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  1. hurricaneflyer


    Ah, talk about Siegfried... WG, please give me back my secondary cruiser. Please. If you do, I might come back...
  2. hurricaneflyer

    Modern Destroyers

  3. hurricaneflyer

    Modern Destroyers

    I believe if they go to the Missile age it should be like going back to Tier 1, with the cold war missile ships starting from Tier 11 fighting only themselves, not with Tier 10. Don't make a mistake like that of Gaijin and make WW2 vehicles fight Cold war ones that will destroy them with infinite ease.
  4. hurricaneflyer


    I strongly recommend for anyone who won't be playing for the time being while this update to reset ALL of the Captains and then leave them untrained. This will mean that once everything (hopefully) is fixed and 'working' with all the nerfs and buffs done you can pick skills afresh without needing to pay to do so. Remember, this is only for people who won't be playing during this patch. If you are, then at least make good use of the free resets and demounts for the time being. I personally will be watching this patch from the sidelines, and I hope that they either fix this fast, or they go back to the old system. Never take things for granted people. First it was the RTS CVs, and now it's the Captain Skills.
  5. hurricaneflyer


    I've been playing Seigfried as much as I can before the secondary build goes away... Please don't take away my fun WG. I really enjoy playing Seigfried in her current state.
  6. hurricaneflyer

    I finally got the Stressbourg...

    Interestingly enough Straßburg will be my first french ship other than the Bougainville...
  7. I believe that it's related to how FDR is a steel ship, and that not enough people can get her to justify nerfing her. Either way take this with a pinch of salt. I'm not 100% sure.
  8. hurricaneflyer


    Done and done.
  9. hurricaneflyer

    Yamato or Petro for Randoms

    Well, if you want to use either of them in randoms you will almost certainly need a perma-camo for them. If you have the doubloons for one (5000) of the camos then I would suggest Petropavlovsk, as there is a free Yamato perma-camo you can get through the High School Fleet colection that appears whenever they have a collaboration.
  10. hurricaneflyer


    I only have so many credits, so...
  11. hurricaneflyer

    The Cost of Flags

  12. hurricaneflyer

    The Cost of Flags

    Well then why is it that? She is obviously VERY strong and due to be removed because of that soon, so please explain what your reasons are for not purchasing her.
  13. hurricaneflyer

    The Cost of Flags

    leftover Coal leftover coal leftover coal
  14. hurricaneflyer

    T7 Premium for credits

    Z-39 is basically a Z-23 with one less turret at Tier 7. It's good, but the German DDs haven't been looking too good recently with powercreep and whatnot. Trust me on this. I bought Z-39 when he came out.