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  1. piggywiggygotu

    Ralphs 4th annual Santa crate giveaway.

    I’m something of a warships fan myself
  2. piggywiggygotu

    Where can i download high-res copies of Maps?

    Thank you!!
  3. piggywiggygotu

    Where can i download high-res copies of Maps?

    Yeah im an old school guy
  4. Looking for some High-Res copies of the maps so i can print them on A3 and better learn how to use the map as a DD player.
  5. piggywiggygotu

    Submarines... when??

    I really want to battle some submarines with my destroyers as I really enjoy that aspect of wargaming. Any idea when this will be and any conditions around it, like will my Tier II - V be able to do battle with Uboats etc?
  6. piggywiggygotu

    BBs should be removed from the game.

    As a DD player, the battleships been able to hit my zig zagging ship halfway accross the map is annoying and is my least fav part of the game. Plus every round from the battleships tend to hit so my low 11500hit points is gone after 1 or 2 hits. There should be different modes for Heavy Units/ Combined units and light units. TBH all i want to do is go sub hunting and fight other DD's.
  7. piggywiggygotu

    Looking for Destroyer Players

    Hi Everyone, Very new to the game but enjoying playing the destroyer Teirs. Currently have a VI and V USA/RN destroyers and looking for players to jam with and learn from. Thanks!