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  1. hurricaneflyer

    Spot the Difference!

    Winner! ... It seems to only be cosmetic as I don't own the skin, but... *this* really, REALLY bugs me.
  2. hurricaneflyer

    Spot the Difference!

    And no, it's not the actual transformer camo. Hint: 'Just dodge.'
  3. hurricaneflyer

    There's something about Hipper

    And here we see the VERY common species of 'weeb' that have been sighted in this area of the internet... How peculiar...
  4. hurricaneflyer

    Q&A Anniversary stream

    Do you mined?
  5. hurricaneflyer

    Armchair Admirals: the Battle of Moon Sound

    Like I said above, you could've gotten a König Albert earlier this year during the summer 'sale' event. If it's because you missed out on the event, both the Derzki and Izyaslav are Imperial Russian destroyers; In fact Izyaslav is almost Identical to the Russian destroyer sunk during Moon Sound (Grom).
  6. hurricaneflyer

    Armchair Admirals: the Battle of Moon Sound

    We have König and Bayern, and if you really want a WW1 ship you could've snapped up the König Albert earlier this year.
  7. hurricaneflyer

    jolly rogers(fake) flag code

    Nope, not working for me.
  8. hurricaneflyer

    King Of The Sea Mission Code

    Praise be....
  9. hurricaneflyer


    Alright then, when they announce Thunderer's removal I'll bite.
  10. hurricaneflyer


    Hmmm, in that case... Does the Thunderer play similar to Nelson?
  11. hurricaneflyer

    Should Kagero or Yugumo be skipped?

    Oh and also, I basically have nearly no credits...
  12. So I've come to the point where I have finished my Akatsuki grind and can now buy the Kagero. BUT, I haven't heard too many good things about Kagero OR Yugumo other than the everyday torpedoboat expectations. Seeing as from Tier 8 both of these ships will see radar very frequently added to the burden of CVs I've decided that I can FXP one of them. And in case anyone tells me to save up for a FXP premium, None of them currently available ones (Alaska,Azuma,Ägir,Friesland,Småland and Hayate) interest me and short of a miracle (Kronstadt) I don't think I'll ever need one.
  13. hurricaneflyer


    bUt MuH nUeStRaShImY!11!!11!!!
  14. hurricaneflyer


    I was just about to Purchase Thunderer. You have now dissuaded me.