an overemphasis created now on just playing to get xp rewards? arent the rewards greater though if your side does win?
  5. agathosdaimon

    How do i use Bismarck now against Tier X?

    thanks i think i almost understand, in the same way that at times i am almost understanding what Heidegger's concept of Being is or Hegel's 'Geist' or 'Erfahrung' - is the meta the play style that is what the developers have intended, or is it the way to play effectively that has been formulated by the players, which may even go against what the developers intended? can you just clarify this: "Right now, the game meta is to play a ship with superior range and/or speed to stay out of enemy's firing range and avoid any damage. Not necessary the best way to play because that kind of gameplay usually leads to utter defeat." - are you saying that playing a ship with superior range etc, as the "game meta" is not the best way to play? this would contradict the other statement the meta is the most effective way to play - assuming that by "effective" you mean a style that would be the opposite of "utter defeat"?
  6. agathosdaimon

    How do i use Bismarck now against Tier X?

    oh i didnt find that, sorry i still like to ask rather than turn to urban dictionary sometimes - i thought meta was some term for "lore" - which still never sat easily in my mind , i mean, i know what metaphysical means, metaphor, metadata etc but just meta on its own is something this recent decade seems to have birthed, and which i thought was ust confined rpgs and warhammer, but now as an acronym too? all the unfamiliar tems are a "talking shop" developed around gaming the game - my first encounter with this was when the term "farming" was used for inflicting damage/getting xp - such a robotic, efficient term to me that makes the game sound like its just a glorified clicker game, which WoWs might be for some, but not for me
  7. agathosdaimon

    How do i use Bismarck now against Tier X?

    sorry for my obtuseness but what does "meta" mean in this context - what is a "meta build" as opposed to just a build? and Kiting what does thsi mean in the context of WoW - a situation where a ship is either intentionally or unintentionally drawing opposing ships after them, - said ships hoping to separate and eliminate the kiting ship?
  8. agathosdaimon

    How do i use Bismarck now against Tier X?

    t8 dd in a t10 heavy game, yeah that would be even worse - that comes back to my earlier expression that i would like that all the ships of all classes to have strengths that marginalised or such - i suppose the holy grail of game balance, that everyone would like to see. As Bismarck i certainly still am terrified of DDs of most classes - my attempts recently to try and get in class to use the manual secondaries has seen my hit by successive walls of torpedoes,
  9. agathosdaimon

    How do i use Bismarck now against Tier X?

    oh my there is much here to cover, all very interesting and valuable - yes for me the fun is a big part and i dont mind failing but i want the failure to be fro my abilities because then the fun is to get good - and when i first got sharnhorst it felt i had a complex ship that i could learn and then use to take on cruisers and dds and i had some amazing showdowns on occasion with multiple cruisers and dds, that made for memorable experiences. - new experiences demanding skills that i could learn to hone - which i am sure others have with other ships, and i would like that in WoW it can be players with any ship. I have gotten so much out of WoWs - i have never invested time and money in an mmo like this and i feel like WoW gives one their money's/times worth - i just hope they are just pushing everyone to just be at tier x, or something. I will have to change my captain skills as i went and rearranged them after the outdated yt vids that encouraged me to get manual secondaries,- though now if i want to rearrange again that will be something i have to pay for, and money is not abundant at the moment i hope Bismarck gets a little more love in hte next update - because i thought the whole reason it has hydro was because of the expectation one would be getting up closer to DDs and CAs and bringing secondaries to bear - am i mistaken regarding cvs - since the latest build i have not really had many cv encounters in games, there are some and when i have gotten caught out alone, they have finished me off, but before that it felt like a constant assault , now i have a few games that have no cvs and then most only have one per side
  10. agathosdaimon

    How do i use Bismarck now against Tier X?

    thanks for your replies, they remind me also how out of touch i am with the lingo - i mean i just log in a play a few games each night -whatever i can have some spare time for, but i never encounter terms like "speccing" or "gun trolling" or "kiting" - it all sounds like gameplay being reduced to some numbers game, but for me i just like the idea out of my interest in the history of the atlantic theatre - and for this reason i want to play as Bismarck, but now it seems like any joy in finally getting the xp and coin to buy said ship (and scharnhorst too that i bought) has been taken away. despite the terror of CVs prior to the recent update, i honestly believe i was having still alot more fun with the German BBs and Cruisers than i am now - perhaps this might still be the case if i am not put in a match full of tier x ships the suggestion above that i cant "tolerate" bismarck - whilst that at first suggests i am not a good player, - which i accept somewhat, that comment does give me some hope - because what i read from that is that one could with skill use Bismarck successfully against Tier X ships? is this true? The higher up german BBs dont interest me, there is no history to them okay so if in all Bismarck is no good, is there any hope for Scharnhorst? or maybe i will just stick with Hipper and Prinz Eugen and just try and do what they are capable of?
  11. Hi! i am hoping i am not alone but since the last update now most of the random battles i go into as Bismarck end up having a majority of Tier x ships on both sides and think i am just outclassed and outgunned and outskilled - prior to the update i rarely experience this but now it exceedingly common. So given that there is probably nothing i can do about this and i dont really want to feel like i a being forced to stop playing Bismarck, as i would like to get better with it and would like to play against others closer to my ship class generally - is there a strategy for playing this ship against Tier X ca's and bb's? i watched a few yt vids on teh Bismarck and its secondaries but i havent gotten chance to use them so effectively and also my main guns never do much if any damage to the tier x ships, i dont think it would be at all possible to hit their citadels even?