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  1. You might get this offer if you have reached "X" anniversary with WOW. I think i have received this offer when i received an email from WG congratulate me on the anniversary
  2. Leviathon7881

    What can CC container drop?

    Few weeks ago I got a CC container from SeaRaptor twitch and inside is a Kutozov (T8 Soviet Cruiser)
  3. Leviathon7881

    Something is spicy happening in the other forums

    This quote remind me of history Flamu is Finnish WG is Russia based Finland and Russia are bitter enemy and Russia invaded Finland in 1939 "Winter War" Finland lost 11% of the territory but Russia suffered substantial losses on their troops and international reputation Nazi invaded Russia in 1941 partly because the poor Russia troops performance in the Winter War Sounds Familiar???? History repeat 82 years later War Thunder (Nazi)<----------->WG (Russia)<-------->Flamu (Finland) 🤣🤣 p/s: of cause War Thunder is not Germany based company
  4. Leviathon7881

    The Zoupening

    Flamu fans are on a rampage now to destroy anyone who do not share the same point of view as flamu. If you have read all the reddit and youtube posts and feedback related to Flamu being removed, you will understand what is the meaning of raging "cult"..... From what I read so far, flamu directly cursing Mr Gibbins as "F...ing Retart", and his cult are the one who started spreading the rage to other CC such as No Zoup, Notser, Ashkance, and other CC. No Zoup should never ever lose his cool and response on Reddit. Now he is flamu's fans No.1 enemy.....
  5. Leviathon7881

    Something is spicy happening in the other forums

    Just read through the reddit, it seems Flamu fans are bringing war to other community and CC who do not share the same point of view as Flamu. This remind me of Donald Trumph and his minions, either you are with me or against me, and I will crush you. Our world is becoming a dangerous place with this kind of cult like behaviour.....
  6. Leviathon7881

    Something is spicy happening in the other forums

    I am not a follower of Flamu as many of his vid are salty and stat shaming, but i have a feeling WG will regret not taking a proper way (Good PR way) to dismiss him. At least if he is still a CC he might (or might not) go to the extreme to screw WG, but now i can only think of this song title "Who Let The Dog Out". I will definitely start watching his vid on how he will make WG regret on removing him from CC post. LOL
  7. Leviathon7881

    This FKED UP than EVER

    Skills rework resurrect DD population and badly affected CA/CL population. Italian BB will further strengthen BB population for next few patches. CV population remain no changes as of now. If you are playing CA/CL now, you are becoming endangered species and will get all the good and bad attentions from both sides in the match. Cheers!
  8. Leviathon7881

    I finally got the Stressbourg...

    I just got my Stressbourg yesterday. After playing around 5 matches, i think it will be in my freezer for a long time. Really disappointed on it's performance. Every time you are firing it's 330mm guns, you need to pray to RNG god for a Pen damage on any ships you encounter. But the permanent Camouflage looks great on it!!
  9. You should start a new topic for this discussion. Good stuff
  10. Just my last response to you. I guess your point of view is that other using the same insulting word but didn't get flagged out, means that it is good for you to go. Certainly from your feedback you clearly do not understand such a word called "respect" to other. When someone said something which do not meet your expectation doesn't mean you can call them "idiot". This remind me of "Donald Trumph"
  11. Like i said before, it is not the damage FDR can deal which made me mad, it is the "infinite" spotting damage it can create which i think is broken. You are still arguing FDR dpm is ineffective compare to others, but my point in this post is the pain which cause by their "Immortal" planes in which i think it is a broken mechanism.
  12. At least i do not and will not use insulting word like "idiot" calling other who comment on the post or forum. Like i said everyone entitle to their opinion and comment, but insulting others should not be part of it. Please do not reply to player post if you just intent to insult other to show your superiority
  13. So now instead of comparing with other CV, you are now comparing with other Steel ships? Well i am running out of argument in this topic. You can always pull out all those infamous spreadsheet as what WG always doing, real game experience wise we as the ordinary players know well what we experienced in game. We are a normal player who are mature enough to be able to judge what is reasonable and what is broken. p/s - just have another game against FDR. This time it planes just circle around our CV for god's know how long until their BBs can long range snipe from more than 19km and kill our CV. Talk about FDR immortal planes.
  14. The fact that i never complain MVR/Midway are OP because even they can do damage to me during first fly over, i still can stop them either the second or third fly over. But with FDR, they can just circle around you until they have done 3 fly over, deal massive damage to your ship before returning. Another broken thing regarding FDR is that they can cause a very very long period of spotting damage to your ship as they can fly around you as long as they want. You need to decide weather you want to dodge damage from FDR, or dodge damage from other surface ships for a long period of time. In my case i chose to dodge damage from other surface ships, so FDR really whacked me hard and our AA seems pretty useless in this case. Well everyone have their own opinion regarding WOW game play. For you, you sounds like an expert know everything in details and based your comment on what you think you know. for us ordinary players we only comment on what we experienced in the game. So your expert comment is "FDR is an overall average CV which is worst than Midway", and for us who experienced being unreasonable whacked by FDR will still think that FDR is OP and should be seriously look into.
  15. Today i am playing Worcester which once upon of time consider a "Non Fly zone" ship. When me, Alaska, Halland, and 2 BB in the zone, FDR bombers fly toward me and start the attack, and the result is unbelievable. 3 fly over, dealing 27k damaged on me, and i can only shot down 2 planes even with my AA consumable on. Can you believe 5 ships cannot even stop FDR planes from dealing massive damage before returning to their CV????? For this i gotta support the recent rant from PQ regarding CV do not belong to WOW......Next time when facing FDR, i might just quit the match without wasting my time.