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  1. Burnt_Out_Koalas


    This is a classic example why Carriers should not play ranked. they do not play the objective the crap players goto the corner of the map how can a guy get to ranked 9 with 126 battles and 33 wins? Easy play CV and don't lose a star They expect you to carry them look where the good CV player is these guys are killing me
  2. Burnt_Out_Koalas

    how to rank

    They don't need to kill everything .... they just need to farm enough points not to lose. The other 6 ships need to carry the game capture the objectives and not die. if they fail then who cares, your in the CV that can just farm enough points not to lose a Star. While I would say most CV players play to win there is that 30% of crappy CV players that don't sadly gives a bad name to all of them. IE they don't try to cover ships or scout enough to spot the enemy or even when a Ship is ALMOST dead they return the plane so that you lose sight of the target just before the final kill..... reasons are simple they don't care about winning just farming.
  3. Burnt_Out_Koalas

    how to rank

    Ranked in the Asian server is an absolute joke. The CV meta is huge but that is not the reason why I am complaining. You see a BAD Carrier player who does not play for his team won't drop many stars. I have seen 37% winrates in a Carrier as high as Rank 6, the reason is they farm hit points to not lose a Star but do not contribute enough to win the game. These are the clowns that move to the end of the map and just farm Hit Points.
  4. Burnt_Out_Koalas

    World of Warplanes

    20 minute game ... means they are almost unlimited ... this is why Asians love CV's they get to attack and attack and not get attacked back. No wonder half the ships in dock are now unplayable. Most Asian players prefer to shoot and not get shot back, no wonder most are on the boundaries either in a Yamato or hiding behind islands all game ... they really do not like close combat battles at all. So they run and hide ... no the Carrier rework is perfect for them. Hey I have no natural enemy and even if i am shit at Carriers i can play and play without getting shot until all my teams ships are blown away. No wonder we have no games without CV's anymore.
  5. Burnt_Out_Koalas

    Total plane reserves of each tech tree CV (from Reddit)

    it is too many for a 20 minute game ... most CV players just throw planes at the enemy ... it is like they are all kamikaze pilots.
  6. Burnt_Out_Koalas

    World of Warplanes

    My point is that the CV's do not have a enemy at all these days, comon 215 Planes shot down and they can still throw heaps more out? It actually rewards CV players to constantly attack without impact ... this would be like having a DM with Moskva Armour against a Battleship if angled right ... it can burn the shit out of the Battleship and not get punished. It seems to me that only the CV's can constantly attack and lose planes without any impact to them at all. If you had a Battleship and decided to go against the core of the enemy you would be dead in less than 3 minutes so you try and pick off the weaker side first with your other ships. There is no reward for shooting down planes. While i accept that this is a GAME ... IRL ... USS Independence Aircraft carried: original plan was 30; 9 dive bombers 9 torpedo-bombers 12 fighters; for most of war operated 33–34, 24–26 fighters and 8–9 torpedo bombers. USS Lexington Aircraft carried: 110 Pretty sure that not all these where fighters or bombers as well. That tells me that the CV's in this game is WAY overpowered in terms of planes it could carry. If the game had of gone another 5 minutes i would have died for sure .... they should have had just 5 planes left between them.
  7. Burnt_Out_Koalas

    World of Warplanes

    Okay how bout this game ... i spent 10 minutes under constant attack and i set the CV's both on fire ... i did not come close to sinking them. They can simply throw plane after plane at you = that was 215 Planes WTF.
  8. Burnt_Out_Koalas

    World of Warplanes

    so get this ... 174 Planes vs 102 planes shot down ... the team that lost on the left shot down 72 planes more and the CV's on the other team got nearly 2000 points each ... it is clear that you can just throw plane after plane at the enemy and win. These where T8 Planes btw ... this is a JOKE.
  9. Burnt_Out_Koalas

