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  1. Burnt_Out_Koalas

    Later Suckers!!!

    I find the chat ... heaps of chat. The people seem in ranked to say .... GG red team well played. But yes i do see more dummy spits too.
  2. Burnt_Out_Koalas

    Later Suckers!!!

  3. Burnt_Out_Koalas

    Later Suckers!!!

    Well as most of my clan members, we have transferred to North America. No more CV queues, no more ships all sitting behind islands for 20 mins HE spamming, no more boring tactics as the planes can see you all game, no more bot aimers and AFK no pay players and finally NO MORE Asian Bots that get all the ships up and sell them to make money. It's been fun.... i finally got to 50% W/R only a couple of weeks ago after just being a average Australian who just wanted a nice game of ships without looking at every little stat and change my ship selection based on. One week its Carriers ... update the next Smolensk. I won't miss that! All the mates i left behind .... I wish you good luck and fair seas, I just hope it is more Ships that have variety than HE SPAM, Radar sitting behind islands and Carriers who cannot be touched.
  4. Burnt_Out_Koalas

    Carrier Players with around 500 games or less playing T10

    hmmm yes and no, with all the radar ships etc... they get smashed way too quickly. Kids I am guessing this is aimed at, want something that lasts the whole 20 minutes or not get smashed in less than 5 mins won't be running out a T10 DD, besides it takes alot longer to get a T10 DD doesn't it? I wouldn't know to be honest cause Carriers style of play is boring and frankly I find them childish to play them compared to a SHIP. It takes alot more skill to angle and time your shot and wait for targets than it does for planes to fly around, sure i do agree to at some levels that a GREAT CV player plays for his team to win and just doesnt fly at a ship and drop its load, however they are rare breeds.
  5. Burnt_Out_Koalas

    Carrier Players with around 500 games or less playing T10

    well i totally agree with your comment, however the CV "can" have the biggest impact to the top tier games. The reality is that while i showed some stats above, I am seeing this very frequently these days. And btw this guy was not in my team so i am not bitching about a loss. This IMHO is why so many games are floggings .... much much more than before, maybe this is a perception but perception can be a reality! Can't it!!!!
  6. Burnt_Out_Koalas

    Carrier Players with around 500 games or less playing T10

    This is not overnerfs ... this is stopping players getting the most important ship in the highest tier without learning the game. IMHO, you need to be a Unicum to play Carriers cause you only get abuse anyway.
  7. Okay yes this is another whine about Carriers, but it is not the usual whine (I hope). I am seeing players with Tier 10 Carriers with less than 500 games W/Rates around 30% or lower vs experience Warship players who have over 5000 games behind them. It is simple really, they do not know what ships have good AA etc .... Sure i guess these are kids and they like fast moving things and they want to play at best tier they can. I get it .... but I am seeing this every 5 games or so and YES i believe it is very common. I would like suggestions to make carrier players learn the game before they start getting into the TOP tiers. Perhaps something like play 1000 games etc... Thoughts?
  8. Burnt_Out_Koalas

    Yorktown and other CVs (Support CVs soon?)

    I would like the SUBS to hunt down CV's - now that would make them better!!! Finally a ship that can stop CV's playing 20 minutes every game just like the rest of the fleets.
  9. Burnt_Out_Koalas

    CV experts

    Carriers can send 100 planes at you and still continue to attack you, it is the ONLY ship in the game that can survive the whole game and play shit all game and still play. You don't even need to make a mistake in the other ships, if the CV just keeps you spotted and throws 45 Planes that you shoot down you will not last 10 minutes. It is the only ship that Potato's can play every day and have a 20 minute game every game at Tier 10 and have a winrate of around 35%. This is why there are haters about CV players and why so many people have quit the game.
  10. Burnt_Out_Koalas

    Update 0.8.9: Italian Cruisers

    Still failed to address the Elephant in the room, Carriers have made over 70% of my DD's useless in the current meta. I know many players who only play CV's and have win rates above 80% in recent times.... it seems that Wargaming is only interested in CV players and not DD players. I wont spend another cent on this game until they do. I may quit just like all my other friends did in recent months. I do not want to play World of Carriers.
  11. Burnt_Out_Koalas

    So 6 CV games are a thing now?

    Does this mean that we should not complain about them? I have member in my clan who only PLAYS CV's now cause it guarantees him a win about 80% of the time. Sure it is Tier 8 but that shows how much impact it has on the game. The reality is a GOOD CV player will always determine that outcome of the game. This means that World of Warships atm is World Of Carriers .... the rest of us make very little impact compared to them. And while i have 530 days of PAID premium I wont be adding anymore money until they change the NAME to World of Carriers and i move over to a new Wargaming called World of Warships.
  12. Burnt_Out_Koalas


    I so agree, this game is going south quickly with the way CV's are working. Every game i have a CV playing and I love boats, I tried the CV play and its all about planes nothing to do with ships except killing DD's.... it seems everything is for the Carriers. I now see lots of games without Destroyers at all!!! .... It is not fun being in a 17000 HP DD and lose 7000 within the first 1 minute of a game even when you are next to a Seattle to try and mitigate it. I wont be renewing my yearly subscription if things do not change soon. All the American DD's are nerfed out of the game ... Fletcher = DEATH now when it was once the king of the DD's at T9.
  13. Burnt_Out_Koalas


    This is a classic example why Carriers should not play ranked. they do not play the objective the crap players goto the corner of the map how can a guy get to ranked 9 with 126 battles and 33 wins? Easy play CV and don't lose a star They expect you to carry them look where the good CV player is these guys are killing me
  14. Burnt_Out_Koalas

    how to rank

    They don't need to kill everything .... they just need to farm enough points not to lose. The other 6 ships need to carry the game capture the objectives and not die. if they fail then who cares, your in the CV that can just farm enough points not to lose a Star. While I would say most CV players play to win there is that 30% of crappy CV players that don't sadly gives a bad name to all of them. IE they don't try to cover ships or scout enough to spot the enemy or even when a Ship is ALMOST dead they return the plane so that you lose sight of the target just before the final kill..... reasons are simple they don't care about winning just farming.
  15. Burnt_Out_Koalas

    how to rank

    Ranked in the Asian server is an absolute joke. The CV meta is huge but that is not the reason why I am complaining. You see a BAD Carrier player who does not play for his team won't drop many stars. I have seen 37% winrates in a Carrier as high as Rank 6, the reason is they farm hit points to not lose a Star but do not contribute enough to win the game. These are the clowns that move to the end of the map and just farm Hit Points.