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  1. Burnt_Out_Koalas

    The MM Ballad..... THE REAL CULPRIT!!

    Yes sorry trolling my old emails, noticed this post and found it very interesting. Look totally agree that the top clans are Chinese, Japanese or Korean. But not cause of language barriers or English skills or anything like that at all. It is cause they have a much bigger player base to choose from and these clans only pick unicorns to join their clans "simples" , the fact is language barriers is an issue full stop and it really does not matter what country you are from. Japanese do not speak Cantonese or Mandarin or Korean etc etc. So late at night there is little co-ordination in random battles "EXCEPT" divisional Unicorn CLAN players. So imagine you are a SOLO player??? you play against these CLANs .... you are always going to get smashed .... cause they pick only Unicorns to join their clans and 3 Unicorns vs average players and maybe 1 Unicorn will always give the win to the Unicorn Clan division. Besides not only do they division up they generally division up with a CV and 2 insanely specked up AA ships. This makes their chances increase by a factor of 2, you can look at the Matchmaking monitor to see this .... the 3 players in these ships have a winrate of above 80% .... no surprises here as they only play in divisions and they only play with a CV divisional team. There are few Australian clans if any that i know of that do this kind of stacking, and this is the main reason why WoWs is declining in popularity. No one wants to face 3 unicorns in a CV divisional setup that gives you 0% chance of competing. If wargaming does not fix this .... this game will simply fade away like all the rest. Regards
  2. Burnt_Out_Koalas

    Clans Playing CV Divisions = 1 sided games

    Can i suggest that the MM match up ships that have similar Def AA skills, IE if they take out a Mino and a Kidd with a CV then something similar IE a New Orleans with a Kidd and CV even if they are not in a division. This way both sides enjoy the game? I know those divisional teams would need to wait longer .... too bad if they want to stack up the match in their favour then they should wait.
  3. Burnt_Out_Koalas

    Clans Playing CV Divisions = 1 sided games

    yes i totally agree, if you are a CV player and you do not div up - your winrate will greatly drop. But it is not just about winrates as such ... it is just not fun when the game is already decided by a divisional CV clan for nearly everyone but the divisional team.
  4. Burnt_Out_Koalas

    Clans Playing CV Divisions = 1 sided games

    Haven't you see these clans making a CV divisional game? It happens late at night, when the Later regions clans get online - every 3rd or 4th game after midnight i see it now. Basically i don't bother anymore.
  5. Hi All, I know you will tell me to git gud. But lately it has becoming boring with divisional players with Massive AA and CV builds. Yes this is a rant... it will make players drop off and it is not good for the game. As soon as i see a division with CV's i can see in the MatchMaker that they all have a winrate of over 80% it must get boring for them? And people just won't play. IMHO they should ban CV's with Divisional play, it will make the game better... yes i know they can in theory do a count down, but it does not guarantee they will be on the same side. Being a unicorn with a CV division is not that hard frankly... I welcome your thoughts.
  6. Burnt_Out_Koalas

    Balanced matchmaking

    Well don't look at matchmaking monitor....you might find just how uneven some games are. Yesterday i had four games in a row with my team 20% lower than our opponents. I use it only to realize that if i can't carry the team in a ship than is mainly support then i just do my best in a losing team. While it is not be all it is pretty accurate. All four games our team was was down 3 or 4 ships down after 5 mins.
  7. Burnt_Out_Koalas

    how to reach rank 1?

    This season ranked is horrible, completely in the favour to Battleships who sit back and snipe (WongSongMing must be in his glory) , . Open maps at best, does not encourage Cruisers and only 1 or 2 DD's far well and that is only for spotting and Radar advantages only. Nearly every third game you see a BB player on the losing team BB ram another BB (even if it is just 1 ship down) So the rules are simple for Ranked this season are as follows. To be consistently moving forward on the rank levels :- 1/ Only take a BB out that can SNIPE miles away or if bored take out the Asian DD's only 2/ Hope that your team gets an early kill before you actually do anything 3/ Move up after your team is winning or losing 4/ If losing RAM another ship to get max points 5/ Don't bother with any other DD other than a Lo Yang 6/ Don't bother with a Cruiser 7/ Pretty much US or Japanese BB's is the only way to move forward 8/ Sit back and see what happens .... 9/ always go in reverse .... 10/ play boring tactics 11/ Don't be a team player .... its about not losing a star 12/ Don't listen to your team players for help Success.
  8. Burnt_Out_Koalas

    DDs detection in 'new' smoke mechanic

    No what is happening lately is aimbots....seen it a couple of times. Watch replay...no radar...spotted once and while still moving turning and they still full blooded hits while i did not fire once.
  9. Burnt_Out_Koalas

    'Stat-bashing' - where do you draw the line?

    Maybe just maybe the person doing the discrediting is too stupid to realise that all he/she are doing is just insulting them.
  10. Burnt_Out_Koalas

    Why SEA has less premium ships than NA,EU or RU

    Personal preferences, it will depend greatly on how you play. For me i cannot play a IJN DD .... but others excel in them and it took time for me to understand it but it is just not my play-style . I like fast moving gun ships and i like to get in close to the action. So this is what i like in the prem range : Smith Scharnhorst I suspect the Graf Spee Gallant Lenningrad Sims Loyang I suspect the Perth and maybe the Hood However it is your play-style so watch some you-tube vids on these and if you like it buy it. Regards
  11. Burnt_Out_Koalas

    overpowered DDs

    Are you really going to say that a DD is OP vs BB? Lemme tell you what i see in the top tiers of BB's; Yamato starts the game near the C cap, he moves at a slight angle towards C cap and stops about 2kms away and then reverses for the rest of the game. Kills 4 ships with only 6 correct salvos that actually hit anything .... end of game, and most Yamato players have a reasonable win rate. Not only is it boring to watch but i see this game after game. Skill well not much really? DD needs to stealthy go into the CAP c ... avoid other DD's spotting .... avoids radar by using islands ... avoids enemy torps as RPF knew exactly where he is. Finds no support behind him ... needs to leave fast before Cruiser kills him .... gets out with half health. DD needs to do lots of work and smoking up his support and spotting and practically running from CL's and CV's all game. This is why i dont play BB's .... unless its a brawler BB.... but even that in the high tiers is rare these days ... they sit outside of a zone almost standstill fire from 20 kms away. Not all BB players do that but it seems to be the majority. BORING>
  12. Burnt_Out_Koalas

    what is DD main role?

    Easy to say .... it really depends on the DD. If its a Torp IJN DD secure caps and spot would be its only option. If its a Russian DD .... Killy enemy DD's and defend caps run all over the map phew phewing .... Assuming it has a detection range of the whole map If its a multi-role DD like most US DD's then i agree
  13. Burnt_Out_Koalas

    Unbalanced skill MM

    Aslains mod pack match maker...is scary to load. I have seen a 20% difference between teams in all 3 areas. XP-WR-avge damage. Then you play and the game is over after 5 mins when your team melts with 4 ships to nil sunk.
  14. Burnt_Out_Koalas

    Shima to get upgraded Torps in next Patch?

    agreed it is the worst T10 ship in the game atm.
  15. Burnt_Out_Koalas

    Request for information

    Well i bought an Audi this time around. Btw the no response strategy is in hope that it will just go away. They feel they have a good enough product and small enough risk of losing little users that they most likely will never respond. They just want it to go away.