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  1. I don't really agree with the necessity of the change, Just like the CV rework : there are no problems to it at the start. First, the radar. I do agree on the point that radar mechanics breaks concealment values for small ships, but the problem was not with the radar itself, it's with the stealth radaring which goes through islands like magic. The other point I would like to point out is that rarely that a DD would be killed by radar IF they were positioned correctly and know the radar ships position (which can be guessed since covers are required), on the other hand if a radar ship does managed to sneak up on a DD to kill range shouldn't they be rewarded with a kill on their target for such a risky play? The problem is never with the consumable itself, no matter how you change the radar mechanics there will always be DDs crying of radar because of their poor positioning and situational awareness while the cries gets all the attention since they are the majority of the players, where they will demand the game to change instead of learning how to play the game on better terms. Same thing with the Flooding, this change is pretty silly since underwater pens no longer cause flooding. Floodings are MEANT to force damage control, and since modules, flags and skills exist they are no longer lethal given that the player has enough situational awareness and knowing the limits of their ship as they should be. The new flooding mechanics are just simply too "Noob-Friendly" since there exists already many torpedoes countermeasures (i.e. Torpedo bulge, Engine acceleration/Boost, Hydroacoustic Search, Vigilance skill) not to mention the encouragement to positioning and map awareness since given all these characteristics, torpedoes are pretty much already ineffective. I would STRONGLY SUGGEST that instead of reworking the mechanics, just tune down the duration of floodings a bit to allow some more room for errors and let the old mechanics do their job as they were. In conclusion, pls WG pls just consider fixing things by tuning values, not by reworking them since it costs a lot of time and efforts and they would be wasted on some problems that doesn't even exist. Lastly, pls really put more efforts on encouraging players to play better, not make the game easier for those who did not wish to improve. P.S. I do not deny that there are ships that are worth crying for in the radar and flooding mechanics, but that was the job of balancing, not reworking to solve the problem since most players seem to be inable to distinguish the following : broken ship/broken mechanics, bad play/bad team, their own multiplier to evaluating a ship.
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    Design A Patch submission

    Patch Name : Fighter Wing Author's Name : Paloch Vasudhara [ IGN : Alice_Borealis ] Application used : Keynote Designing process : 1.) Tracing over image 2.) Finalising outline with splined shapes 3.) Applying shades and patterns [ FINAL WORK ]