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  1. Dendi_Superman

    Jingles in Desert Storm

    History lesson with Jingles in it.
  2. Dendi_Superman

    The only way WG will understand your displeasure

    Long as there are players to play with them, whales will continue to spend. So the real way is to stop playing entirely so the whales got no one to play with and stop spending.
  3. Find waifus in Genshin Impact.
  4. Dendi_Superman

    SappeRs tip of the day - XP farming...

    Yes, this is like a cheat code except nothing good happens.
  5. Dendi_Superman

    World of Warships will never have...

    Balanz....in all things.
  6. Dendi_Superman

    Why this game sucks?

    1. Camping smokes are torpedo magnets. 2. Doesn't protecc from blindfire.
  7. Dendi_Superman

    Next Tech line to research

    French DD, USN CA CL,
  8. Dendi_Superman

    How To Drop Anchors ?

    I've heard it's Alt + F4
  9. Dendi_Superman

    Yet another Moskva and new branch question thread

    Lel, for real here, I only got 3 tech tree t10s
  10. Dendi_Superman

    Yet another Moskva and new branch question thread

    5th t-10 line in 3,500 battles O_O
  11. Route suggestion: rush B komrad! No retreat or we shoot! Data analysis: not using balanz Soviet sheep iz your mistake! Detailed summary: davai! Shoot more!!! Shoot with stalinium shells yes! Special achievement: shoot teammates who retreat! Da... Diz iz subskirption, giv monies now!
  12. Dendi_Superman


    The most I was able to get was 16 fires kotdammit.
  13. Dendi_Superman

    2 Tier Xs and counting

    You are going to get alot of overpens and bounces on the Izumo for sure.
  14. Dendi_Superman

    IFHE Guide by LittleWhitemouse

    When I finished loading the page.