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  1. Rogue_Blade

    What's your favorite!? Pt. 2

    KMS Tirpitz in the Fjords. Picturesque view from the decks of a streamlined battleship.
  2. Rogue_Blade

    Australian Tech Tree

    No 2. A Commonwealth line would need ships from all countries that make up the Commonwealth, where they had a decent Navy. As shown by S4pp3r, his Commonwealth lines achieved this, including premium ships as well as tech tree ships. I doubt though that this would happen by next year but would require a couple of years work by WG. In the interim though, No 1 would be very plausible as a short term alternative, though it should only be available for classes sailed by those countries. For the White Ensigns though, even though the Navies were formed near the start of the 1900s (Canada - 1910, Australia - 1911 and New Zealand - 1941) Canada didn't get theirs until 1965, Australia in 1967 and New Zealand in 1968. Until then, they sailed under the British White Ensign. At the very least, and something that could be done easily enough without too much effort, would be the creation of a port for the major Commonwealth countries, ie: Sydney, Auckland, etc.
  3. Rogue_Blade

    Commonwealth Tech Tree [Proposed]

    It is a good line up which I think would be interesting to play. New Zealand over Australia 1, agree there because as said, she was involved in the major battles where Australia only fired a couple of shots in anger. Yes, the Majestic was smaller than a lot of Americans and size might matter but that could be presented with smaller air wings compared to the American and Japanese. Overall, well thought out and would be great to see taken onboard by WG, if only for the premium ships.
  4. Rogue_Blade

    Match Maker

    It has good ideas. It would be more fair, especially for T8 and while you would still cop a T10 battle from time to time, you would have plenty of other battles making it not so painful.
  5. Yes, this needs to happen. Well thought out S4pp3R.
  6. Rogue_Blade

    Suggestion: Royal Australian Navy in World of Warships

    Introduce the RAN as 3 or 4 premium ships under the Commonwealth (more than just the Perth and Vampire), then bring in the line of ships for the Commonwealth, including New Zealand ships. As mentioned above, there are plenty of variations to choose from without having to resort to the "paper navy".