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  1. Dendi_Superman

    brindisi grind afterthoughts

    from a t9 to t10 *cries in poitato*
  2. Dendi_Superman

    Update 0.8.5 Bug Report Thread

    Played 2 matches, game froze (mouse cursor still responsive) and got a critical error message. Restarted, played another match, game froze again. The games I played were savage mode. *EDIT* The problems were after the 0.8.5 update. Am pink because of it. And it just happened again After updating graphics driver and scanning fixing the game files, tried hopping into a match and the game crashed. (21:08, June 29) guess I am pink for 12 matches now.
  3. Dendi_Superman

    Benham grind is beyond stupid

    before or after deductions?
  4. I don't really like that some of the tokens are only earn-able on a per day basis, folks who are working may only have weekends to grind so they miss out on the "weekday" tokens. I personally don't mind the grind as long as i can complete it.
  5. Dendi_Superman

    Bismarck build options

    If you're gonna continue using the capt for the FDG or GK, then survivability build, too much HE spamming to use the Secondary build.
  6. Dendi_Superman

    Minsk vs T22 game performance

    [SPOILER ALERT] Not Superunicum. I think you have higher WR in T22 because it has a higher impact in a match with her hydro smoke combo, contesting caps. Whereas the Minsk you farm farm farm damage and hope your team does not throw, cause you usually don't go into caps. More info is needed i guess, like how you harass the enemy. which flank you go to. etc *I think you should post into the general discussions section for more replies.*
  7. Dendi_Superman

    [ichase] even he.........

  8. Dendi_Superman

    Too many carriers!

    Torpedo beats? Nay, more like CV plane beats.
  9. Dendi_Superman

    Donskoi upgrades

    134 Battles and a DM Donskoi already wowsiees. If you're getting SI then i guess you can get the Steering Gears Mod 3 as well since you're getting an extra heal. *My logic might not be sound.*
  10. Dendi_Superman


    Got the Seattle, somewhat recently, and my stats are supercalifreakinhorrible. Average Damage: Horrible Average Warships Destroyed: Horrible Main Battery Hit Ratio: Horrible Positioning: Horrible
  11. Dendi_Superman

    Minimum FPS for quality gameplay

    A laptop bought 5 years ago with motherboard graphics, i get a starting fps of 15 then it drops down to about 8-10ish depending what happens. and all this is with minimum graphics setting. The pain is real
  12. Dendi_Superman

    WoWp shall arrive to ASIA

    For real? Ohhhhhhh lawd finally!!!!!!!
  13. Dendi_Superman

    Merry Christmas ALL

    Merry Christmas to you too! From Malaysia