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  1. Yukibot

    [ALL] Classic Camera

    Since this Wednesday my classic camera has been invalid, my friend said the same. Is there anyting happened?
  2. Yukibot

    A crosshair bug

    I witness a fluctuation of crosshair when aiming. I am convinced it is some kind of bug. This bug ocurrs when turning the ship after pressing ctrl+x to fix the ship's guns on a specific angle. I upload a video to show this. 2022-08-11-2058-49.rar
  3. Yukibot

    Parameter settings of battle camera

    Yes, I have tried it. But field of view and camera height can be adjusted, the distance from ship and the focus can't.
  4. Battle camera has changed after the release of 0.11.7 but many players feel extremely uncomfortable. Not only the field of view and camera height, the distance between the camera and ship should be a separate parameter which can be adjusted by players. There is another simpler way, set a camera option like the crosshair, allow players to select previous 0.11.6 camera.
  5. 这一天,人们想起了听课儿