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  1. keskparane

    Des Moines Athwartship

    Doesn't make sense? Yeah they should make it say 600mm. That would solve the problem. Now what might the tradeoff be?
  2. keskparane

    I need ADVICE [Serious Question]

    Get CV rekt everything. Wait till 1 side collapses under your onslaught of tnt fish then go other and cap for your team.
  3. keskparane

    Twilight Battle is broken

    I have a better idea. Fix the main game first before fixing these silly novelties.
  4. keskparane

    Ralph's Christmas crate giveaway and upboat farming thread

    Keskparane. "I will not be salty if my crate is poop"
  5. keskparane

    what means this?

    .... never mind
  6. keskparane

    What do you want from santa's boxes?

    World peace
  7. What sort of (insert insulting name here) would rush a Belfast in smoke? Wait for smoke to finish and delete.
  8. keskparane

    fix your damn game

    I gave feedback to public tests, reported bugs, sent tickets..... I then worked out it wasn't worth my time.
  9. keskparane

    fix your damn game

    Hard not for anyone who's played a while to agree that the stability of this game is rubbish. The weirdest thing is that they don't seem to wan't to fix old reported problems.. For a log time I have been questioning my aim. Had I totally lost it? But 1 thing Halloween has proved to me is that my aim is fine. I regularly insta delete 2 ships with the Leviathan. To me this indicates there is nothing wrong with my aim and it's just bs rng making my life so hard (as in first world hard, so not really at all)
  10. keskparane

    Mighty Commander Jingles?

    I read the post title and was already thinking something like this. Came to post but see you've beat me to it.
  11. keskparane

    CV test 3 crashes every game

    .. and then cant log back in. can't test what can't play
  12. keskparane

    Game Modifications Hub topic gone!? WHERE IS IT?

    here https://forum.worldofwarships.asia/forum/328-mod-section/
  13. keskparane


    Really? Why wouldn't they just request shave the rest and not miss 3 weeks education?
  14. keskparane

    Battle of Oliwa

    https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/history/oliwa-and-company/ Mission started 6 days ago, we just get access now