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  1. keskparane

    Big Boys Toys

  2. Don't worry I already know you haven't eaten any. I knew you couldn't help but reply when you said you wouldn't. You have to because your logic isn't effective and you make stuff up. Cya.
  3. It's only circular because you are refusing to acknowledge new evidence.
  4. Actually by inference you said you can't blame MM for WR over 20 games and I said you could. So that is not what I said when I edited your post. Of my 200+ ships I think I probably would have considered maybe 7 of them MM cursed. That's less than 3.5% so not a large number. I have seen MM give me insurmountable odds for my skill level. Sure someone with a better WR than mine probably could have turned a few of my losses into wins but that doesn't mean I haven't had some ships start with 5% WR after 20 games (I think). And I don't expect I have been the unluckiest person ever on SEA server either, so someone will almost certainly get worse luck than that at some point. Lighten the mood? Why does dealing in facts make your mood worse?
  5. @AntifoulAwl Here's my team from last 2 coop matches. (I'm grinding all botes for anniversary crates) (names changed to protect the guilty). Look at the skill disparity between the 2 teams. I know from experience just how likely it is that the second team will win if these 2 teams played each other. Sure there are upsets with much larger disparities than this, but overall these stats influence game outcome more than anything else.
  6. @AntifoulAwl On a different tack I will raise the many games where our team has won against a VOR (or other unicum clan) division. Do you think for even half a second I would claim that we won because my skill was better than theirs? I can assure you I wouldn't. I know they are better players without a doubt. So why didn't they win? Yet even those DIV lose 30+ games in a hundred. Do you think all losses are evenly distributed? Have you never had a large losing streak? (once again like many users have posted on this forum)
  7. Your noob subjective opinions on the skill distribution of MM have little to do with fact. And what would those factors have been? You can't come here and talk about how balanced odds are on all factors and yet claim that 11 of their team member were cursed by random bad RNG. The 0% WR only applies to 7 matches. Maybe you've never had a boat with those initial stats but I have. You talk about factors. Do you not find it hard in a new boat that has 0 upgrades while you grind the first modules? Or do you just FXP them?
  8. Who assigns the players if not MM?
  9. How do you explain the many screenshots we have seen here where players, practically single handed, have destroyed almost the entire enemy team and still lost? I mean it was clearly their fault right?
  10. How do you know this? What steps have you taken to look at the stats of every player in the match? Or do you just mean you don't know and are guessing because that's more accurate?
  11. Could be as few as 10 games in a row,. but yes same applies. If you knew the team skill distribution I am certain you would quickly change your stance. You can blame MM when you have for example 4 dds who have played less total matches than a single unicum dd player has had losses in his +2k game dd. I use this example (of which I have seen many times) because total games is IMO the clearest indicator. A player with a 40% wr but thousands of games has more chance of winning than a player with a 60% wr over 20 games. They are only 100% of his yamato matches. 20 matches is a very small sample for MM.
  12. FTFY On a small game quantity sample your original statement was simply false.
  13. I've had many cursed boats. Boats that just encounter bad teams on most their games. Some might argue it's the players fault but when you have a boat like Texas and 3 of your team are dead before you can even get an enemy into your gun range there is simply nothing you can do.
  14. keskparane

    Codes NEW NEW and even NEWER

    Wait till you disagree. That's when the fun starts.
  15. keskparane

    Can you still get ships in supercontainers?

    yes and to think I nearly bought her with all the doubloons I also got