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  1. keskparane

    Should I Instal Back WoWs?

    Double meaning. Does a yes mean you should install or you should keep your sanity? I wouldn't reinstall if I were you, or me, or anyone else.
  2. keskparane

    I just bounced 6 shells from my musashi

    IIRC Flamu did a video of an Eire bouncing Yamato shells. Found one. Not the one I was thinking of but you get the idea.
  3. FFS it was an example. Obviously they do end user testing for seat color etc. Are you trying to say they get Grandma Wrinklybottom to tell them if the suspension is safe in an extreme obstacle avoidance maneuver?
  4. Now that you've planted it back in my mind I will add this. Do you think perhaps there is a reason why car manufacturers don't get a whole lot of random people off the street to help them test and develop their new cars? By the logic of WG and others that's what they should be doing. I wonder why they bother with specialist test drivers when they are even less than the 0.1%
  5. Well I haven't watched any F1 in years. Had I thought a bit longer I would have remembered Ricciardo and used him.
  6. Ya reckon? IMO aa became too strong on the second test. I was dumbfounded when they didn't dial it down for the third test.
  7. Obviously not because people kept on abusing it on the live server.
  8. Exactly. I was abusing the F key on the PTS. But it made it through PTS because most people didn't think of it. It was then a BIG problem. So it was detected by Lewis, ignored by WG. So do you think it a good thing WG ignores these things on PTS?
  9. Fair enough. My point is not so much the skill ceiling or the 0.1% as it is balancing a ship based on a player who knows what they are talking about. Balancing ships based on players doing stupid things will (and does) lead to ships that aren't actually balanced at all (as the results consistently prove)
  10. Why would the game die quickly? The ships would be balanced. This is the whole problem, WG are balancing the ships for people who play badly. If someone sails broadside in a ship and takes big damage should you buff the armor or increase the heal? If someone fires round after round of AP into an angled ship should you buff the AP penetration? If the ships were properly balanced in the first place people could learn to use them, or continue to do stupid things. The difference being that once a player became competent the ship would not be OP. If they kept doing stupid things then they would just die like normal. Instead you think WG should buff ships that perform badly because of how they are played. Meaning that a few people will learn to exploit a badly balanced ship. Then a few more, then a few more. And we will end up with another badly balanced ship. The end result is a game where skill has very little or no place. The whole thing is just one big rng fest, with a few OP ships that were buffed so that people could do stupid things and not get punished for their stupidity.
  11. The problem here is that WG looks at how a ship does. It's like giving an F1 car to 999 people and Lewis Hamilton, then tuning the car to make the 999 perform best in it. Basically they break the car. Then as the people get better they have to retune it because it is no longer tuned for their skill. It's an endless cycle, a tail wagging a dog. An example of this was the CV testing and CV pts. All the problems were blaringly obvious to any slightly competent player. Yet WG tuned the ship to make it balanced in the hands of unskilled noobs. Which of course resulted in totally broken CV's once people had played a few games on a server that didn't crash and learnt how to use them.
  12. keskparane


    Try disabling uploads. You may be being throttled because you're running out of upload bandwidth.
  13. keskparane

    Do people read their post after posting it?

    Is the OP still reading this one?
  14. keskparane

    the fix

    You'd be surprised how many people will keep pouring money into this game. Kinda sad in a way.
  15. keskparane

    Off Fishing

    Just respec the ones you're playing atm. Leave the rest unspecced till you decide. edit: just make sure you don't click wrong bote and take no upgrade bote and unspecced capt into ranked we did win though