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  1. Damn the orders, hard to port.

    Yeah I'm pretty sure that is caused by the game not registering a keyheld event after returning from entering text in chat. A simple fix that they ignore.
  2. Seems like a good start. I hope it's a 2 strikes you're out policy.

    You missed the _
  4. Damn the orders, hard to port.

    Ahhhhhh. I'm not on my normal PC. It was on.
  5. Anyone else notice their ship turning without input recently? I have had it on quite a few game. At first I figured I had inadvertently pressed Q or E but last game I know I hadn't. Rudder display didn't show but my ship was in a hard turn.
  6. Anyone buying these?

    I choose to take offence at that Roma camo. Of all the sensitivities they disallow how does an upside down can pass as respectful?
  7. Q: what's that? A: IMO one of the biggest differences between noobs & unicums & something I rarely possess.
  8. Legendary Upgrades

    Look at your personal assignments
  9. Is Duca d'Aosta a good cruiser?

    Can you just grind the Warspite with the Royal Navy event?
  10. Warspite

    For the price of a smith (or nearabouts) you can get 1 container if you want an extra 15 sovereigns (each account has 1 cheap container & 10 cheap guineas). I know this because I bought it by mistake. As for Warspite I will have her in a few hours Hint playing co-op is the easiest way to get into HOF
  11. may have been. time doesn't register much with me
  12. coz you've been around long enough you should have got the free one earlier this year