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  1. Leo_1408

    Is it just me?

    Fait 'nuff - like I said, I'm probably just a crap player! I'm used to playing lower tier destroyers, like Nicholas and Okhotnik. I like Okhotnik - a bit slow and cumbersome, but its four torpedo launchers can just about sink a battleship, and I like lurk in a cap - pop smoke, and unleash 12 fish when the opposition is like one or two kilometres away. But I don't always, so I can play without smoke - honestly.
  2. Leo_1408

    Is it just me?

    I don't troll, but I'm probably only showing how bad I am at this game. I don't really know what the problem is with the torpedo targeting, but it doesn't seem as flexible as say, the Nurnberg in lining up a target - but again, that's probably just me. I should also point out that I only have a 3 point Captain. Anyway, cheers for your answer and all the info.
  3. Leo_1408

    Is it just me?

    Is it just me - or is Visby the most useless ship in the game? Like what's with a destroyer without smoke, and hopeless targeting for its torpedoes? LOL, I'm trying climb the ladder with the Swedish destroyers, but even though I'm in my mid teens - I will probably die of old age before I move up to the next one.
  4. Leo_1408

    Safe Passage Through Stormy Seas

    I dunno if I should apply - I spend a lot of time on WOWS, but I buy Premium when I can afford it (I'm a student). I have about 13 days of paid up Premium left - will I lose that if I take up this offer? Or should I wait until my 13 days are finished, and then apply? Any ideas?
  5. Leo_1408

    The Armoury???

    There doesn't seem much point in winning all those tokens, etc. if I can't access the armoury to use them. Please WG - fix this.
  6. Leo_1408

    The Armoury???

    Anyone else having trouble accessing the armoury/armory? Since the last update, I just get the stupid loading icon forever. And BTW, I know this is OT, but why does WG use US American spelling? It is the English language, and all other English users (Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India, etc.) use the original international/British spelling. If WG is a Russian company - why use American spelling?
  7. In recent times the lead transport heads out on a suicide mission straight into the enemy guns about 50% of the time - what's going on? There is absolutely no strategic reason to do this (there are no docks in that direction), and it is almost impossible to protect from such suicidal actions. Can someone look into the programming that causes this? It didn't happen in the past.
  8. Leo_1408

    Newport - why so many battles lost?

    Me too - I used to quite enjoy it. I hope WG is not going to wreck WOWS by constantly fiddling with it - like they did with WOWP. I never play that now, even though I spent a lot of my birthday and Christmas money on it - it has become totally arcade.
  9. Leo_1408

    Newport - why so many battles lost?

    I disagree - other players and myself are at the front line most of the battle. It is only when we are overwhelmed by the numbers that we take cover behind islands, in the hope of whittling them down. The numbers of enemy are simply unbalanced. I seldom play this operation - all the others seem quite balanced and doable.
  10. Leo_1408

    Pushed into torpedo path

    LOL, so it doesn't happen just to me! I was trying to complete one of the combat missions today in Ohkotnik - using smoke. I had two cruisers and a DD lined up (Ohkotnik has four tubes each firing 3 fish) and they were nearly in range, when a team cruiser barged into me at high speed pushing me into the path of several cruiser salvos and a spread of torpedoes from the enemy destroyer. I don't believe in reporting (like its only a game) so I just had to wear it. And nobody was dodging fish when it happened - think the team cruiser didn't see me in the smoke. Neway, like I said - it's just a game!
  11. What can I do if other players, specially bigger ships, push me into enemy torpedo paths? I sound the ship's hooter when they approach, but most take no notice. I know everyone is concerned about surviving a battle, but it doesn't help the team if one team member is unnecessarily destroyed due to thoughtlessness. I sometimes make a comment, but nobody cares, and that takes too much time.
  12. Leo_1408

    What can I do?

    Thanks, that didn't happen this time, but 4 quick co-op battles fixed the problem. It was just unexpected.
  13. Leo_1408

    What can I do?

    Thanks everyone for the advice. I don't often get pink (and if I do its cos a torpedo hit someone who turned into it, so I know why,) but I did what everyone recommended, and played 4 quick co-op battles and I'm fine now. Its just that I never had that happen before - but thanks again for your advice.
  14. Leo_1408

    What can I do?

    I live in New South Wales in Australia, and the state has over 100 bushfires burning all around where we live. So this arvo, I settled down to a quick game of WoWS (to escape the worry) and the fires burnt the electricty and phone pylons down as I started a battle. Four hours later, the power came back on, and I restarted the game, only to find I had a 4 battle penalty for inactivity and leaving the battle early! Do I just hav e to wear that - or can I appeal against it? It is easy to verify the damage bushfires are causing right across the state - like its on the news everywhere. Can the mods do something about it?
  15. Leo_1408

    Only a tiny thing ...

    I wasn't questioning the ship's torpedo equipment - I was just a bit confused by the spelling. I have seen the German spelling of the ship as Tirpiz (without the second 't') - so I wondered which was correct. Maybe some of our German members can help. And I think the G7a torpedoes were produced by Steinbach - not Steinbarsch. I Googled Steinbarsch, but got no results.