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  1. Jeffotherefo

    Gameplay sucks

    RNG my ass. I keep bracketing targets multiple times, you know, shot lands all around the target but not ON the target. Range not a factor apparently.
  2. Jeffotherefo

    Gameplay sucks

    I can definitely relate to this. I don't spend money on premium boats or premium "magic" captains. I started when Wows was free and started working my way up the tech trees from the BLACK SWAN. I still have a lot of boats with less than 10 point captains, and don't kid yourself, captain points play a role in how well you hit or don't as well. The boats I play now that still give me the most fun are the ones where I'm up to 14-17 point captains. Those boats seem more "competitive". Another thing that sort of sticks out for me relating to the captain points thing is that regularly there is one or two boats on the opposing side that I CAN HIT and do reasonable damage to, everyone else can as well but it really sticks out to me when I CAN because when I shift fire to another boat, suddenly I'm back to bracketing them and getting minimum damage hits. I suspect the reason why I can hit these guys effectively is that they're new to the boat and don't have cap points built up yet. I'm not really sure how the experience of the captain can improve the accuracy of the guns but... All speculation of course but I suggest players with premium captains change back to a regular captain and see how it affects game play. I've noticed that a lot the premium boats have significantly lower practical shot dispersions values too. The premiums: WARSPITE, DUCA dAOSTA, and VIRIBUS UNITIS in particular spring to mind. Where you might pick up 1 or 2 citadel hits from 'regular BBs' per salvo, these guys will give you 3 or 4 without breaking a sweat. Definitely feels like Wows has their thumb on the scale, if you know what I mean. Really wish there was a more historically accurate fork too but that's just too much to hope for.
  3. Jeffotherefo

    Gameplay sucks

    Yeah, and when I do hit I get minimum damage. I can only sink minimum health ships and even then it's iffy. Last game, fired a WYOMING AP broadside at a DANAE (which was broadside) at 7-8km that was down to 400 points, did 250 damage. I [content removed] kid you not. Fine, you're going to get mostly over pens shooting at a DANAE but christ! 12 guns! 250 points damage! You'd expect after a while the RNG would come around and you'd start getting decent hits. Nope. It's just not fun when the only thing that I can reliably do is carefully aim and then bracket my target. The Random Number Generator, ain't.
  4. Jeffotherefo

    Gameplay sucks

    That was ONE instance of the type of nurfing I'm getting. The more regular ones I get are the bracketing/scatter shot effect and multiple consecutive minimum damage hits. A recent example, me in a KONGO, target an IRON DUKE. Me at 45 degrees angle to his flat broadside (passing towards his stern). Him, stationary (capping). Range from 8km down to 4km. Two full broadsides from me, aimed at the waterline beneath his funnel, did ZERO DAMAGE. All my rounds magically SCATTERED SHORT. This is at real short range too, the target WASN'T moving (he was sitting capping). His multiple broadsides fired at me, despite being fired at 45 degree sloped armour, citideled me massively, multiple times. I went from 80% health to dead in about 4 minutes. Basically, I couldn't damage him. He was only on about 50% health anyway. And this happens to me a lot. The RNG hates everybody, I get that. But the consistency with which the damage I'm able to do is minimal or zero has me asking questions. And why am I always playing bottom tier? What's with that? Just passed my 5 year anniversary, this shit only started happening recently.
  5. Jeffotherefo

    Gameplay sucks

    Sorry, but I really have to vent. WoWs has [content removed] nurfed my account or something and I'm interested to know if anyone else is getting it as well. None of my shots hit. No matter how carefully I aim at opposing ships, the shots just spray out all over bracketing or doing minimum damage. I'm only sinking vessels 1 in 3 games and then usually destroyers. I got overpens on a BB's centre hull a couple of days ago. Overpens. Every game I'm [content removed] bottom tier as well, it's really starting to give me the shits. What the [content removed] gives Wows? Profanity. Post edited, user warned. ~Beaufighter
  6. Jeffotherefo

    USB Issues?

    I play with a backlit gaming mouse and keyboard (USB2.0). I've been getting an intermittent problem where, during gameplay, my USB2.0 dies. This is announced by my keyboard and mouse starting to blink on and off. I've tried moving the mouse and keyboard to different plugs (both USB 2.0 and 3.0) while still playing but have only ever had the mouse (but no keyboard) come back once ( which was almost fun because I'd lined up on a LANGLEY and so I could just charge at him in my SOUTH CAROLINA firing my forward facing guns, but without telescopic vision because no keyboard). The only thing that fixes the problem is a hard reboot after which USB works fine again. PC is on most of the day without any issues until after I launch WOWS. Typically, a couple of games in and whamo, no mouse, no keyboard. Can be an even bigger pain if it goes early in a game because then I score a penalty as well. Was wondering if anyone else is experiencing anything similar?
  7. Because 3 carriers per side isn't nearly ridiculous enough!
  8. Jeffotherefo

    Outer space = waste of space

    Yep. Going to join the pile on here, the space force stuff is crap. I suggested some different things that could possibly be more interesting: Greek/Roman triremes on the smaller maps. Age of sail types (frigates, 1st and 2nd raters) random wind directions at start of match which is mostly running across the middle of the map between the two sides. Hell, even submarines that, because they're so slow, spawn in the no mans land between the two forces or in the midst of the opposing force submerged. They'd have to update the destroyers with depth charges but it would be interesting.
  9. Jeffotherefo

    Instead of more space navy...

    have you thought of doing Greek or Roman triremes? Ram your opponent to sink them. If not too much damage done, you don't sink as well. Deck catapults and greek fire? How about age of sail? Cutters, frigates, ships of the line? for DD, CA, BB. Default wind directions for map and pre determined swirl patterns around islands.
  10. Jeffotherefo

    Unlimited planes needs to change

    This is ridiculous. Carriers are now massively overpowered. They were problematic before but now they just completely unbalance the game for all the other ship types. Keeping them overpowered until they run out of aircraft seems a much more reasonable approach. Every other ship class has to be careful which other classes they attack or expose themselves to, why shouldn't there be a similar problem for carriers?
  11. Jeffotherefo

    So got this the other day

    This is getting weird. Now the game thinks my Vampire is in a battle even though I just finished a battle with it. What's going on WOWS??
  12. Jeffotherefo

    So got this the other day

    And because the connection dropped out while I had team killer status I'm now restricted to 10 co-op battles!!
  13. Jeffotherefo

    So got this the other day

    And now the servers lost my connection again while my clemson's still in a battle! Come on WOWS, this is bullshit!
  14. Jeffotherefo

    So got this the other day

    This is absolutely spot on! I keep getting put on losing teams, I'll win my end of a domination battle, turn around and discover that the rest of the numptys have all gotten themselves killed. You'd expect it to happen occasionally but when it happens game after game it's a bit much. It's incredibly frustrating. Now I've just logged on to discover I've been given a 3 match teamkiller status because my connection dropped out at the start of a game last night and I've been penalised for leaving the game early! Come on! I mean I've gotten that status before because numptys have driven under my guns while I'm engaging a target in binocular mode, and I've received that status because some of these idiots repeatedly run into me, but this is the first time I've got it for literally doing nothing.
  15. It's overly sensitive now, I'm getting pinged a lot lately for unsportsmanlike play because I'll be banging away in binocular view and some idiot will run right in front of me and cop a load of rounds that I'm trying to send downrange. I got T-boned yesterday and pushed onto a boundary by an "ally" while firing, hey presto, I get a team killer penalty.