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  1. Team_BrinG_IT

    After Soo Much PAIN! Finally!

    Oh My Lord!! That is a biggest shopping list I have ever seen ​ Congratulations my friend.
  2. Team_BrinG_IT

    New Captain here :)

  3. Team_BrinG_IT

    New Captain here :)

    Thanks mychatz. But I don't think I wanna watch videos and learn because It feels like you're not really playing on your personal experience. Just watching a guy in the internet play and follow him in my opinion he is playing my game too. I like learning stuff myself. But Thanks I get what you're saying here Icy thanks for the advice. ​What Icy was saying was If you play a particular class and master it, it will be easy to grind other classes. but doing every class at the same time it confuses you. Which happened to me when I played in co-op. But I guess your point is valid too only thing is he won't be able to know which class he is good until he looks at his own stats and compares to a good player like I'm doing. That is why we can see players playing even after getting to T5.
  4. Team_BrinG_IT

    New Captain here :)

    ​Thanks rouge42. I just hope stats be the same throughout.
  5. Team_BrinG_IT

    New Captain here :)

    My first game in Clemson.
  6. Team_BrinG_IT

    New Captain here :)

    ​Cheers dude Got myself Clemson thanks to you.​and here are the games I played
  7. Team_BrinG_IT

    New Captain here :)

    ​Thank you very much XP_On that means a lot and I think game will be a lot easier with the info you gave.
  8. Team_BrinG_IT

    New Captain here :)

    Lol then I'll watch out for you. And when the day comes I'll show you my GUNS . Like my name says "JUST BRING IT" ​Seems like Forum has Very polite members after all .
  9. Team_BrinG_IT

    New Captain here :)

    Hello AJ and XP_On, ​I'll also look forward to meet you guys but I'm still at T3 so It will take time for me to reach the tiers you guys play on. Thanks for the Link XP_On, What is a Unicum?? AJ? And About my stats I just played a few games so I think I have a long way to really tell if I'm good or bad of a player. ​Thank You
  10. Team_BrinG_IT

    New Captain here :)

    Hi Ralph, I think I'm good with cruisers and destroyers but I'm still stuck at T3 so I really can't tell what I'm good at. And I think playing aircraft carriers is hard so I'll stay away from them. ​I need some understanding upon DD,CV and BB I see lot of players talking about them in In Game Chat. can anyone explain about them? ​Thank you.
  11. Team_BrinG_IT

    New Captain here :)

    Greetings fellow Captains, I am new to the game and someone in the game suggested me to go to forum and Learn about the game. And He was right, here We can learn everything about the game I don't play this game regularly but I like to communicate with people, share thoughts and make few friends. So, I guess I'll hang out in the forum more than I play the game. About the game :- I didn't play many battles but Game is fantastic with historically accurate ships. And my fav ship Yamato looks amazing I can't wait to get it. Over all a very good game with historical significance added to it. ​Nice to meet some Warship enthusiasts. About the IGN I didn't think I'd love the game so I just typed something that came into my mind.