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  1. Mortem76

    Why those T9 BB are so rubbish

    Sorry, was busy and not able to follow up on my topic. Anyway, those T9 BB are rubbish and now, as the French BB are coming, I will focus on them as they seems to be very interesting :)
  2. Mortem76

    Why those T9 BB are so rubbish

    Bismarck also has way better secondary than FDG, and it is a very good plus ;)
  3. Mortem76

    Why those T9 BB are so rubbish

    If you make 60k DMG, you got 4-5k XP? really? This never happened to me, event when doing 120 or even 180k. How can you do that? Thanks
  4. Mortem76

    Why those T9 BB are so rubbish

    Yeah yeah yeah. If I had 1 Euro for each time I caught someone making a little typo mistake, I would be rich but usually I prefer not mentioning it as it will not help to solve the issue. If this is just to say this, please don't post on this thread: I don't need sarcasm. Thanks
  5. Ohhh yeah: Make try the OP the Izumo and he will fall in love with the Musashi :P
  6. Mortem76

    Why those T9 BB are so rubbish

    Seems I will have to follow your advice and use HE instead of the AP. Bye Bye Citadel, hello burning decks. Will try that this weekend and see it makes those crappy ship a bit more acceptable... Thanks
  7. Mortem76

    Why those T9 BB are so rubbish

    Ok, I will try again the 406 on the FDG, I used it for some time but was really not impressed. For the Izumo, I really don't know what to do... Seems I need to be at really close range to be able to do something with it. BTW, I don't freeXP to move from one ship to another (did that only for Kawachi when I was starting playing) and I don't use premium as I was see how far it is possible to play without artificial help, so I still have a way to go with those ship before I can buy the T10, unless I give up and I use my FreeXP :P
  8. Mortem76

    Why those T9 BB are so rubbish

    If I follow this logic, playing Bismark or Amagi against T10 would be impossible. But I had better result with those T8 against T10 than with those T9 against the same T10. So I think those T9 make you learn how to hate them with great passion...
  9. Mortem76

    Why those T9 BB are so rubbish

    Japanese has more than one bad apple in the BB tree: Kawachi, Miyogi and I would maybe add the Kongo due to its horrible precision. of cousre, Izumo must be added to that. German BB has only one average before FDG: Bayern but it was not a bad ship, just - imho - below the trend provided by the other German tree.
  10. Mortem76

    Why those T9 BB are so rubbish

    So what went int eh silly brains of WG to make T9 worst than T8 or even T7? I still try to understand the logic or they are just trying to make us stop playing this game and go look elsewhere...
  11. Hi All, I played with lot of fun German and Japanese BB up to Tier 8. But when reaching Tier 9, they feel absolutely pitiful. I upgraded the FDG and the Izumo to the maximum and still, absolutely horrible. After 190 batte with FDG and 70 with Izumo, I am really wondering what are those rubbish things... I had much more success and fun facing Yamato or Montana with my Bismark than with FDG. How can this be possible?!? Big + of FDG is her armor and big 420mm guns. Really? I receive Citadel really often at mid-range and my 420mm shell bounce of go through ship on broadside. And many times, when I do a penetration, it is with zero damage. Yes, absolutely zero! This is total non sense: Penetration should mean damage. Big + of Izumo: its precision. Really? Sending salvo to a broadside Missouri at 12km and 2/3 of the shell go too far and 2/3 go too close. Can't even think about doing citadel with a so great grouping of the shell. I can only hope for a shell to miraculously land on the target. I don't ask to have something astonishing, but at least something that make me wish to play them a bit more. I start feeling disgusted by this game due to all this non-sense.
  12. Mortem76

    Poll: What container did you choose?

    I wish for some doublons or free xp, so I try my luck
  13. Mortem76

    since 5.12, strange penetration

    fair enough, but I don't have any ribbon stating I destroyed a module when I have penetration and no damage. and for the citadel hit, it is normal not having the penetration ribbon with it? Good to know. I never realized that before
  14. Hi all, Since update 5.12, I found something funny. Sometime I can citadel a ship but I don't see any penetration ribbon (or overpen, bounce... No shell ribbon at all) and sometime I make penetration but with 0 damage (strange to have penetration ribbon without a single hit point damage on the target). This happens using my Nagato. Not sure if I had this with the Bayern. I have no screenshot of this but next time it occurs I can try to make one. Did anybody where the same behavior? Is it normal? Thanks
  15. Yeah... Those RN CL are XP and Citadel farms for Nassau ;)