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  1. RowdyBilly

    Merry Xmas

    Merry Xmas to all the players that will never read this and the WG Staff for a great Game. As for the rest of you......... GET _ _ _ _ _ _ .
  2. RowdyBilly

    Topic Changed, well because

    Hopefully you will enjoy a very nice roast today with your Family. Enjoy
  3. RowdyBilly

    Topic Changed, well because

    Couldn't help itself?
  4. RowdyBilly

    Topic Changed, well because

    One Confirmation?
  5. RowdyBilly

    Topic Changed, well because

    Good Morning. lol General Insult, Sanction Issued ~tc1259
  6. RowdyBilly

    Bb snipers

    That's like ATM Machine .....Prolly best avoid that in the future?
  7. RowdyBilly

    Bb snipers

    Play the game any way you want. It's your choice and always will be. Don't let some salt laden narcissist tell you otherwise. Snipe,yolo etc etc up to you.
  8. RowdyBilly


    gj wg Endless Entertainment Non-constructive. Thread locked, user sanctioned. ~amade
  9. RowdyBilly

    Is Harpoon [content removed]?

    Very concerned. Very concerned Indeed.
  10. RowdyBilly

    Teach a Noob- Japanese Destroyers

    Remain Competent? Rubbish!!!! These guys are Sam Toucan Froot Loops.
  11. RowdyBilly

    Obsession with torpedo

    Wait!!! What?! A normal conversation!.....Oh....no regular posters involved
  12. RowdyBilly

    SHIT comment .

    Gordon Ramsay %$#@ Me .......Regular posters make me say that so much lol ( Should be allowed also with current regs )