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  1. YukishiroHonoka

    Submarines: Questions and Answers

    Would it mean that Submarines are very likely to go hunting for carriers? IRL ships would stay with carriers to protect them, but for game purposes, the carrier is normally alone due to spotting mechanics which would make them very vulnerable to sneak attacks and spotting from submarines. Questions: 1. can submarines spot other ships while in concealment? I imagine that they will just hang around the carrier to spot it for allies and when planes come close just dive so it can't be found then resurface. Does the pinging thing auto spot submarines on the map on a regular basis? 2. How can a CV counter submarines? It's hard enough as it is already to spot and take out destroyers.
  2. YukishiroHonoka

    Carrier Tips

    With the new carrier mechanics, I've been having so much fun. And I decided to do a guide on the things that have helped me secure my wins so far. 17 matches, 14 wins to 3 losses. Okay, it's also that I had awesome teammates throughout those matches so... Take a look and let me know what you think
  3. Radar should also have the effect that the ship that uses it also exposed. That is active radar does and other ships can detect it a lot easier when a ship uses it.
  4. YukishiroHonoka

    Update 0.6.8 Feedback

    All my voice mods aren't working properly. They appear like 30% of the time.
  5. YukishiroHonoka

    Carrier Combat for Tier 5

    Ever since WoWs removed manual aiming for tier 5 and lower carriers, it's been a real pain... I use Japanese ships. My squadrons have only 4 planes whereas when I go up against a Bogue, I have 0 chance of being useful. Their squadrons come with 6-7 planes, how the heck am I supposed to fight against that without manual fire? My planes just get crapped on. There was even one match where the matchmaking was so awesome I got matched with a tier 6 CV on opposite team. Holy crap was that a bullshit round. Anyone have any idea of strategies?