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  1. Streaking_Banana CV 平衡

    真的吗 CV很难杀DD吗。你确定吗?? 我有时候都觉得有点于心不忍了
  2. Streaking_Banana


    这是DK文文回来窝窝屎后建立的公会,当时准备打工会战的,但是亚服老玩家都有自己的地方了结果就招不到人而且进来的都是各种歪瓜裂枣选手。你会脚气水当时还是副军团长,后来DK文文就放弃建工会了 然后这歌DK公会就成了脚本聚集地
  3. Streaking_Banana


    有措施吗??你确定 没次看到论坛骂脚本问题都有WG客服说解决,解决成果呢? 多少万年脚本名字大家都记住了 依然在游戏里面挂的飞起
  4. Streaking_Banana


    站点图, 我家一群人开局分分钟送干净,3个人开始守着2个点,贝爷死后就只能守一个点了,腓特烈全场边线梦游所以基本上开局5分钟3打10
  5. 打输了比对面赢了第一的分还高,最快速度杀对面还是赶不上自家猴哥送的速度。一到晚上这亚服简直群猴乱舞。牛*
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  7. Streaking_Banana


    那么巨佬您这么强 把您的航母战绩拿出来看看呗,给大家教一下怎么航母
  8. Streaking_Banana

    musashis ruining game experience

    This is Musashi in CV battle hhhhhhh. The most happy thing when I use CV is finding Musashi in the enemy team hhhh
  9. Streaking_Banana Hakuryu still not Nerf

    I'm really glad to see the WG made some change in new CV mechanics but I'm wondering if WG really realise what's the problem with Hakuryu and why this ship is OOOOP after I read the info about Hakuryu nerf in In the, WG will nerf the aiming time and immediate return to carrier by pressing F. These changes would be useless for changing Hakuryu. I'll explain why the aiming time and immediate return (F key) nerf would be useless. The most Hakuryu players make a huge dmg because they use second torpedo boomer option, which is 4 torpedo boomer per squadron. Since the new CV appear in game, a lot of non-CV players start to stay together to build a cross AA fire against CV attack. But this method is useless for 4 torpedo boomer/ squadron Hakuryu because for the Hakuryu players, they only need to approach to the route of a group of ships and continually launch torpedos 3 times without precise aiming.Non aiming launch torpedos means the 12 torpedo will cover a very wide range on the ships route and since the aviation torpedos are very hard to be find like a deep water torpedo (there is no sign on the water) and the ships stay very close to each other, which is huge target in a small area, the torpedo can hit target very often. There is no time to respond and manoeuvre when see the incoming torpedoes. For the immediate return (F key) nerf, it might affect Midway a lot but for the 4 TB squadron Hakuryu, it's not a nerf because they don't even need to get in AA fire very long. Since the Hakuryu doesn't need aim and the IJN torpedo boomer has a very good concealment and fire range, they can launch all the torpedoes in a very short time (approx. 8km-1st, 6km-2nd, 4km-3rd). The Minotaur and Worcester have the longest AA fire range in game (6.9km). when their long-range AA guns start to fire the Hakuryu has finished second launch and has started third launch. They don't even need to get mid-range AA gun fire range or get in very short time, which means they don't need to often use F to save planes. This CV rework has made so many players unhappy and there might have been a serious result. But WG please, if you really wanna make a good balance, find out the real problem and do more test ok?? like the 8.0.1, it doesn't fix the old problem and make the balance more terrible.
  10. Streaking_Banana

    terrible lag

    Since 0.80 update there is a very terrible lag problem. If I join a division, the FPS become extremely low. If I play myself there is no lag problem.
  11. Streaking_Banana

    "Commonwealth" Ships Flying the Wrong Ensign

    but how to change the flags
  12. Streaking_Banana


    因为毛子做平衡都是按照毛服来的大数据做的,对于毛子而言DD是对整个队伍没什么影响的,毛服整体打法也是这样都是一窝蜂伏特加式冲锋,这点之前跨服公会战的时候在毛服打过的都能感觉的到,动不动一个DD没隐蔽 没涂装 没加血直接一脑门戳进点里面。所以毛子一直意识不到DD这种视野压制带来的不平衡。之前waterline那个视频(记不得哪一个了)他们说过分房系统回基本按照镜像分配,但是有时候可能驱逐舰多一个在排队,他的系统回为了节省时间就用这个多出来的驱逐去匹配一个低一点级别的巡洋。
  13. Streaking_Banana

    7 stalingrads can be beaten

    KAKSA lol
  14. Streaking_Banana


    WG式放屁你们也还真信 都多少版本了
  15. Streaking_Banana

    We Were All Noobs Once

    I think there was a guy above who said right. Noobs and newcomers are different. Everyone was a newcomer but u can still see that a lot of players who have more than 3000 even 5000 battles and play tier 10 ships still do some stupid things (NOT MISTAKE). For example a lot of high tier DD player set smoke screen without move in a radar ship's radar range or many BB players face enemy with their bow and totally stop the ship to fight. You only have 600 battles so u are just a newcomer. It's normal if u made any mistake. What I suggest you is that try to stay in low tier battle T5-6 until you know the game mechanism and the features of ships you use well like armour structure. If in the low tier battle some suckers spam u, just don't care them. But sometimes you also need to understand these players who blame you because they might continually loose more than 8-10 game because of some really NOOBs which is quite often happened in WOWs. so just try to improve your self and don't care too much what people say.