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  1. Impatient players

    You are right, and I must admit that I do get a bit irritated by people who, at the beginning of a battle seem to just sit there and not move, when I'm at full-ahead into the fray. But then I YOLO too much, and often get sunk early - so who's right? They get to play the whole battle while I get to sit and watch. I am still learning about both WOWS and WOWP, which is why I asked these questions. I'm grateful that a lot of people answered, and most said it was OK to use the repair base if you don't have many points left, and having a few more points means you can use those guns longer (and maybe turn the battle around). I wasn't upset by the criticism - I just wasn't sure whether I had done the wrong thing or not.
  2. Impatient players

    Hi Kiwi friend - I'm across the Tasman from you. I like Scharnhorst too, but I was given some money a few weeks back, and I bought Hood to have another VII BB for missions like Ultimate Frontier (so I wouldn't have to wait like 30 min to have another go - what's that all about?) I have Fiji, and I love it for its rapid fire, but its a bit easy to sink. And I think you are right about what he saw, and how easy it is to make that mistake. It's no biggie, and I don't blame him for complaining, but I just wanted to make sure I wasn't doing something 'illegal'. Thanks for your input, mate!
  3. Impatient players

    Thanks again for all the info - I play this game a lot during the hols, but I'm a bit dumb about some of the details (I play a lot of Co-op). I have Fiji and Myoko, and also Scharnhorst as well as Hood, but I find that I often get sunk before I reach the main base and airfield. That's why I've been playing BBs lately. And I didn't know WG has made this op harder - I thought it was just me getting worse.
  4. Impatient players

    Thanks for that. Like I said, it must have looked like I was hiding in the repair base - but I wasn't. With a BB, I usually don't get too far from the main base which has to be defended, and like you said, the repair base has also to be defended, so I stay in that area. In your opinion, which is better for that mission, a cruiser or a battleship?
  5. Impatient players

    Thanks for that advice. I'm a total potato, and any advice is always welcome. I'm usually OK in the early part, but this time I only just made it to the repair base - that's why I was there a long time. I don't blame the guys who told me not to play, cos I guess it looked like I was hiding at the base, and a BB is an important part of the team. I just wasn't sure if I did anything 'illegal'.
  6. Impatient players

    Lol, thanks - actually it was Ultimate Frontier, the one with aircraft coming in and taking off again.
  7. Impatient players

    I was playing a mission with HMS Hood (which I had just bought) and got shot up badly, so I parked it in the repair base until it regained hit points. At the same time, I was fighting off enemy destroyers and cruisers - popping out to take pot shots and then popping back for repair. I did the same thing with Scharnhorst in the next mission, and then got a message not to play missions, cos I was 'spoiling it' for other players by 'parking' in repair for no reason. I didn't reply to the message, cos I don't want to get into fights with other players - but was it wrong to use the repair base like that? And I don't understand how it was spoiling the fun of other players. I avoided the repair base the next game, but can anyone explain what I was doing wrong? I'd like to know, cos part of my mission strategy is to go gung-ho in the battle then rush off to the repair base and get patched up for more fighting. And I know that with Hood, I was a long time at the base, but it was badly damaged, and I was still fighting - but it might have looked like I was hiding at the base. Neway, any ideas what I should do if that happens again? And lol, please, remember the 'friendly atmosphere' these forums are supposed to have. :)
  8. Enemy ships disappearing?

    I understand, and thanks for your advice. I play the game whenever I can, but I'm not very good at it - I just play it for fun. I don't take it so seriously that I put people down, or get into internet fights over it - so it's all cool, and thanks again for your help.
  9. Enemy ships disappearing?

    This is one definition of internet trolling - "In Internet slang, a troll (/troʊl, trɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting quarrels or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory,[1]extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[2] or of otherwise disrupting normal, on-topic discussion,[3] often for the troll's amusement. " https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_troll Like how are the questions I asked trolling? I guess I was mislead by this - "These forums are here to provide you with a friendly atmosphere where you can discuss ideas, give and receive game play advice ..." Anyway, thanks for your info.
  10. Enemy ships disappearing?

    The 'problem' is I don't know much about how this game works - I just play it, and I'm finding out stuff all the time. Thanks for answering my questions, but if they irritate you - just ignore them. Like I haven't a clue what a 'debuff' is. Lol, I'm always in trouble at home and at school for asking too many questions - I'm curious about everything - just ignore me.
  11. Enemy ships disappearing?

    Oh OK - fair comment! I thought it was sort of like a simulator - my bad! (So, there's no real reason for them to disappear?)
  12. Enemy ships disappearing?

    I know destroyers and a few of the RN cruisers use smoke to hide behind, but battleships did not have stealth mode in WW2 - nor did cruisers. So what's going on when enemy ships keep disappearing and then popping up elsewhere? Any ideas? I guess I must be missing something obvious - I do that a lot!
  13. Brace yourself, shipfu is coming !

    Well, I'm in high school - so its not like I'm a little kid or anything - it's just that I don't have much money.
  14. Brace yourself, shipfu is coming !

    Thanks for that, I think I understand the point you are making, and I have edited my post to remove anything that might be taken as offensive (although I still don't know what was offensive, so I might not have done that effectively). But if a Japanese member of this board were to say he doesn't understand cricket, and can't see the point of the game - I wonder if he would be made to edit his post so that Aussies and Brits and NZers would not be offended? But I do appreciate your heads up on this subject, cos I don't want to needlessly offend anyone. About spending money on the game - I'm still at school so I have very little spending money, and even $100 is quite a lot to me.
  15. Brace yourself, shipfu is coming !

    I have edited the post to remove anything that anyone might misinterpreted, but please don't tell me what I intended. I wasn't 'kind of' doing anything like that - I was giving my opinion of anime, in much the same way as someone might give his opinion of British humour or of cricket. There was no intention to make fun of any nationality.