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  1. I think the problem is Wargaming's compensation plan. There are many currencies in the game now: XP, Free XP, silver, doubloons, coal, steel, copper, resource of the month. But the most valuable item to players are ships, and rare ships even more so while doubloons are among the least valuable. The most valuable item to Wargaming is cash and as a business rightfully so. Buying a premium ship is a great win-win deal, Wargaming gets cash and players get their most valued item of ships. Wargaming should have offered better compensation. Adding more premiums available for doubloons was a good first step to increase the value of doubloons. Then increase the payout, let players keep the nerf'd premium and get a bunch of doubloons as compensation. Still not happy? Return the ship for even more doubloons. Don't like doubloons? Offer coal or steel. Or half off the next cash premium ship. I think the negative player reaction is really driven by sticking to the notion that doubloons was just as good as a cash as compensation.
  2. After years of barely gaming, I finally replaced my 12 year old QuadCore and have gotten into WoWs. Any good channel recommendations? Prior to getting my new rig, I was playing WoTs on PS4 and found myself regularly watching Jingles, QuickyBay, DezGames and the like. I found their channels to be informative, but mostly their personalities to be entertaining. I haven't found a similarly entertaining channel for WoWs. Jingles only posts warships once a week. I find iChase to be highly informative, but not as entertaining. Appreciate any suggestions.