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  1. Find waifus in Genshin Impact.
  2. Dendi_Superman

    SappeRs tip of the day - XP farming...

    Yes, this is like a cheat code except nothing good happens.
  3. Dendi_Superman

    World of Warships will never have...

    Balanz....in all things.
  4. Dendi_Superman

    Why this game sucks?

    1. Camping smokes are torpedo magnets. 2. Doesn't protecc from blindfire.
  5. Dendi_Superman

    Next Tech line to research

    French DD, USN CA CL,
  6. Dendi_Superman

    How To Drop Anchors ?

    I've heard it's Alt + F4
  7. Dendi_Superman

    Yet another Moskva and new branch question thread

    Lel, for real here, I only got 3 tech tree t10s
  8. Dendi_Superman

    Yet another Moskva and new branch question thread

    5th t-10 line in 3,500 battles O_O
  9. Route suggestion: rush B komrad! No retreat or we shoot! Data analysis: not using balanz Soviet sheep iz your mistake! Detailed summary: davai! Shoot more!!! Shoot with stalinium shells yes! Special achievement: shoot teammates who retreat! Da... Diz iz subskirption, giv monies now!
  10. Hopefully not a 2 mil XP research
  11. Dendi_Superman


    The most I was able to get was 16 fires kotdammit.
  12. Dendi_Superman

    2 Tier Xs and counting

    You are going to get alot of overpens and bounces on the Izumo for sure.
  13. Dendi_Superman

    IFHE Guide by LittleWhitemouse

    When I finished loading the page.
  14. Dendi_Superman

    Stream is OVER (code may not work): CRUISERXCRUISER

    Thank you kind sir.