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  1. Daintree

    HMAS Armadale Teddy Sheean & premium ship flags

    could you look into adding the HMAS Australia-Indefatigable class Battecrusier and HMAS Shropshire- aka (HMS London's big sister last of the LONDON-Class Heavy cruiser's Built. And HMAS Canberra was a county class heavy cruiser that got Dive Bombed at the saloman island and Battle of Guadalcanal - Operation Watchtower of the US Marines as HMAS Canberra and HMAS Australia together with with HMAS Warramunga , HMAS Gascoyne, USS KID. Both these 2 ships had major honor's in major battle's in WW1&2 ( The Name HMAS Canberra was rewarded to the First Baltimore class crusier from Roosevelt as USS Canberra )
  2. Daintree

    Armada: Cheshire

    I Think this is wrong as the HMS Cheshire was a Armed Merchant Cruiser for convoy and troop transport an was in service and even hit couple of times from u-boats but lived check this out https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205146494 , https://uboat.net/allies/warships/ship/3348.html . Images and logs of it's history here showing it's service. On 9 June 1943 returned and used as troopship by the Ministry of War Transport (MoWT), later as repatriation ship. On 5 October 1948 returned to owner. P.S. just to ad sumthing else wrong i notice to your https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/history/armada-cheshire/ you said under history "she was modeled on the basis of cruiser Albemarle" ??? that was a pre-drednought Duncan class battleship not a crusier ? i could be wrong as i can not find any info about them making the Albemarle class cruiser but went to the county class battlecrusier/heavy crusier ? if there is info i would love to now if could show the resource you got this info from plz thankyou ~_^ P.S.S. -could you's maybe look into adding maybe the HMAS Australia-Indefatigable class Batte crusier and the HMAS Shropshire- aka (Londons big sister) both these 2 ships had major honor's in major battle's in WW1&2 with HMAS Warramunga, HMAS Gascoyne, HMAS Canberra (being named to a USS Baltimore class crusier from Roosevelt) pretty plz
  3. Daintree

    any aussies playing?

    but on the plus side it's twice to 3 times better ping and fps ratio here for world of warships asia server than the NA or EU but if you play world of warplanes stick to NA as it is far easyer to find player's to battle agaisnt there than just none stop bot's
  4. Daintree

    any aussies playing?

    More often than not, feelings have a way of complicating things, the red flame has forgotten the truth, while the white flame has discovered it. And when these to flames meet, everything will BURN TO ASH.
  5. Daintree

    any aussies playing?

    hi there i'm a aussie as well and am on often but also find it hard to play sum times with allot of squares and dots and dashes flying by but is great to play with others that know English so if ever want to division when i'm on hit me up game tag is same as forum tag Daintree name speaks for itself as to which state i'm in ~_^ am teir4-7 at moment and play often with east coast times as am in Brisbane at moment