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  1. New Supercontainers worth waiting for?

    I recently stockpiled some crates. When Hit fast, hit hard, hit often campaign started I opened some of the stockpile. No items. So I agree that not worth saving them. FYI I had stockpiled 100 crates, so not like I missed because 1 or 2 crates didn't have anything.
  2. I demand an explanation.

    They are screenshots but yeah shooting down 30 planes and not getting the mission kinda sux
  3. Is the Server Dying or Is It Just Me?

    I opened ping plotter out of interest. Ping looks ok but seeing dropped packets which is really unusual.
  4. Login video

    place your video (in usm video format) in /res/gui/video create 3 copies named login.usm login_02.usm login_03.usm
  5. Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    Coal, good. But what's up with the torpedo? Did torpedo guy finally rub the paint off?
  6. Fuso

    I hope not for your sake. After 3867 games you will have less than 50% WR
  7. Well you guys managed to drag me back in for 2 more posts. But this is the last. The name calling started a long time ago, and was all directed at me (not from me).
  8. No it's not. It's weird how you ignore the the information source (me) when I tell you that is not what I mean, and assume you know what I mean. What I meant by that is that is has little to do with competitiveness, and more to do with timezones and culture. No matter how competitive I get it does not change the fact that clan battles are after midnight in my timezone. No matter how much I like warships it does not change the fact that I'm not into anime.
  9. I'll stop now. I have to presume this is all just trolling because I do actually regard many of you competitive players as having some intelligence, yet the way you argue indicates the opposite.
  10. Guys please stop with the slander. That is not what I'm saying. If you think it is then perhaps stop and take some time to understand what I am saying, rather than slinging false statements around.
  11. I am not asking for that. I have reiterated that fact. You saying it doesn't make it true.
  12. Yeah. It's really about the fact that clan wars can be hard to organize (especially if you're not in an appropriate timezone). For one; If I talk into my mic in the wee hours of the morning it disturbs the family sleeping in the adjoining rooms. I am told that my concern for their rest means I'm not committed enough (or something like that). This game should not have to involve the whole household.
  13. Please don't confuse effort with work done, that is elitist. An elephant can effortlessly knock down a wall, jeez it can do it accidentally. A child simply could not do it at maximum effort.
  14. And basically the most value you can add in this game is purchases from the premium shop. The effort required to click a couple of buttons is not beyond a potato.