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  1. Noshiro_

    For those who just want to take it easy

    Having fun and doing well overlaps a lot, it's a lot funner to win most of the time than to lose. And messing around and doing well is the best thing.
  2. Noshiro_

    Entertaining WoWs channels

    Some rando called asft is okay i guess
  3. Noshiro_

    Found another Bug

    Well, no one can look into a possible bug without proof...
  4. Noshiro_

    Found another Bug

    Screenshot of where you spawned?
  5. Noshiro_

    fighters off carriers BROKEN

    Are you sure there wasn't any defensive fire
  6. Noshiro_

    newbie mod

    Just shove them all into that res mods folder
  7. Noshiro_

    C*ns*rsh*p of ev*r t*e Si*p*est of w**ds

    By looking around the forums first
  8. Well, tier 5 gets +2/-1 when there's no tier 6s and +2 only when there is. Not really the fault of +/-2 MM, just the annoying MM that tier 5 is currently in. WoWs when +/- 3 MM was around was.... interesting.
  9. Noshiro_

    Bastion, why is it fun, yet so frustrating?

    To be honest, I much rather epicentre than standard battle. At least Epi makes you move, unlike STD battle which the meta is generally a campfest.
  10. Noshiro_

    Nerf the Kutuzov

    And then they sold the E-25 again over christmas
  11. Noshiro_

    Potential stealth hack

    I really highly doubt there was cheating, the teammate was probs extremely salty.
  12. Noshiro_

    why don't we have Shinano in the game?

    She was in ABT and is modeled...