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  1. The friendly fire changes I bet are to facilitate the release of Kitakami. Can't screw your teammates but can hurt your wallet.
  2. Watboy

    Random thoughts - CVs.

    I have a simple suggestion. DFAA makes the ship immune to cits, fires and floods from air attacks. CV's keep their planes and can make their strikes as normal so can stay happy, DFAA equipped ships won't lose half their health to one squadron. Win-win. Probably not historically accurate, but when has that stopped WG.
  3. Watboy

    What is the trick to lighting fires

    My experience with Conquerer is seemingly one of two scenarios 1) First salvo, 8 hits no fire. Reload, second salvo 8 hits no fire or 2) First salvo, 2-3 fires, target immediately DCP. Then my teammates HE spam him and start 2-3 fires during my reload.
  4. Watboy

    I hate Drake even more now

    Thanks for this. Advice helped out, had better results but I found it to be very un-engaging gameplay. Have more fun in my DM or a zao.
  5. Watboy

    I hate Drake even more now

    I reset the light cruiser line, not the heavy.
  6. The RN CA is proving to be one of the least enjoyable lines and is taking me the longest to grind up. It got so bad I decided to reset the CL line for RB points and have caught up to T9 already. I have struggled w the Drake, no utility, no armor, ROF so slow, not enough firing range, but now with Dead Eye I'm basically a citadel piñata. How to play this dog?
  7. So after grinding some ranked, snowflakes, some lucky super containers, and coupon, I have enough steel to buy any ship. I already have Stalingrad, which was great, but I haven't played much lately. What to get now? I know Somer's is leaving soon, but I don't think I will play it that much, or at least if I wanted a high tier US torpedo boat, I have Benham. I don't play clan battles, and I don't play DD in ranked. Shikishima, I think I'd rather play my Yammy or Thunderer. FDR seems to be the most OP one, but I'm not much of a CV player. So I'm leaning towards Bourgogne, as that seems to be the most fun, though maybe not the most competitive.
  8. Watboy

    Unique/Legendary Commanders

    That would make the game "pay to win".... ... even more so
  9. Watboy

    ModStation problems

    I had a SSD failure and had to put in a new drive. So computer is clean install Win10 + WoWs, nothing else. I downloaded Modstation, it finds the game client no problem and I install various mods, but none of them are active in game. I've uninstalled WoWs and Mod and reinstalled, and tried just using a single Mod (Monogram dynamic modern), and still no dice. Any clues? I've searched the forums, but this is not a steam client, so all those threads don't help. One thing I did notice, there is no paths.xml in the WoWs root folder, its only down in the Bins. I tried making a paths.xml in the root folder, but no dice. Suggestions appreciated.
  10. Watboy

    OMG Kansas is terrible

    Quality of life buffs just show the limits how of using spreadsheets to balance ships. There's just certain extreme stats in the name of balans that will never be enjoyable, like how slow shimas turrets used to traverse. Me thinks 24knots at high tier is another trait that will eventually need a quality of life buff.
  11. Watboy

    Rank Update

    I was thinking of what was missing in my life, and it was more ranked with restricted hours of play. Seriously, is this to attract more players to ranked or just give the rank addicts a continuous stream of crack? Stars, it should reward impactful play and punish opening yolo... give 2 stars to the top players of the winning team and zero to the bottom and 1 star to the rest; losing team all loses 1 star.
  12. Watboy

    Should Kagero or Yugumo be skipped?

    If you don't want to play Yugumo, then I don't know why you would want to play the Shima. I also don't know why people would want to entirely skip a ship and don't just accelerate, it's not a binary skip or full grind question. I'll use FXP to upgrade modules as some ships are just painful stock. And I have been known the FXP the last 20% after being utterly bored (Pre buff Izumo).
  13. Watboy

    ST, changes to the commander skills system

    Thanks for the free pass. But I never agreed with the logic that it is ok to not melt planes as squadrons could no longer one shot ships. Nor did I ever say melting planes should return. Previous AA builds meant the ability to prevent damage. Now CV and AA are just damage taxes. CV's will damage you, AA just means how many planes they will lose. Being able to tax CV planes, I do not feel is as valuable to as being able avoid damage. Maybe DFAA should impact the accuracy of an attack run, or maybe it should boost your torp dmg reduction, but I think it needs more than just tweaking the DPS.
  14. Watboy

    AR on Massa?Any thoughts.

    I know its not meta, but if I have a captain w enhanced EM, I take that before AR. My non-scientific, anecdotal evidence is that I run into "I would have got my shot off if my turrets were a little faster" more often than "I would have won that encounter if my reload was just a little faster"
  15. Watboy

    ST, changes to the commander skills system

    Can they rework DFAA consumable while they are at it? I don't get WG's logic, many ships were balanced around AA and DFAA. Some ships could spec out AA and become no-fly zones, which is no longer possible. So if they were balanced pre CV rework, how are they balanced now?