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  1. Dendi_Superman

    IFHE Guide by LittleWhitemouse

    When I finished loading the page.
  2. Dendi_Superman

    Stream is OVER (code may not work): CRUISERXCRUISER

    Thank you kind sir.
  3. Dendi_Superman

    Smkolen in Rank

    The most I've been able to get is I think 400+ hits
  4. Dendi_Superman

    Smkolen in Rank

    Almost 1000 hits bloody hell How'd you do that.
  5. Dendi_Superman


    Malaysia on lockdown.
  6. Dendi_Superman


    How are things in your area/country? Mine(Malaysia) will get an announcement "supposedly" at 10pm on whether there will be a lockdown. 500+ confirmed cases, and on the rise. But it still took our king to speak out before religious gatherings were cancelled. #sharing #non-political Will delete if against the rules.
  7. Dendi_Superman


    Egggactly. I am guessing positioning. Do you guys position usually (I know it depends on the situation) , middle of the map or at pushing flank or defending flank?
  8. Dendi_Superman


    I get penned alot bow on.
  9. Dendi_Superman


    How do you spec/play your DM? Me I play it like the French of the past. Full maneuver build: Propulsion, Rudder Shift, Legendary Mod etc with Spotter Plane + Incoming Fire Alert I go onto the flank of the enemy, 1/4 speed, pop spotter, dakka. Bait enemy shots, accelerate (if the incoming shots have shorter lead), after the shots miss ( or just one overpen), slow to 1/4 again, rinse and repeeeet. (With a bit of island feathering whenever possible). This may sound like a selfish play but every salvo taken from my teammates keeps them alive longer. I used to play it with radar and close to islands but I can't get the hang of that playstyle, so I switched to this after getting legendary mod.
  10. Dendi_Superman

    if i by tickit !

  11. Dendi_Superman

    Smalland for 2,000,0000 Free Exp WHY!!!!!

    I get 500 on a win in ranked. Currently only have 600k. Considering I lose almost half the time (a 51%wr scrub) , perhaps I got the 'fruitless' white tree of Gondor.
  12. Dendi_Superman

    Anyone experienced any lags for past few days?

    Rollercoaster yesterday from -30 to 3000 ping. I guess my ping is drunk