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  1. CPUs are too dumb

    Ah, one of those. Funny how it doesn't happen to other players then isn't it.
  2. How to get better in randoms

    Just don't focus on capping. It is the least important thing. p.s this advice needs to be taken in context
  3. How to get better in randoms

    The most important thing is to focus on capping. p.s this advice needs to be taken in context
  4. [All] Keskparane's mods

    Version 1.0.1 - fixed bug selecting incorrect steam folder kMods.1.0.1.zip
  5. March of the eagles

    It's too late. To truly save her we had to switch for a few days before the 13th. Now all we can offer is palliative care.
  6. You know that frozen moment in time where the open movie pauses while the game loads. I've seen some really great ones in the past. Despite this one being quite simple it's been the first one I've decided to share.
  7. Have you got your T-61?

    Since you're here I might ask how does the following translate to you? This is to do with the Go Navy event. Although in some senses a different topic I believe it similar because it is about communication and rewards. Doesn't it make it sound like you can earn 3 loyalty on both teams in 1 day if you switch? You could say that "your loyalty to the previous team does not change" indicates that you wouldn't get loyalty for the other team. But I would argue that the also in "you will also get +3 to loyalty to your new team" indicates you should, but you don't.
  8. Have you got your T-61?

    That would be great. I expect nobody would mind much if it were days later, so long as it is on the day you say it will be.
  9. Have you got your T-61?

    Yup 8:0 so far
  10. Have you got your T-61?

    someone like you, who can't comprehend what is actually on offer.
  11. 1. Description When trying to strafe out of lock fighters often don't. Today I actually saw where they eventually did, but it was with about 20 seconds delay. 2. Reproduction steps Play CV and try to strafe out of lock. Happens to me quite often. 3. Result I lose many fighters (and sometimes subsequently matches) due to this bug. 4. Expected result Fighters should strafe out (if requirements are met) when asked to. 5. Technical details Approx game time remaining when fighter strafe command on squadron #3 given 18:18. Approx game time remaining when fighters finally action the command 17:56. python.log DxDiag.txt 20180812_132308_PJSA012-Zuikaku-1944_19_OC_prey.wowsreplay
  12. [All] Keskparane's mods

    Version 1.0 Should work with all versions of WoWs - easy save & switch between different versions - minor cv zoom tweaks kMods.1.0.zip
  13. Have you got your T-61?

    @Kudrjavka_Nomi @Grimnar42 @Max_Carnage @Sebdspy @Hexlin Looks like they're in
  14. Have you got your T-61?

    Wow. So you've turned misleading & false advertising into being quick witted.