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  1. Hi, all. Here's a voice mod sourced from the moblie game Arknights that are dubbed by Japanese talents. [*] LEARN MORE ABOUT Arknights https://www.arknights.jp, for Japanese region https://ak.hypergryph.com/index, for Chinese region [*] INSTRUCTIONS & STEPS 1. Extract the .zip file into the WoWS\res_mods\*CURRENT_VERSION* folder (e.g. World_of_warships\res_mods\, then you may check the mod files, should be under "banks\Mods\Arknights") 2. Launch the game, select the mod under Settings -> AUDIO tab, 3. Done. Enjoy Battles. [*] NOTICE * Due to the huge number of roles and limitation of audio sources, I only picked some of them to adapt the voiceovers as good as possible. Current operator roles list: Amiya, Cuora, Exusiai, Headbear, Ifrit, Kroos, Lappland, Shaw, Skyfire, Sora, Warfarin * We see that Wargaming did VO fixes on update 0.8.10, now you can enjoy full VO mod experience with voices of MainGun Shot, Battle Results and more. [*] DOWNLOADS #1 Arknights_VOmod_V0.11.zip #2 MIRROR on MediaFire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/sn3vs8shdm4517e/Arknights_VOmod_V0.11.zip/file [*] CHANGELOG Version 0.11 Fixed voices of sinking ships Fixed Torpedo Modules destroyed voiceovers Voiceover adaptaion adjustments V0.10 Voiceover adaptaion adjustments V0.9 Added Ifrit voice source clips Fixed missing air-carrier callfighters consumable voice Removed ship type detection voices V0.8 Support Game Client Version 0.8.8 Added voices for ship type detection