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  1. The Unsung Brave Fool Heroes

    Lets take this back to the OP. that will be the common result if you follow this advice. yay... fun
  2. The Unsung Brave Fool Heroes

    I would rather die trying to win than live and guarantee a loss.
  3. camera detached while ingame

    The camera can be detached with CTRL + SHIFT + BACKSPACE, and reattached by pressing the same combo again. Any chance you may have accidentally pressed this key combo?
  4. Twitch Prime (Free Texas)

    Yeah that's my bet. Here is the page to link Twitch to WoWs.
  5. Same. Thing is even if you research it it is misleading. Take this line for example from https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/common/unsinkable-sam/ and here is the accompanying graphic which precedes it further up the page which clearly shows only 1 item from the "Hunt for Bismark" collection.
  6. I agree. Totally misleading. Item clearly says the EU site is better, but still not on point as I think you could easily interpret it as those 5 crates being all that would be required NA is better again, clearly stating you only have a chance to complete it, although if you need more than 10 that chance is 0%
  7. Well that makes perfect sense in this example. I should have remembered that but hadn't considered it. However I still feel like something isn't right. Normally the roles are reversed and I'm the one who can't see who's firing at me. I can see the gun bloom and the shells, but not the ship. In those circumstances I am certain that the ship has been both out in the open and withing my visual range. I don't currently remember exactly when it last happened but I will be sure to record it next time it does for further analysis. Thanks for reply. You win the prize.
  8. Here's a vid I made that shows it happening (but from the other side). I was the one who should have been spotted. You can see the Fletcher is clearly within range. You can also see him smoke up at the end which indicates he wasn't in smoke before that.
  9. Twitch Prime (Free Texas)

    Someone's triggered coz he didn't get a Texas But that sucks though.
  10. Twitch Prime (Free Texas)

    Well then that would explain why you wouldn't select "the rest of the world" option (or whatever it's called)
  11. Twitch Prime (Free Texas)

    As I have asked before when another user said the same thing, what planet do you live on?
  12. Maybe ill quit this game

    These things were happening to me on the PTS too. So I can say they will happen even on a very well spec'ed machine. These days I no longer bother reporting the errors because even when I do they make it out of PTS and into the game, so I figure why bother?
  13. [07] Praefecti naumachia
  14. Good stuff. FYI if you have the capabilities then recording the run and opening it in editing software is a good way to precisely measure the time.
  15. What's the meaning of TDS?

    My guess TDS = Total damage scored