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  1. Dendi_Superman

    Strange email from WG

    Don't mind me..just keeping my eyes open just incase something interesting pops up.
  2. Dendi_Superman

    Captain Skill For La Gasolina

    Yes they do know, especially bot CVs who make a beeline for DDs .
  3. Dendi_Superman

    Captain Skill For La Gasolina

    But is IFHE a good choice if OP is building the captain for the Henry? Cuz i thought the Henry has good caliber guns?
  4. Dendi_Superman

    My first Kraken Unleashed :)

    My first Kraken(and double strike) was actually given to me by the best teammates, I was in a Mogami with 4 kills and I typed in chat, 1 more kill to get my first Kraken and they actually typed back here you go and let me have the kill.
  5. Dendi_Superman

    TYTY10KINSTAGRAM - Redeem it Fast

  6. Dendi_Superman

    Help with FDG

    Just got the FDG. In my first game. Two brothers. DD on my team capping. Enemy GK and mogami pushing hard into Cap with Worcester providing support behind an island. Wyd.? My GK hard turned away. So I had no choice but to push into Cap topull fire away from DD. And that I did so well I went from 100 to port in about 3 minutes. So I guess I did something wong. Some tips and tricks on how to position / play this?
  7. Dendi_Superman

    Any BB newbie friendly line?

    Ahhhhhh, cuz I keep hearing about NC's scary accuracy, I myself only have the new mex
  8. Dendi_Superman

    Any BB newbie friendly line?

    I thought the US had quite good accuracy.
  9. Dendi_Superman

    Play Button Not Working

    I think OP means he/she can't even start the game, not start a match.
  10. Dendi_Superman

    Any BB newbie friendly line?

    British BBs are also newb friendly. You can HE spam pathetic mortal botes to death or print new ship (high tiers only) . But if you really wanna learn play the OG BBs jap and usa
  11. Dendi_Superman

    Any BB newbie friendly line?

    Hit hard: like you said 16 guns, Midrange: you have spoodbeast so you can dictate the range Mediocre dispersion: well, depends
  12. Dendi_Superman

    Any BB newbie friendly line?

    Try the French.
  13. Dendi_Superman

    Freddie the-not-so Great

    With the current meta, how should I spec the captain? CQB or Flamu's tank build? Or perhaps the meta will change once the CV and concealment changes go thru? After playing a few rather short lived games, I find that I can't click with her yet. Get close to try to support DD, gets IFHE to death by Worcester (yes, 100 to port), guns are controlled not by me but by rng, triple cits in one game but overpens and misses for the rest. So errrr, need some help. Notice me senpai!
  14. Dendi_Superman

    Stock Bayern Biggest POS In Game

    Just got the FDG, and I can confirm
  15. Dendi_Superman

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    Doubloons or Prem time would've been nice for f2p scrubs like me.