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  1. IJN_Teruzuki

    ARP Hiei

  2. IJN_Teruzuki

    Should mogami get a range upgrade?

    She got nerfed because with range upgrade shes too op
  3. IJN_Teruzuki

    More Kongo players required

    but i like it though
  4. IJN_Teruzuki

    It is almost as if players don't want to win

    git gud
  5. IJN_Teruzuki

    Weaboo challenges

    whatever, you can have ur opinions, i will go hug my waifu
  6. IJN_Teruzuki

    Scharnhorst HE Performance

    Hope she isn't like Tirpitz, too op when released and then nerfed
  7. btw I am Lordofcaptain for some reason I can't post a topic but i can reply is it because i got banned from the game?
  8. The first thing you guys ought to know is.... you lose one turrent and that's 50% firepower gone. AP have a high velocity but low pen, takes 9 seconds to travel 18.5 km,Shell arc is excellentHE got 35% fire chance, kinda like the battleship version of cheatland, BURN THEM HERETICS with FIREEEEEHowever, don't ever show ya broadside just like fuso, it is so vulnerableSo just charge !! (okay maybe angle a bit, front part is not as invincible as north carolina