    World of Warplanes

    Hi All, Frustration is what i feel now when i play WoW. I am frankly sick of seeing CV's in every game and now i dont play below T10 for this very reason. I would like to see that if you play 2 games in a row that have CV's then you get a game without them. I remember many games where one team is winning by 2 or 3 ships and then a magical comeback due to some smart play by ships, it is impossible to do that with CV's showing where your ships are every second of the game and nearly 70% of games are decided in under 10 minutes now. You get a GOOD CV player or bad one .... and that 70% of the time decides the game. Also the counter for CV's was DD's this is no longer the case and in fact 50% of games no longer have DD's in them. Half my ships at port are practically unplayable with the CV's as they have no defense and no Armour so they get smashed ALL over the map. I would like to see a rework that delays the planes spotting the ships and unless the plane is less than 1km from a DD he cannot spot them .... sure spotter planes from BB's and CV's do not change. Make all DD's AA better and reduce the unlimited planes specifically in the high tiers ... this will stop these clowns throwing planes into a POD of Ships just to spot them. I also think that 50% of a DD's health should not be taken away from a DD in the first minute of a game. This is not world of airplanes .... In Asia it is worst as they Asians really do not like getting attacked ...hence the CV rework is insane on that server.... they love the idea of CV rework... i have tried it but i find it boring but i did not pay for this game to fly airplanes. Anyway my clan of 64 Members has actively dropped from 70% to 2% in the last couple of months .... they do not like the CV updates and have now moved on to better games..... Wargaming you are really fudged this up. Of course i will hear git gud .... which basically means get a BB that has HE and spam from 20kms .... and yes i can do that but boy that is boring after a while.
  10. Burnt_Out_Koalas

    World of Warplanes

    I guess i am old school ... you are right the battles go fast, most are over before the 10 minute mark as one side clearly has the better CV to the other and no comebacks anymore. I haven't seen a single game comeback since the rework before when not every game had CV's in it .... you would see at least 1 in 8 games where a team is 2 or 3 ships up and some clever work by a DD or BB who was not spotted smashed the opponents and changed the game. You can't do that anymore as you are spotted almost all game and the planes can get across the map in less than 30 seconds to stop you capping. The only tactic you can do is stick together and hope your CV does a better job than your opponents and pick off the strays ... the tactics are no longer close warfare ... of course based on your DM Hindenburg and Rebublique you like spamming from behind an island .... dunno what you do with a Z-52 as the Torp range is short and its guns are shit .... i guess smoke and radar right? I like games that last 20 mins not 4 minutes.
  11. Burnt_Out_Koalas


    Yes it seems many are leaving the game due to the CV rework, they are way too strong now frankly even if you are in a group of ships you still can't counter them. So many games now with NO DD's is a clear sign that the game has been fudged up. What is worse is the AFK CV in your team means you have already lost the game. CV's queues are huge in Asia every game has a CV in it now.
  12. Burnt_Out_Koalas

    The MM Ballad..... THE REAL CULPRIT!!

    Yes sorry trolling my old emails, noticed this post and found it very interesting. Look totally agree that the top clans are Chinese, Japanese or Korean. But not cause of language barriers or English skills or anything like that at all. It is cause they have a much bigger player base to choose from and these clans only pick unicorns to join their clans "simples" , the fact is language barriers is an issue full stop and it really does not matter what country you are from. Japanese do not speak Cantonese or Mandarin or Korean etc etc. So late at night there is little co-ordination in random battles "EXCEPT" divisional Unicorn CLAN players. So imagine you are a SOLO player??? you play against these CLANs .... you are always going to get smashed .... cause they pick only Unicorns to join their clans and 3 Unicorns vs average players and maybe 1 Unicorn will always give the win to the Unicorn Clan division. Besides not only do they division up they generally division up with a CV and 2 insanely specked up AA ships. This makes their chances increase by a factor of 2, you can look at the Matchmaking monitor to see this .... the 3 players in these ships have a winrate of above 80% .... no surprises here as they only play in divisions and they only play with a CV divisional team. There are few Australian clans if any that i know of that do this kind of stacking, and this is the main reason why WoWs is declining in popularity. No one wants to face 3 unicorns in a CV divisional setup that gives you 0% chance of competing. If wargaming does not fix this .... this game will simply fade away like all the rest. Regards
  13. Burnt_Out_Koalas

    Clans Playing CV Divisions = 1 sided games

    Can i suggest that the MM match up ships that have similar Def AA skills, IE if they take out a Mino and a Kidd with a CV then something similar IE a New Orleans with a Kidd and CV even if they are not in a division. This way both sides enjoy the game? I know those divisional teams would need to wait longer .... too bad if they want to stack up the match in their favour then they should wait.
  14. Burnt_Out_Koalas

    Clans Playing CV Divisions = 1 sided games

    yes i totally agree, if you are a CV player and you do not div up - your winrate will greatly drop. But it is not just about winrates as such ... it is just not fun when the game is already decided by a divisional CV clan for nearly everyone but the divisional team.
  15. Burnt_Out_Koalas

    Clans Playing CV Divisions = 1 sided games

    Haven't you see these clans making a CV divisional game? It happens late at night, when the Later regions clans get online - every 3rd or 4th game after midnight i see it now. Basically i don't bother anymore.