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    DD is the hardest ship to play in current meta

    Just now I have a Random Battle MM with 3 CV, the first time I experienced this in WOW....DD do not stand a chance to do anything....
  2. Leviathon7881

    DD is the hardest ship to play in current meta

    Well what I am trying to say here is that yes DD is hard to play during current meta, but the hardest is the expectation of your teammates, and the blames they are putting on you as a dd player. I guess you need to be a "Thick Skin" and ignore the expectations and abuse from your teammates when playing dd for current meta....
  3. Many games I have played as DD, team members expected you to capture the points and spot for enemy ships. Once you have done your jobs by taking damage from CV, dog fighting with enemy DD, and taking hails of fire from enemy CA/BB, you looked back and suddenly found that all your CA/BB teammates already turn back and ran away....you are alone without any support. Worst your teammates cursing your are noobs or stupid to get kill so fast. Then there are games in which I saw there are no support following me when I try to capture the points as all CA/BB stay far away from me, so I decided not to go capture points and instead try to move around and spot for enemy. So guess what, teammates started cursing you are noobs, and if you do not go capture points, go delete all your dd. The current meta for dd is that you will be targeted by CV at the beginning on the match. If you are the only dd in the team and enemy CV is smart enough, they will keep sending planes to hunt you until you are dead so that enemy dd will have the advantage. Once you are lucky of reaching the capture points, you will start hunting by CA radar while the enemy CV will keep sending planes toward you. If none of your CA/BB are close to you for support, you are doom and all blame on you. Need to start watching more YouTube on others how they deal with the current challenge with dd....
  4. Leviathon7881

    the death of CN_70

    That's the reason why for the past few days so many bots from other clans pops out in Random Battles......One of the common behavior of this bots are moving to the corner of the map, then turn toward to the enemy zone and get kill. Mainly those bots are BB, but started to see DD bots. So far did not notice any CA bots. CN_70 not dead yet, it just disbanded the clan due to the heat from player complaints and WG started crack down on CN_70. But now those bots have re-emerged from multiple new bot clans....
  5. Leviathon7881


    Yes I encountered many, and they are no longer from CN_70 clan.....
  6. Leviathon7881


    I have quitted WOW for almost 1 year because of too many bots in the game. Now I came back to play again, still the same. First the most rampant bots are from CN_70 clan, but for past 1 week many other bots from different clans started to spoilt many of the random match I am playing. Maybe CN_70 members started creating other clans to shift people attention? Eventually WOW will be destroyed by this bots if they do not take serious actions soon...….