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    ST can be show Stat testship in facebook??

    Have been seeing breaches by the mentioned clan members for a bit while, most are somewhat minor and indirect so I don't really mind but boy.... this one is way too much asking for trouble.
  2. Just letting off some of my thoughts regarding the 899 spawnpeek divisions being complained by NA playerbase. They said BB's and CV division should be stopped. What for? The strat is only effective against specific target which is tier 8 CV played by those who doesn't move their ship as soon as they got into battle (You can literally random shift+click five points around your spawn and should even be fine without getting into cover) Low/Mid tier BBs doesn't have the range and tier 10 CVs are armored as hell. Funny enough, the strat works like magic which illustrates the quality of ongoing CV players. In comparison, this is nothing compared to a CV rush strat or a 788 CV division in the old RTS days. This is just my opinion about what the 899 division do to the game : It improves overall satisfaction on the game (except for those CVs who are dumb enough to be hit by this strat as mentioned), let's face it we all hate playing against CVs no matter how they are and this will reduce some of those CV players who are ineffective enough to play them effectively anyway. As of current CVs are way too easy to play, dealing even more damage than before (*see my reference in the end for proof) hence there have been too many CVs in games for the player's comfort sometimes even multiple CVs per side and not much of a reliable one as well, most are dumb and ineffective which they come in and will deal damage to ships without any plans or real effort at all. Some added difficulties in playing shouldn't be the end of the world, instead it would add more effort for CV players to invest in order to perform well which makes sense regarding how much efforts surface ships needed to avoid getting caught by them. *Reference on how I claimed that Reworked CV deals more damage than RTS CV I'm not judging from "What most players can do" but from "What the ship actually can do" which can be found by looking directly at the top players who can bring out most of the ship's capabilities. Attached here are stats from the top players on tier 8 CVs, which not to mention that tier 10 CVs stats will stretch the difference even more you can check by yourself.
  3. I do like recent ST changes WG has made after new year so far, French ship nerfs, upgrade changes and specific cyclone in Clan Battles, but this one is pretty bad to compare. First point : Unique commanders are supposed to provide bonuses when you PERFORM WELL, not PERFORM NORMALLY. For example Yamamoto Isoroku to get the bonus you'll need to snatch a first blood which is a once in a match opportunity, Bull Halsey would need a double strike which is rare as well. Now Nikolay, you can just get the bonus from dropping your HP to certain value which does NOT require any skill based gameplay at all, next Luigi Sansonetti a kill is what you get nearly every game and that already increases your firing range, not to mention that 100 shell hits for high tier Italian cruisers are really easy to get, (I've played some games in Brindisi and NOT A SINGLE game where I don't get the consumable duration buff). Now this new captain is even worse, getting two floodings are just literally one or two torpedo salvos. In addition Witherer is a very easy achievement to get using British DD or BB, and two destroyed ships are no different than one ship on Luigi Sansonetti's skill. So In summary, I would like to have these unique skills HARDER to activate since they provide advantages to those who play well, but they SHOULD NOT provide advantages by playing normally without having achieve anything special. Second point : Arms Race is a great mode, but it wasn't made for player to be using their playstyle and strategy to compete YET. In current state of Arms Race, a superior ship will always win the cap and bonus, which snowball the game even more, Arms Race caps should have a cap time (say 15-20 seconds) so that the other team can contest it to some extent. Lastly, the bonus spawn points are to be adjusted so that island placement on each map will not be easier for one team, or else adjust the islands. Hope that my advice here would be heard, I do like how the game is progressing after the new year. Please keep it that way and take in consideration from those who really use the ships at their maximum capability and know them truly, without any personal biases. Cheers
  4. I don't really agree with the necessity of the change, Just like the CV rework : there are no problems to it at the start. First, the radar. I do agree on the point that radar mechanics breaks concealment values for small ships, but the problem was not with the radar itself, it's with the stealth radaring which goes through islands like magic. The other point I would like to point out is that rarely that a DD would be killed by radar IF they were positioned correctly and know the radar ships position (which can be guessed since covers are required), on the other hand if a radar ship does managed to sneak up on a DD to kill range shouldn't they be rewarded with a kill on their target for such a risky play? The problem is never with the consumable itself, no matter how you change the radar mechanics there will always be DDs crying of radar because of their poor positioning and situational awareness while the cries gets all the attention since they are the majority of the players, where they will demand the game to change instead of learning how to play the game on better terms. Same thing with the Flooding, this change is pretty silly since underwater pens no longer cause flooding. Floodings are MEANT to force damage control, and since modules, flags and skills exist they are no longer lethal given that the player has enough situational awareness and knowing the limits of their ship as they should be. The new flooding mechanics are just simply too "Noob-Friendly" since there exists already many torpedoes countermeasures (i.e. Torpedo bulge, Engine acceleration/Boost, Hydroacoustic Search, Vigilance skill) not to mention the encouragement to positioning and map awareness since given all these characteristics, torpedoes are pretty much already ineffective. I would STRONGLY SUGGEST that instead of reworking the mechanics, just tune down the duration of floodings a bit to allow some more room for errors and let the old mechanics do their job as they were. In conclusion, pls WG pls just consider fixing things by tuning values, not by reworking them since it costs a lot of time and efforts and they would be wasted on some problems that doesn't even exist. Lastly, pls really put more efforts on encouraging players to play better, not make the game easier for those who did not wish to improve. P.S. I do not deny that there are ships that are worth crying for in the radar and flooding mechanics, but that was the job of balancing, not reworking to solve the problem since most players seem to be inable to distinguish the following : broken ship/broken mechanics, bad play/bad team, their own multiplier to evaluating a ship.
  5. Alice_Borealis

    Design A Patch submission

    Patch Name : Fighter Wing Author's Name : Paloch Vasudhara [ IGN : Alice_Borealis ] Application used : Keynote Designing process : 1.) Tracing over image 2.) Finalising outline with splined shapes 3.) Applying shades and patterns [ FINAL WORK ]