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  1. FlawlessNightingamer

    [ALL] Last Spotted Timer

    Updated: The timer now resets when a ship moves while invisible. (For example position updates from hydrophone)
  2. FlawlessNightingamer

    [ALL] Regen Assistant

    Updated: fixed the bug that drag-drop was not working properly.
  3. FlawlessNightingamer

    [ALL] AFK Monitor

    Updated: no longer works in 0.11.8 due to the technical changes
  4. FlawlessNightingamer

    [ALL] Travel Time to Cap

    Updated: compatible with 0.11.8
  5. FlawlessNightingamer

    [ALL] Regen Assistant

    Updated: Compatible with 0.11.8
  6. FlawlessNightingamer

    [ALL] Advanced Depth Charge Marker

    Updated: The mod no longer shows the name of the attacker - it is due to the technical limitation.
  7. FlawlessNightingamer

    [ALL] Score Timer 2

    Updated: Refreshed the validation period (+30 days)
  8. FlawlessNightingamer

    [ALL] Regen Monitor

    Updated: Refreshed the validation period (+30 days)
  9. FlawlessNightingamer

    [ALL] Classic Camera

    Updated: validation period +30 days
  10. FlawlessNightingamer

    [ALL] Consumables Monitor 2

    Updated: validation period +30 days
  11. FlawlessNightingamer

    [ALL] 3D RPF

    Updated: validation period +30 days
  12. FlawlessNightingamer

    [ALL] Build Viewer

    Updated: validation period +30 days
  13. FlawlessNightingamer

    [ALL] 3D Radar

    Updated: validation period +30 days
  14. FlawlessNightingamer

    [ALL] Classic Camera

    Description This modification brings back the classic camera that had been used until 0.11.6. Moves the camera closer to the ship. Fixes the camera height. Removes the pitch influence on height so that looking up/down won't affect the camera height. Important: The mod best reproduces the previous camera with the settings of camera height to 0 and FoV to 50. You can check them in the game menu. Preview Install Download a zip from "Code" button: https://github.com/AndrewTaro/ClassicCameraPublic Unzip it and you'll get PnFModsLoader.py and PnFMods folder. Place them under (wows_folder)/bin/(latest_version)/res_mods so that the path will look like ...res_mods/PnFMods/ClassicCamera/Main.pyc Done! Note If something wrong happens, this mod may be the culprit. Please remove it and see if things work fine. If they do - then please let me know with the log: (wows_folder)/profile/python.log The mod is valid for 30 days since the latest release. After that, you'll need to reinstall. This is an inherited feature from ModsAPI 2.0. See more:
  15. FlawlessNightingamer

    [ALL] Score Timer 2

    Updated: Refreshed the validation period (+30 days)