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  1. Rogue_Blade

    Which Superships in Tech Tree will be your FIRST?

    None. Absolutely have no interest in them.
  2. Rogue_Blade

    Australian Tech Tree

    That would be interesting. Would love to see that happen.
  3. Rogue_Blade

    Australian Tech Tree

    That is a good idea actually, to celebrate Anzac Day. Should get up a good Commonwealth Navy if they did that for a couple of years.
  4. Rogue_Blade

    Interesting Graphics on Public Test Server

    Interesting giving current events.
  5. Rogue_Blade

    Question about collections

    If there is a way to hide them, would love to find out. To finish them, some can't be finished without buying containers from the stores and others can't be finished unless you partake in all the events for them. Like I have the King of the Seas, etc, with only a couple of things collected, which were done by complete accident, didn't even know I had started them until i opened a container. With others, like the Epochs of the Navy, that one is tied in with the Epochs of the Navy campaign. You need to finish the campaign to finish the collection. But most of them is finished by buying the containers in the premium store.
  6. Rogue_Blade

    Is anyone else still knocking off snowflakes?

    Yeap, still working on them.
  7. Rogue_Blade

    Do we know when 10.9 will be implemented ?

    The update 10.9 is this week. Tomorrow for Russia, Wednesday for NA and Thursday for Asia and Europe. Global Updates Live - PTS - WGC - Regions - Events Dates and Times (wows-gamer-blog.com) Website gives you the details for the updates, any major activity deadlines, PTS times, etc.
  8. Rogue_Blade

    Designers table easter eggs

    Well the code on the monitor must work for some people. I have tried to redeem it a couple of times now and got zip.
  9. Yes, I tried radar when I first got her. Learning to drive her and play radar was hard, I found. Smoke is better in most situations, though sometimes I did find myself in a position that radar would of been a great benefit.
  10. Rogue_Blade

    Re: Colorado missions

    If you only got 900,000 credits, you have been short changed by WG by 8,100,000. From their website: If VII Colorado is already berthed in your Port, you'll receive 9,000,000 Credits as compensation.
  11. Rogue_Blade

    South American tech tree

    Like we have been requesting a Commonwealth tech tree, of which the options available have been put up a number of times. Unfortunately, those sort of tech lines aren't very important, so won't happen any time soon or in the medium term future.
  12. Rogue_Blade

    What's your favorite!? Pt. 2

    KMS Tirpitz in the Fjords. Picturesque view from the decks of a streamlined battleship.
  13. Still not yet available 1300 UTC +8 15AUG20.
  14. Rogue_Blade

    Australian Tech Tree

    No 2. A Commonwealth line would need ships from all countries that make up the Commonwealth, where they had a decent Navy. As shown by S4pp3r, his Commonwealth lines achieved this, including premium ships as well as tech tree ships. I doubt though that this would happen by next year but would require a couple of years work by WG. In the interim though, No 1 would be very plausible as a short term alternative, though it should only be available for classes sailed by those countries. For the White Ensigns though, even though the Navies were formed near the start of the 1900s (Canada - 1910, Australia - 1911 and New Zealand - 1941) Canada didn't get theirs until 1965, Australia in 1967 and New Zealand in 1968. Until then, they sailed under the British White Ensign. At the very least, and something that could be done easily enough without too much effort, would be the creation of a port for the major Commonwealth countries, ie: Sydney, Auckland, etc.