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  1. Leo_1408

    Look at Me in my Zee Twenty Three

    LOL! In the civilised world it is Zed Twenty Three.
  2. Leo_1408

    Submarine tokens

    Well OK - I thought I was going to lose them, like I did with all the consumables I had saved up before 9.5.0
  3. Leo_1408

    Submarine tokens

    What can I do with my left over submarine tokens - have the three subs on hire, but I have like 15 tokens left. How can I spend them? What do they buy?
  4. Leo_1408

    How do we get subs?

    I still can't work it out. I made a mistake and thought I could exchange coal for those star thingies - it turned out it works the other way! Bugger! So I now only have one star thingy - how many do I need to exchange for a sub? And why does WG have to make everything so complex? Like why can't we just buy subs with with XP or Dubloons or Credits? I was really looking forward to submarines, but it looks like it is going to end up like CVs - I sold my last CV yonks ago. I'm starting to get tired of WOWS, and I might go back to only playing the odd Co-op Battle - I've spent too much of my allowance over time to give it up totally.
  5. LOL, I look like your average Pom (or European, or Aussie, or NZer,) and I have dual citizenship. My mum and dad said if we were going to be Aussies - we should have Aussie citizenship. I love being an Aussie, and I have lived here since I was little, and I go to school here, but the bushfires scare me a bit. We were evacuated in December from the Blue Mountains (but our house only got a bit burnt - and we were able to move back). But I only mention being a Pom cos I don't want to misrepresent myself, and I still love the UK too - its where my grandparents, and cousins and uncles and aunts live.
  6. I totally agree. I'm only a pretend Aussie cos I was born in the UK, but I have NZ mates, and they are great. We visited New Zealand once, and it was cool. Mostly prettier and more varied scenery than Australia (like one eucalypt looks much like another, and we saw literally millions of them on a trip from the east coast to the west last year). I also found the Maori culture fascinating. And Australia's pollies (as well as the UK's) could take some lessons from NZ's Jacinda Adern.
  7. I know team-mate AFK can be irritating, but it isn't always the player's fault. I just got a six game pink penalty for being AFK because my internet crashed. It came back soon, and I restarted WOWS, but it wouldn't let me into the battle I had just started. This is a serious glitch, and it is not the first time this has happened. I know WG has no control over the connections in different countries - but they should make allowance for these things. E.g: Allow a player to rejoin a battle if his connection is reset. Very few players go AFK deliberately.
  8. Leo_1408

    Have you Quit Playing World of Warhsips?

    Sorry - couldn't resist! It's 'have seen' - and you have no idea how much trouble I would be in with our English teacher if I wrote 'have saw'!
  9. Leo_1408

    New balance ideas

    WOWP has become an arcade game because of that and other changes. I used to love the original version, but since series 2 - I hardly ever play that. Don't encourage WG to do that to WOWS. Both WOT and WOWP suck, if you like playing real war games - and if you get sunk or shot down - you should stay dead, and maybe start another game.
  10. Leo_1408

    Questions from a new player.

    Mainz is my latest purchase - and I haven't played her much as yet, but I like her. She is like a grown up Nurnburg (one of my faves,) with good rapid fire, but a bit light on in the hitting power - specially in HE, and like Tirpitz she is frequently outmatched by Tier IX and X opponents. The higher tiers from VIII onwards can be a bit of a mixed bag. I like playing Tier VI and VII, and they tend to be more evenly matched. Graf Spee is brilliant in her tier - light BB hitting power in AP - Perth is pretty average, and Warspite ditto. I only have one Tier IX cruiser - Neptune (I had to grind to get her) and apart from rapid fire cannon - she is pretty much 'meh!' Of those you mentioned, I would get Graf Spee first, and then Tirpitz. But bear in mind that I am a crap player - so my requirements may not be the same as most others.
  11. Leo_1408

    Questions from a new player.

    Get Tirpitz - great all rounder for farming both credits and exp points. Can be a bit pricey (for me anyway), but probably worth it. Only downside being it is fielded against mainly IX and X BBs and CAs.
  12. Leo_1408

    how much money have you wasted in this game?

    I'm envious of players who can spend thousands, or even hundreds, of dollars on WOWS. I'm still at school (but not today due to Covid19) and I only get a weekly allowance, so I have to save up to buy Premium time on WG. I do spend my birthday and Christmas money on Premium ships like Tirpitz, but mostly I have to grind my fleet. I've been with WG a long time, so I have quite a lot of ships, but very few 'killer' ones. My fave uncle is in the RN and he knows of my interest in warships, so every so often I get a nice surprise in the form a hundred pounds to help me buy ships - I bought Mainz with the last gift and am saving the rest for the next biggie WG releases.
  13. Thanks for all that information - I used to YOLO, but I don't any more. I try to do what you suggest (not sure what a lane is) and get up quite close to the early waves - only backing off when I have taken to much damage to survive long. The information about spawning is very interesting and helpful, but I think I already worked that out. I guess part of my problem is that other players don't seem to want to work as a team (enemy bots seem to, as they all concentrate on any player that hsa taken damage) and there really isn't a function in the game play that encourages team co-operation. Like its all well and good to farm points, but if your team loses, your points are less and they don't count towards any combat missions you are playing - so like its not a good strategy. I'm happy to cop the odd shell and torpedo if it means my team wins. Added to all of which, LOL! I'm pretty much a crap potato player - but it's nice to have the odd, random win.
  14. I have found this operation to be a total waste of time. I have tried many different ships and many different strategies - from YOLOing with Nurnburg, to sheltering behind islands and taking pot shots with BBs. My team mates get slaughtered no matter what I do, and in the end I become target practice for for five or six cruisers and BBs. Maybe one out of every six or seven operations is successful - so I give up. Naval Station Newport can get Jolly Rogered. WG - change the balance - seven vessels to ward off maybe twenty or more? I don't see the point - you can't buy more effective ships, so WG is not making more money with operations of this type - just discouraging players. Or get rid of the operation, and bring back things like Narai and other more interesting and achievable scenarios.
  15. Leo_1408

    Removal of CV

    Bollocks! If you are old enough to read, you are never too young to know stuff. I am in my mid teens, and I know people played games like 'spacewar' and 'pong' when my grandad was a boy.