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  1. Update 0.7.0 Feedback

    My thoughts exactly.
  2. IMO DoY looks even better.
  3. [MOG] Musashi Owners Group

    There has been a lot of talk about whether she is worth it or not. I don't care for such chit chat, I just went straight to tech tree and got her. Proud owner of nu bote.
  4. Yeah well that's fine if you have lots of 19 pt captains that call all earn captain exp. For us mere mortals who only have 1 or 2 it's better to move them between the ships that don't require retraining.
  5. Best way to train captains is to work on one until you get a 19 point captain. Best of all is a 19pt IJN captain. Play that captain with all modifiers to gain captain exp. Use that captain experience when required to train new captains up to where you need them. Where the IJN captain really pays off is if you have the HSF & dragon boats. You can move the captain from ship to ship getting all the first win bonuses.
  6. Yes. If you watched the videos many have shown the employees playing the game.
  7. Gets reported for playing good

    Karma is a system introduced by WG that gives players an extra avenue to spread negativity. Why would they remove it?
  8. me too. ridiculous how much port uses.
  9. Remember. A player can only hit your torpedoes if you take the risk of firing them in an area they can reach.
  10. I agree. Ethics and skill are not related.
  11. The Duke's guns dont work

    Just burn stuff. After multiple attempts I have given up on using AP on DoY. I find her guns to be good, and am often very happy with the grouping. And I love the arctic camo.
  12. I think we agree that you shouldn't take certain things to heart. Where I think we differ the most is that I see the instigator as being the one who took it to heart. That they were the one frustrated. Can you explain to me how that is not the case?