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  1. amazinghuh

    Urgent Help needed

    actually he was recruited by one of my recruiters,, He is very inactive thats the reason i was gonna exclude him
  2. amazinghuh

    Urgent Help needed

    i want a mod to pass my ticket to higher authority i think they are all busy coz 2 other tickets are still in queue since months, no reply yet.. I dont want this to suffer the same fate
  3. amazinghuh

    Urgent Help needed

    u have seen him only in discord most of the time right? well never replies to us i have doubts that he even understands english
  4. amazinghuh

    Urgent Help needed

    moderators please help
  5. amazinghuh

    Urgent Help needed

    Hello! I have a clan and i was the commander until i made a big mistake, the member whom i was bout to remove from the clan mistakenly i made him the commander which immediately made me deputy commander. Can anything be done to roll back the change immediately? The guy seems to be offline most of the time. Edited: heres my number Ticket #269537 it would be very helpful if a moderator passes this on to the devs or whoever is in charge so they notices this quick
  6. amazinghuh

    Fiji premium Camo

    Do u have main battery mod or aiming system mod?
  7. amazinghuh

    Fiji premium Camo

    I got my Fiji couple of days ago and i like her a lot so i was wondering is it worth buying the premium camo for her or i should save my doubloons for Tier 8 Edinburgh or Tier 9 Neptune?
  8. amazinghuh

    Akatsuki trop configuration

    okay thanks i got it
  9. I don't understand whats wrong with my Akatsuki or its the game server thats doing this. At time of the 0.15 update Akatsuki had 10km torp at 59knts then suddenly it changed to 9km at 62knts after few hours.. The same happened like twice and made me waste my doubloons on hiring new captain.. I thought maybe finally its done balancing and i can play peacefully and all of a sudden again it changed from 9km at 62 knt to 10km at 59knts whats going on here?
  10. amazinghuh

    Clan invites

    So i have invited a friend to my clan but he cant see my invite 'cause his game crashed for some reason at that very moment. Can anybody tell me where the invites are stored? Screenshots would be great too
  11. amazinghuh

    RN captain skills

    And i forgot to mention, what upgrades should i buy on Leander?
  12. amazinghuh

    RN captain skills

    Hey guys! I just got my Leander and i was wondering which skills would suit her best, also imma use her captain till i reach Minotaur then i think i might have readjust the cap skills or maybe not if i have enough point on her captain so yeah which should i start off with BoS or BFT and what bout the remaining skills? much thanks
  13. amazinghuh

    Vigilance/High Alert/Superintendent for Bismarck

    isn't 4 prem heals? enough already on a 70k hp ship! was wondering this.