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  1. Leo_1408

    What has happened to the Armoury?

    Thanks for that. I did that and it works fine now!
  2. Leo_1408

    What has happened to the Armoury?

    Thanks for the advice, but it still doesn't work. The loading icon goes on forever, then it disappears and I'm left with a black screen. I wish the developers would leave this game alone - it was fine before the last update.
  3. Why cannot I access the Armoury (yes, that is the correct English spelling)? I just get the loading icon going around forever.
  4. Leo_1408

    How is this possible?

    Well thanks anyway - at least now I know.
  5. Leo_1408

    How is this possible?

    At 12.43 PM today, I started the Narai scenario with the Lyon, but only a few minutes into the battle my internet went down (we have been having very hot and stormy weather here). It came back about an hour ago, so I thought I will give it another go. When I logged in, I found I had a 3 battle pink penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. How could I have done that, having no control over the ship? This is a replay of what happened - 20190117_124132_PFSB107-Lyon_s07_Advance.wowsreplay
  6. Leo_1408

    Ingame voice overs

    Lol, the British voice overs are not very convincing - no Brits I know pronounce 'Commander' in that way. And in the Dunkirk scenario - they make a very basic blunder in announcing 'Colonel ************* ' of the Royal Air Force. There is no such rank in the RAF. (Even though I live in Australia, I grew up in the UK and have an uncle in the RAF.)
  7. Leo_1408

    I need to vent ...

    You are right - I should have written "I've never been sunk by friendly torps, but I have had a few hits" - it's hard to avoid if they are close. But like I said - it's no biggie, and it's only a game. I just think - 'fair 'nuff, I should be more aware of my situation, and take evasive action more quickly'. I guess we all make mistakes, and in spite of all my battles - I am nowhere near good at it. So - you win!
  8. Leo_1408

    I need to vent ...

    Good, realistic post. It's not always possible to be miles ahead of the cruisers and battleships. And in a changing battle, unexpected things happen - like what happened to a friend. He launches a spread of torpedoes with not a friendly in sight - only to have a allied cruiser pop out from behind an island straight into their path. These things happen, but they are not always unavoidable. In over 6,600 battles, I have had loads of torpedo alerts, but have never been hit by a friendly torp (and that's not cos friendlies have never fired a torpedo in my direction). You could say that is down to luck, and that would be partly true, but I always react to the torpedo warning sound if I can. So while I take full responsibility if my torps hit a friendly, it would help our team if some players took more notice of the alerts. And like I said - getting pink is no biggie - it's just like two battles away from going back to normal - but I don't like weakening the team by doing that. I also take the point made by a couple of posters that if there is a probability of hitting a team member - you shouldn't launch torpedoes.
  9. Leo_1408

    I need to vent ...

    There is always the possibility that a friendly could turn into your torps - specially with long distance (8km or 10km) fish. I'm usually with the other DDs on the front of the battle, and trying to CAP. But I don't just sit there waiting for enemies to come into range - I'm usually always mobile, so directions can change, but I never launch torps when friendlies are in my line of fire, or even close. It's no biggie, but short of never using torpedoes, I wish there was a way of avoiding hitting careless or unaware friendlies.
  10. Leo_1408

    I need to vent ...

    Don't anyone take this too seriously, but how many times have you taken care to make sure there are no friendlies between you and the enemy, only to have some dopey cruiser nowhere near your field of fire turn unexpectedly into the path of your spread of torpedoes? There is a clear audible warning in the game about torpedoes in the water - why does no one seem to look around? I never get hit by friendly torpedoes, cos as soon as I hear that sound, I scan all around and take evasive action - why can't others? OK - rant over!
  11. Leo_1408

    Daily Missions

    Thanks for that - I only woke up to the chains thing after I posted here. Maybe I'm just too dumb, but I don't think WG explains things well.
  12. Leo_1408

    Daily Missions

    Thanks everyone for your replies. I mainly play in Scenario and Co-op modes, but I have been trying to get enough battles to win the Dreadnought, and even though I play loads of battles in Tier 5 (with Ohkotnik) the count stays stuck at 7. I dunno what's going on. Just completed (and won) another 2 missions - still no change to the count.
  13. Leo_1408

    Daily Missions

    How do I join Daily Missions for sure? Some of my battles count and some don't! What are the requirements? Can WG make it a bit clearer?
  14. Leo_1408

    Best tier for fun?

    My best Tier 5 is Ohkotnik - a bit big and clumsy, slow main battery reload (for a destroyer), and very short range for main guns and torpedos - but if you can sneak up on the opposition - everything from DDs to BBs is in trouble from that salvo of 12 fish. It is a lucky BB which can turn in time from a distance of less than 4km - and much the same for most cruisers. But I had to wait for my birthday money to buy it - cos its not that cheap. Oh and BTW, it's Emile Bertin (a boy's name).
  15. Leo_1408

    Comments & Complaints! Nov 2018

    Ooh thanks - I was wondering how I got two vacant slots! I know about the different torpedo speeds, but that still doesn't answer the weird and random sub torpedo targeting. There should be no reason why it is different from the ship torpedo targeting - and I think I understand about lead direction and time. So I must still be missing something. I think I've got it worked out - now earning nearly 100,000 credits a battle! Thanks to everyone who helped.