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  1. i too wish they would censor spaces, its so annoying seeing them used
  2. daTungsten

    birthday giveaway

    so basicly your trying to hand off your detonation chances for when you play ranked But we all know your gonna detonate anyways
  3. daTungsten

    Pommy T10BB 48% fire chance with zero upgrades

    so a battleship that has a 4x2 gun set up at T10 with a 30 second reload with a fire chance that high is OP? your sacrificing 4 guns, lowering your DPM, praying to RNG and firing from a range where your spread is gonna be so bad with less shells that its OP? i don't even need to play conqueror to say i would not touch the 457 guns at all, your sacrificing too much for a gimmick BB shell HE chance, that's not even taking into consideration ship fire resistance and fire resistance skills and upgrades and the fact that AP is generally the better choice in most situations
  4. daTungsten

    Des Moines survivability

    actually it was me in a Misery and a Bismark backed up by an Atago and a FDG who joined the fight late
  5. daTungsten

    Des Moines survivability

    HELL NO, i have seen Des Memes tank a lot of damage from several close range battleships and then proceeded to beat them to death with AP, depending on how its used its a monster, and the last thing i wanna see is this monster with more durability
  6. daTungsten

    UK Battleships Are OP

    as i said a few times in multiple places, give it a week and people will just learn to deal with RN BBs traits, its the same every time something new is added ..................... IS OP OMFG WEEGEE WHAT YOU DOING 1 month later: "why did i ever think these were OP?"
  7. daTungsten

    Time for a Oceana Sever

    yea no, i like finding games on a working server
  8. daTungsten

    Pommy T10BB 48% fire chance with zero upgrades

    you know, it sounds like your speaking from a point of view that entails you never having played said ships, just like everything else, give it a week or so and people will have already learned to deal with it and after a month it will just be a minor annoyance in the face of other problems
  9. daTungsten

    I need some advice

    Take a fishing team, all using high AA ships, problem solved
  10. daTungsten

    The matchmaking sucks!

    "Matchmaking is fine" "We have no intention of making a skill based MM for Random battles, thats what Ranked is for"
  11. daTungsten

    Saipan really needs to be debuffed

    Saipan dont care, it clears your fighters long before you clear theirs
  12. daTungsten

    Saipan needs fighters to be of a lower tier

    "Saipan is fine and we have no intention of making changes to it"