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  1. Asian_noone

    Question about Alaska

    Alaska is in the strange spot between Cruiser and BB (more Cruiser though), that alone is interesting to me.
  2. Asian_noone

    I post my replays here because I want to git gud

    Hatsuharu game, I only got 4k dmg. I want to do better than that because I'm trying to grind to Akizuki. I can't seem to hit targets with the torps. What strategy should I be using? 20180806_213511_PJSD206-Hatsuharu_17_NA_fault_line PS does dropbox download work?
  3. Asian_noone

    I post my replays here because I want to git gud

    Does this work? minekaze_replays.7z EDIT: Nope. I will find a way to post my replays to the forums for download EDIT 2: Okay I'm using dropbox now hope that works.
  4. Some bad games in Minekaze later and I decide that I want to learn because I'm having such a hard time on this server sometimes. So I made this thread so I can post replays whenever I'm feeling down and frustrated and want to know whose faults and what I can do. (version 0.7.7) To start, two bad games in Minekaze, I just want to torp stuff and speed the grind to Akizuki and therefore KTKZ and Harugumo. 20180805_133959_PJSD004-Minekadze-1920_13_OC_new_dawn.wowsreplay 20180805_135923_PJSD004-Minekadze-1920_41_Conquest.wowsreplay
  5. Asian_noone

    Is the Akizuki branch worth the IFHE?

    I mean I'm just trying to get an IFHE captain for Akizuki in preparation for Harugumo, since I want to troll CAs and BBs with 32mm penetration. I know the Akizuki and co has poor handling, but I just want the trollguns.
  6. The buff to IJN 100mm guns means that with IFHE Akizuki, Kitakaze and Harugumo can pen 32mm of armor, so I was wondering if it's worth grinding down to the branch (I'm stuck at Isokaze because I didn't bother grinding earlier due to the "IJN DDs are bad" meme), if only to troll CAs and BBs with a hail of damaging 100mm HE spam. I know the IJN gunbotes are slow and sluggish, and I'm not sure if the opportunities for trolling CAs and BBs are worth the weaknesses against other DDs and the overall meta (For that matter I'm also grinding the RU DD line to Grozovoi and I'm at Gnevny right now).
  7. Asian_noone

    Should I get Moskva or Kronshtadt?

    Okay since it’s gonna take a while, but what I really want is an evaluation of how they perform from people who have Moskva and Kronshtadt (I will play the range game if I must but I don’t like being a static sniper). I may get both but that doesn’t mean I’d KEEP both. Again Stalingrad could make this all moot depending on her final state and if alternative non-CW requirements exist and are feasible.
  8. Moskva: + Laser railguns + Good AP and HE with good reload + 50 mm plating to troll most CA HE and BB AP with - Permaspotted by Yamatos - Tall citadel - 1km turning radius - Expensive to run (I already got permacamo for Zao I'm not buying another one) Kronshtadt: + Huge health pool + High caliber railguns + Waterline citadel + More decent concealment + T9 premium, therefore cheaper to run and likelier to turn a profit - Overmatchable plating and citadel roof - Dispersion of a BB - HE is not good enough for the reload - AP has long fuse time that risks overpens on CAs - 750k FXP and I'm only 10th of the way there I'm just looking for a big Russian ship while I wait for the RU BBs. Stalingrad might make this question moot depending on what the alternative non-CW requirements are if any and the final stats on that ship. I am currently at Chapayev for the grind.
  9. Asian_noone

    Moonwalking as brawling tactic?

    How did Nurnberg get t9 without faildiv?
  10. Asian_noone

    Dunkerque help wanted

    I find that lately my performance in Dunkerque has been very lackluster. I just can't find a way to manage even decent damage numbers (50-60k) consistently. So I decided to post some replays and hope someone can offer me advice (that isn't bowtanking all the time because that's a noob trap). At the very least, I just want more consistency in my performance in Dunkerque. Also, I come from the NA server, maybe SEA is different and I need to change myself (because I'm highly aggressive and prefer to close range wherever possible). How is the playerbase different? More or less skilled? Too passive for Dunkerque at mid tiers? Even aside from Dunkerque I tend to perform worse on the SEA server than NA. 20180302_065830_PFSB506-Dunkerque-1940_13_OC_new_dawn.wowsreplay 20180302_071248_PFSB506-Dunkerque-1940_41_Conquest.wowsreplay 20180302_072937_PFSB506-Dunkerque-1940_50_Gold_harbor.wowsreplay 20180302_074305_PFSB506-Dunkerque-1940_41_Conquest.wowsreplay 20180302_075855_PFSB506-Dunkerque-1940_23_Shards.wowsreplay
  11. In Dunkerque I found that I haven't been performing as well (or as consistently) as I'd like, especially when uptiered (AKA you're a CA now). Obviously Dunkerque's too inaccurate to snipe, but rushing gets me killed. So I tried sticking with the team, but I found that I can't rack up the damage in time before my teammates kill all the targets or the flank collapses (AKA I can't pull my weight). I recorded a gameplay video which shows the issue I'm having. Any tips? I know that bow-tanking is a noob trap in this ship and you have to leverage the cruiser aspects of this ship more often, but I still find my results lacking. Maybe I'm just unlucky to have a game end early on me here, but who knows? I normally play on NA (I live in Canada) and I have an aggressive mindset so I might have to adjust for SEA meta.
  12. Asian_noone

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    It's the degree of the stripping. You wouldn't expecting full blown nudity obviously, but some might expect some amount of strip going on..
  13. Asian_noone

    Doing badly in Zao?

    My average stats in Zao are way below average, as according to warships.today now, i only do 58k on average compared to the SEA average of 73k. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong in Zao, considering that I often like to brawl or aggressively seek out targets, and I own several BBs in the NA server. Sometimes, I get games where I do over 100k damage, but more often I have to deal with games where I only do up to 50k damage or less.
  14. Asian_noone

    Yet again excessive censoring

    I want to crack the mystery of "support" and "chat" because there is some other slangs and euphemisms in Chinese or Japanese that would end up going to the romanized characters "support" and "chat". PS is Henri IV's derogatory abbreviation censored?
  15. Asian_noone

    6.6 chat censorship broken again

    Certain key phrases like "pr" or "play" and "support" are censored. Even the word "chat" is censored. If you found other spuriously censored words or key phrases, please come forward and post them to this thread. I hope someone at WG Asia can fix this. ...Look, I didn't make this thread for caustic jokes at WG Asia's expense and other useless banter about moral guardians, those have been done to death in previous threads. I want to get to the bottom of this and understand how this happened. WG's offices are located in Taiwan, Singapore, and Japan. That means the censors probably have to do with certain phrases in Chinese or Japanese that are causing the team to mistakenly censor Romanized chains of characters, maybe. What I want is an explanation as to how the SEA chat censor is managed and updated, because there has to a weak link in that management chain regarding the censor code.