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  1. it's no longer banned to have multiple accts but not advisable. i just switched my NA acct to asia and my asia acct to NA. i hope i dont have trouble with this since they both use the same E Mail. i tried to delete my NA acct but alas it wasnt possible for some odd reason. . .
  2. Crawl_Pain

    Black Friday Sales

    uh wait they WG claims they do care about their playerbase, note the magic word there "claims" bcoz from everything ive seen they only care about players buying their overpriced bullshit they dont even create right! they are like "come play clan wars over all servers and enjoy great rewards" uh what rewards do you get if they whole damn clan war is totally not working and so broken you cant even schedule your clan's time before it ends? oh but wait there's more the ever so high player base is now full of people that don't know how to play and are literally ruining the game for those that do! oh no problem all WG cares about is just advertising crap they do their best to sell to you! OP premium ships some they nerf to no longer useful later some they just ignore and keep OP so if you got it you dominate that tier! oh me oh my i wont ever buy anything here and continue to play for free! anyways soon they will continue to add BS to this game until they nerf and buff it out of fun or relevance! so long World of Warships and welcome to World of Noobs and Boobs!
  3. Crawl_Pain

    Clan battles fail again?

    same here and its not easy trying to get all our members online for them and yet we have the same issue! seems like WG needs to fix this ever so annoying problem!
  4. Crawl_Pain

    Clan battles fail again?

    Uh WG you broke the clan wars again? even on the public test server it's not working! both on the live server and on the public test server its not working!
  5. Crawl_Pain

    Game crashing after update 0.7.9

    if it's a critical error crash you guys are talking about then yes it's happening to me and my clan mates as well! esp the 1st game i load into from the start up, while in port it's fine but once i hit battle it gets slow then right when the battle starts CrAsH and critical error pops up! yup WG thank you for screwing up our game again! now we will have to wait for many reports to hit WG support before they "Fix" the problem they did in the update! also is anyone here experiencing sound problems? i can no longer hear my ships engine, gun traverse, and some other sounds which are important to how we play this game.
  6. Crawl_Pain

    Game becomes completely uncontrollable, then crashes

    I don't use any mods but since the latest update came in my game Critical errors out every time i start my 1st battle! then it will critical error spontaneously from there, as in it will crash at random. and remember i don't have a single mod not even from aslain installed so it's not the mods it's the game itself! they screwed it up and are just waiting for enough reports to come in before they fix what they messed up! it's common with WG games to do these things since they keep making way too many changes to their games!