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  1. Cede_Nullis

    Why there is no British CV line?

    T10 RN CV - Habakkuk
  2. If I ever need detonation flags, I play several games in a row with French cruisers. Every game I've ever played with them without the detonation flags I get detonated. Literally. Every. Single. Game.
  3. Cede_Nullis

    Save USS Texas with Project VALOR

    Ords....they're talking of CV-6, Big E, the Grey Ghost....USS Enterprise, the most decorated US warship of WW2 and the ship that signified the US resistance to Japan in the Pacific in the early part of that conflict. It was one of 4 combat carriers active before the war to survive the war. It was the one ship of the war from the US Navy that should have been saved but wasn't. On topic - If they bring the packages to this server (I hope they will) I'll buy. I'll likely never go to the US (Nothing really interests me there) but I will contribute even this little bit to saving the Texas as a piece of history. Besides, never know, despite everything I might have the chance to see her one day in the future.
  4. Cede_Nullis

    Australian Premium Ship Idea

    2 Historic premiums - HMAS Canberra, and USS Canberra. County-class and Baltimore-class. 2 for 1. With actual interesting history behind them.
  5. Cede_Nullis

    Octopus Marathon - Fast and ...

    Looking through all these I though the planes in the first week would be my issue. My Gneisenau is full AA spec (no manual AA, but BFT, AFT and AA mod). 80k damage and clear sky against T6 CV in a T7 match. Stunned at how good the AA actually is on that ship. Not as stunned as the enemy CV though.
  6. Cede_Nullis

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    When the Brit BB's dropped I got 2 SC that week - both 100 repair flags. Last week got my first ship
  7. I have a fair amount of success in my Perth in all the Ops
  8. Cede_Nullis

    Yamamoto as Capt'n

    Nagato was his flagship on a certain day that will live in infamy...Akagi when they get around to relleasing her too as he was her captain for a time and was part of the reason he pushed carrier power so much.
  9. Cede_Nullis

    Your favorite camouflage in the game?

    The Bismarck camo from Hunt for the Bismarck and the clean Hood camo are my personal favourites.
  10. KGV may only have 14" guns, but it had one of the thickest armour belts of any battleship built. In fact, it was only surpassed by the Yamato. So expect an incredibly tanky ship.
  11. Cede_Nullis

    JUNE CA Sale, any pickups:?

    I got Belfast because I've been to the ship. I was on a tour aboard it on a certain day in 2001. I don't care what people say about it, there's personal significance to the ship for me.
  12. Cede_Nullis

    My Hood Detonated lol

    Nah, Hood getting Detonated by a BB barrage would be historically accurate. Now, Bismarck getting done in by Aircraft would be more historically accurate than Hood
  13. Cede_Nullis

    Dunkirk Jack

    Ok, I can understand DMW's point up above, even if I don't necessarily agree, but then why the hell is the NA server getting it? US didn't enter the war for over a YEAR AFTER Dunkirk, so why do they get a flag commemorating it and we don't? OK, thinking on it, maybe Canadians, I can fully respect them getting the chance, but then why not Asia for AU/NZ, and probably other nationalities that served the Empire at the time and had troops called up. EU and noone else, ok I don't like it but can respect it, but sure as hell NA getting it and not us.
  14. Cede_Nullis

    Hood package content versus cost disparity across servers

    In all honesty, the thing I dislike most is missing out on the flag. I've already bought the big bundle with the flag, but for those who need to save a little but as history fans like I am missing out on the flag is a bigger deal than a few modules/credits. One is a one-time only deal, the other can be farmed in game with a little effort.